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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Get Off Da Stage!

Thomas Lindaman writes:

President Obama has a State of the Union Address tonight. Although it's Constitutionally mandated that the President deliver a status report on the country, the past few years it's become less and less of a report and more and more of a PR statement from the chief executive. Seriously, what President in his right mind is going to come out on national television and say, "The country's in the crapper and I can't fix it"?

Too bad for you guys that Obama is fixing it.  lol

Yet, at some point, we do need to be honest about where we are as a country. Since neither major party will do it, I'll do it.

That's fine.  Just don't start your speech with some irrelevant rambling about Salt Lake City.

My fellow Americans, we face difficult times economically. This is a direct result of a failure of leadership, Democrat and Republican.

Nope, just Republican.

We have mortgaged our future as an economic superpower and the time for payment is coming due.

Much of our problem stems from one of our so-called allies, China. Right now, China owns a lot of our debt and holds something else that has a bearing on our financial future: a desire to see us fail. Of course, there are plenty of people who scoff at this notion, suggesting that China would hurt itself if it allowed us to fail. That is true for now, but there will come a point at which China will no longer need us because they will be able to subsist without us. When that point comes, nothing on Earth will stop China from calling in our debt and ruining us.

Again, even if they could ruin us (they can't, as I'll point out later), how would China creating a global economic collapse benefit them?

For the better part of two decades, we have taken the wrong approach with China. From George H. W. Bush to Barack Obama, China has been allowed to gain more and more economic power on the world stage because we have turned a blind eye to their atrocious human rights record. For years, we held their human rights record above their heads as a carrot to try to bring them forward. Since we've abandoned that approach, China has had no incentive to improve.

Annnnd... what's your solution?

The Obama Administration is hardly abandoning issues regarding China's human rights record.  As a matter of fact, things are actually being accomplished thanks to this Administration.

Now, they rival the US in sheer economic strength, and they are not afraid to flex it.


There is a solution, though, one that will help our economy on so many levels and bring back pride in America. We need to start manufacturing again. For decades, we were the country that made stuff, but that changed. Once we moved into a service-based economy, we pretty much stopped making stuff and started making noise about stuff. But that didn't last long, either. Today, we're not even really a service-based economy because we've given up on even basic service. Let someone in India take that customer service job because we don't want it!

It's not because we don't want it, it's because it's cheaper for the huge corporations to do so.

That has to change, and it must start today. We cannot sustain our current consumer-based economy and expect to remain an economically viable country. We need to get back to basics and rebuild our manufacturing base. When John F. Kennedy introduced the Space Race to America, we responded with great enthusiasm and put our minds to work. We have the same spirit, but it's been dormant for too long. I say it's time we unleash the power of American intellectual might.

We start by giving businesses a reason to locate in America. That will require massive tax breaks for said companies willing to take a chance on America again. With even the start up of a single manufacturing plant, there will be jobs to be had. To ensure the economic strength is restored, those jobs will need to be good paying jobs, jobs where hard work is rewarded instead of scorned.

The problem is that most of the larger corporations don't pay taxes anyway, and the CEO's find enough loopholes to get away with paying 17%.  It's the small businesses and the workers that are getting hurt.  Thanks to the large corporations.  You know, the large corporations that you guys defend endlessly.

Tax breaks aren't the solution.  Making it illegal for companies to outsource is the solution.

Furthermore, there will be strict enforcement of immigration laws. Any company who benefits from my proposal in any way must hire legal workers or all benefits will be stripped from them and any benefits they received will be repaid in full, plus applicable legal fees.

"They took our jerbs!"

If any Republican politician actually cracked down on illegal workers, they would lose all of their backroom support from Big Business.  And you know that.  The only reason you guys pay lip service to illegal workers, is to pander to your racist base.

Liberals are soft on immigration because they aren't racist.  Conservatives are soft on immigration because they can exploit them for cheap labor.  Once again, we're the good guys.

