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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Putting on Ayers, again…

Well, our favorite right-wing pundit is at it again.  Unable to come up with anything of substance (as usual), Thomas Lindaman is trotting out the William Ayers bullshit again.  Let’s say it verrrry slowly, shall we?  BARACK OBAMA AND WILLIAM AYERS ARE NOT FRIENDS.  Got it this time?

Of course, he doesn’t say a word about McCain being friends with Nazi sympathizer and CONVICTED terrorist G. Gordon Liddy.  Nor his association with Keating.

But hey, we’re talking about a guy who is SO in denial, he thinks Palin and McCain won all their debates.  Palin and McCain LOST EVERY SINGLE DEBATE.  Biden won.  Obama won both times.

Which just goes to show he only lives in a Fox News vacuum.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Election Is Not Even Close

But please, right-wing mouthpieces like Thomas Lindaman, keep pretending this is a close race. Keep telling EVERYONE that it's a close race. Hell, tell us how Obama is going to lose the election in November. That will make your fellow republicans suffer even more when Obama wins. Believe me, you deserve the suffering a thousandfold for what you have done to this country.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Typical McCain Supporter

Honestly, is this any real surprise?

She’s as deluded as certain right-wing bloggers.  Oh, but he’s not right-wing, of course.  He’s a “Libertarian.” And we all know what THAT means:

It is rather humorous the lengths the Republicans already gone through to try to discredit Obama.

”He is an empty suit who hasn't detailed his plans but all of them are totally socialist, even though I don’t know what socialism actually is!”

”He's a secret Muslim who attends a Christian church that totally hates America!”

”He's not black enough but he's totally too black!”

”Liddy is a reformed criminal while Ayers is totally a dirty terrorist who still yearns to bomb.”

It's almost a fun game at this point.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Questions

Questions for Thomas Lindman, who writes The Bottom Line Blog.

These questions will be updated as needed.

1. Why does Thomas Lindaman think a chart of Europe is the globe?

2. Why does Thomas Lindaman think Obama waiting three days to make a speech about the Underwear Bomber and putting him on trial is bad, but didn't say a word about Bush waiting a week about the Shoe Bomber and putting him on trial?

3. Why does Thomas Lindaman think that scientists removing data from ARGO buoys due to incorrect calibration is "suppressing data"?

4. Why does Thomas Lindaman think a pinkie is an ear (Rice got the tip of his pinkie bit off, not his ear)?

5. Why does Thomas Lindaman say the AGW links on this site ( http://www.lesjones.com/posts/002990.shtml ) say the same thing, when they all have new information?

6. Why does Thomas Lindaman say the 1998 Nature magazine correction is of the original Mann Hockey Stick article, when it's actually a correction of supplementary reader information?

7. Why does Thomas Lindaman post a picture of Obama apparently looking at a girl's ass, when video actually shows he wasn't?

8. Why does Thomas Lindaman think there isn't displacement of liquid when ice melts on land, when it's a scientific fact that the liquid slides into the ocean and causes the levels to rise?

9. Why does Thomas Lindaman balk at people using partisan links, when he himself uses right-wing links?

10. Why does Thomas Lindaman claim a person stated "97% of generic scientists" support global warming, when the person actually stated it was "97% of climatologists"?

11. Why does Thomas Lindman claim the person didn't provide a link to the 97% of climatologists, when he did right from the start?

12. Why does Thomas Lindaman claim the person stated it was "97% of generic scientists" AGAIN, even after the person proved otherwise?

13. Why does Thomas Lindaman claim he debunked AGW with sources "by climatologists", when there wasn't a single source that he used that was from a climatologist?

14. Why does Thomas Lindaman claim "You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep", then he hangs out with racists?

15. Why does Thomas Lindaman post a timeline, then when it's pointed out that things are missing from the timeline, he just posts the same timeline again as a rebuttal?

16. Why does Thomas Lindaman claim the left would be silent about Obama making a joke, when the most visible leftist pundit had already called Obama out on the joke?

17. Why does Thomas Lindaman claim "leftists" suspected the Times Square bomber was white, when it was the NYPD that suspected it?

18. Why does Thomas Lindaman claim the federal government is to blame for Faisal Shahzad getting on the plane, when it was the airline itself that allowed him to get on the plane and it was the federal government that actually caught him?

19. Why does Thomas Lindaman claim the Obama Administration was slow to respond to the Gulf Oil Spill, when the Secretary Of The Interior was there within hours?

20. Why does Thomas Lindaman think receiving campaign money from an individual, is the same as receiving campaign money from the company the individual works for?

21. Why does Thomas Lindaman claim that Obama said "claim traction" in a speech (and snarkily implied it was poor english), when Obama actually said "gain traction" and the video was available before his posting went up and thus he could easily check the original source?

22. Why does Thomas Lindaman state that during an education speech Obama says "I" 56 times and "education" 10 times as if this was an arrogant thing, but deliberately leaves out the fact that Obama says "you" 158 times?

23. Why did Thomas Lindaman say that Janet Napolitano said that it was premature to say whether the Obama administration's response to the Gulf oil spill was adequate, when Janet was clearly talking about BP's response?