To meet the demands of the future requires a greater emphasis on education, particularly in the areas of math and science. We must commit to holding our students and teachers to higher standards, but we must also commit to ensuring schools have the resources they need and the incentive to excel. Therefore, we will do an assessment of the public school system from top to bottom and fix our weaknesses. That will require a level of honesty we haven't seen in years, but the end result will be worth it.

And cutting the Department of Education, don't forget that.  That'll help, right?  The Invisible Hand of the Free Market will help education just like it did for health care!

Our choice is clear: continue down the path we are on and face economic extinction, or change our path, blaze a new trail, and reform our economy. I say we roll up our sleeves and change the game. That way China can eat our dust for a change.

Thank you, and may God bless America.

After all that Chinese Boogeyman silliness, it's time for some reality:

China only owns between 7%-10% of US debt.  Minute in the overall scheme of things. It just barely beats out Japan. The majority of the debt (almost 70%) is owned by  intergovernmental agencies.

So why is Lindaman so scared of China?  Because Glenn Beck said to be scared of them a few days earlier?

Teabaggers like Lindaman never uttered a word about the size of government or national debt when Bush was in control. Now that the Democrats have control its all about how the sky is falling.

Sorry to disappoint you Republicans, but America is still a strong and very powerful country. Not just in military power, but in creativity and productivity.

Fortunately, liberals (who "hate America" according to Lindaman) apparently have more faith in America than Lindaman does. Why else would people like him support secessionists?

Monday, January 17, 2011

And Right-Wingers Fold... Again.

Thomas Lindaman writes:

During a recent trip to Salt Lake City,

Um... why were you going to Salt Lake City? That has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of your post. So it's totally irrelevant. Have you learned nothing from flushing away all that money on Toastmasters? Either at least say why you went there, or don't bring it up.

I got to thinking about the recent Arizona shooting and how the Left has used it to justify some of their pet ideas being brought back to the forefront.

It figures that would be what you would immediately think of when it comes to human tragedy. Must have been a long bus trip to Salt Lake City. After all, you weren't going to pay for two plane seats, were you? lol

Here is a list of the ones I could think of off the top of my head.

- gun control
- revamping health care, especially mental health care
- reintroducing the Fairness Doctrine
- "hate speech" on talk radio
- painting the TEA Party as violent extremists

If I were more conspiratorial, I'd say this was more than just a coincidence.

How can you possibly be more conspiratorial?

However, I don't think it's an orchestrated effort so much as it is the Left trying to take advantage of the Arizona shooting to bring back some ideas they've tried and failed to make the case for previously.

The problem the Left faces in this case is trying to hook too many initiatives to the Arizona shooting when the connections aren't clear or are tenuous at best. For example, gun control advocates say the access to guns by the Arizona shooter proves there's a need for stricter gun control laws. The problem with this argument is it ignores a salient fact: the Arizona shooter was legally allowed to get the gun he used under current federal gun laws.

Put another way, he beat the system.

What the hell?

You're saying that we should not make stricter gun laws... because the current gun control laws allowed the killer to have that gun?

Lindaman, you glorious idiot. You have just created a logic hole that could implode the universe.

Anyways, you're also leaving out a crucial fact (yet again): The 30 round expanded magazine he used would not have been legal if Republicans had not allowed the 1994 assault weapons ban to expire. At the very least, you guys probably helped at least a couple of those victims die just on that fact alone.

So, adding more gun control laws will prevent another Arizona shooting? Not so much, and it's not because of the "gun culture" in Arizona, either. It's because their laws are of no consequence to those who aren't going to follow the laws in the first place. You can pass any number of laws you want, but it won't change the fact there are people who won't follow

Oh, really? So does that mean you're now against the racist anti-immigration laws that Arizona passed? After all, there will be people who won't follow the laws, so why have the laws?

Anyways, this is nothing new from the radical right. They still live in a fantasy world where they think in terms of bumper stickers: If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. Too bad the evidence shows otherwise.

You guys always weep when mass gun-related killings happen in the United States. Too bad the weeping is not for the victims.

We always know what the right-wing solution to gun violence is.

But don't worry, you guys always scramble when these shootings happen, even though it's really not needed.

Would reintroducing the Fairness Doctrine have stopped the Arizona shooter? Nope. Turns out he didn't pay attention to talk radio or the news. What good would reintroducing the Fairness Doctrine do in that case? It wouldn't.

You see, it's not the people who got shot who are the victims here! It's the right-wingers that could have rebuttals! Those poor victims! Oh, wait... reintroducing the Fairness Doctrine was never on the table. Never mind.

Improving mental health care? It was suggested the shooter seek professional help on a number of occasions, but it wasn't acted upon. Spending more money on mental health won't help those who refuse help or those who ignore the warning signs that someone may need help.

Good lord, the measures are first aid certification courses to help identify people that have mental health issues. What's wrong with that?

The TEA Party is violent? To date, there have been zero arrests at TEA Party events due to violent crimes. You can point to the video at a Rand Paul rally of a woman being "stomped"
as proof to the contrary, but only if it's taken out of its larger context.

Here's all the updates. What was the larger context? Seems pretty straightforward to me.

And while we're here, violence is a staple at Leftist protests (see any G8 protests)

ROFL! Now Lindaman has to go outside the United States to make his point. Funny how he says nothing about the fascist police at those protests.

The political right in the United States spawned a domestic terrorist who killed 168 American citizens, 19 of whom were children.

When you look at violence in the United States, the majority of violence in modern political history.. say, since World War II.. has been right wing. You were not talking about worldwide issues here, you were talking about political violence within the United States. Now you pathetically try to widen it to claim that "lefties are violent" when modern history proves you wrong.

or in response to TEA Party and conservative rallies (a Leftist actually bit an old man who responded to his taunts).

Oh, not this bullshit again. Lindaman yet again leaves out the facts: The "old man" (Bill Rice) punched the "Leftist" in the mouth, twice, before he bit Rice's pinkie. Rice himself admits that.

Honestly, Lindaman, how do you live with yourself?

If the TEA Party is violent, they suck at it.

I for one would love to see the Teabaggers in any kind of violent physical altercation with another opposing party. I'd give them a minute and a half, tops, before they collapsed in a wheezing, gasping pile of sweaty, fat, middle-American flesh.

"Hate speech" on talk radio? A favorite target of the Left in this regard is Glenn Beck, a man who has advocated non-violent protest with regards to Obama's initiatives. Has he said things that could be construed as hateful? Yes, but only if you distort the context, as Media Matters loves to do. Even so, given the fact the shooter didn't listen to talk radio, taking on "hate speech" in talk radio wouldn't have stopped him.

Lindaman, you have spent this entire article distorting and outright lying. This is an undeniable fact.

And when you were asked repeatedly in the past to present any evidence whatsoever that Media Matters distorts or takes Glenn Beck out of context... the best you could do was quote a proven anti-Semite. You couldn't find one goddamn thing that Media Matters said about Beck that was out of context. Not one goddamn thing.

We on the left can take credit for a guy that bit a man's pinkie after getting punched twice in the face, fine. You Becksters will have to take credit for Byron Williams.

So, to review, the Left is advancing ideas that wouldn't help anything related to the Arizona shooting, but would help them politically. And when the next tragedy occurs, something tells me they'll do the same thing.

Lindaman sure is pissed off at the Left for stating horrific things like trying to prevent gun massacres, improving health care, and denouncing violence and hate speech.

Here's an idea... instead of scrambling to defend your fellow lunatics, racists (your "card" metaphor clearly shows why you defend them), and hatemongers... why don't you become a decent human being like us? Then you could possibly move forward in your life and actually make something of yourself.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tragic Events Give Right-Wingers Amnesia

Thomas Lindaman writes:

I have to applaud President Obama for his statements a couple of days ago telling Americans we can be better and not inject vile politics into a tragedy like the Arizona shooting. It was the right thing to say and I can't argue with it, given how vile the political rhetoric has gotten in the wake of the shooting.

If you're sensing a "but" coming, you're right. I do take issue with the President's statement from a timing aspect. This was a statement that could have and should have been made on the day of the shooting, preferably prior to the Paul Krugmans of the media world deciding Palin and conservatives were to blame for the shooter's actions (all prior to gathering those pesky things called facts). As it stands, Obama told people to tone down the rhetoric after the rhetorical barn door had already been opened and all the cattle had stampeded out of there.

This speaks to two aspects of the Obama Administration. First, it reinforces Obama's lack of leadership skills. When this series of events was unfolding, a leader would have had the foresight to see the potential for chaos to break out and try to curtail it before it happened. Obama didn't, and chaos ensued.

The other aspect is the pure political nature of the Obama Administration. Rahm Emmanuel loved to say "Never let a good crisis go to waste" and Obama didn't in this case. His delay in issuing a statement telling Americans to ratchet down the political rhetoric allowed people who agreed with him (such as the aforementioned Paul Krugman) to set the narrative on his behalf. The Left ran with the "Palin/Beck/Limbaugh/TEA Party is to blame" idea for days before Obama stepped in and told us to be better. That, I believe, was a political calculation designed to further demonize his opponents in a way that couldn't be linked directly to him and to give him an opportunity to appear above the fray.

Sorry, Mr. President, but you're hip deep in this with your silence. Like it or not, your silence actually enabled the heated rhetoric you're now telling us to discard, and your ideological pals on the Left aren't listening. That undercuts the heart of your message to the point it's now irrelevant.

Lindaman yet again has to resort to stealing from Beck and Limbaugh. Lindaman had to wait until there was something negative to extract before posting about it (in this case, they had to resort to "Obama waited too long").  Lindaman then parroted them (and tacked on the "he's not a leader" to disguise the stealing). Hell, even the title isn't original.

Obama did make a statement after the shootings. Immediately after. Was he supposed to have an hour-long speech ready immediately? Why are you right-wingers such lying fucking pricks?  You guys and your faux amnesia.

What's funniest, is that if Obama made a one hour public speech on the day of the shooting, Limbaugh and Beck would say: "Why does he demand all of this attention so soon? Why does he want the spotlight so badly? Can't he give the nation some time to think about it before he consults his teleprompter? Is he trying to shut down the national discussion by speaking so soon?"  And Lindaman would parrot this, then tack on "Uh, and he's not a leader.  See, my stuff is totally different from Beck."

And regarding blame: Strange, wasn't the Voice of the Republican Party spending most of the last week attempting to tie this man to the... Democrats?!?  And failing miserably?

Oh, and don't forget this lovely Tea Party Founder's comments on who is to blame for Gifford being shot in the head:  Gifford herself!

It started with Palin, Angle, and Bachmann's pie holes.  It was never about "blame," it was about illustrating in painful detail what "second amendment solutions" look like in practice -- regardless of the shooter's reason for resorting to it.

You lost your rights to speaking about exploiting a tragedy after the GOP raped 9/11 and its victims like a drunk girl on prom night for a decade.

That being said, I'm not saying there aren't flaws in the message of "don't blame anybody."  The longer we continue with the farce that we are all to blame for what happened, the longer the perpetrators get to hide behind this country's fear of actually accusing the extreme right of doing something wrong.  You cannot restore civility by lumping the civil and the uncivil together and saying "everybody just needs to chill out, okay?" The civil are already civil, and the uncivil will accuse the speech as an empty gesture and will continue to stoke the fire and motivate these horrors knowing everyone will take the blame when it happens again. It does nothing more than provide anonymity for the perpetrators to hide behind.

What happened when people actually named names and called Palin out for her disgusting hit-list? She took the fucking hit-list down. See?  One has to stop giving them cover, and start flushing them out into the light of day so they can be punished.  Call them out.

It's you right-wingers that helped create what happened with your violent rhetoric inciting lunatics. And then, OF COURSE, you try to exploit the aftermath. 

You right-wingers cowered as the spotlight shone on your actions.  Who are you guys to say how and when others are to mourn their deaths?  You're nobody.

I wonder how you and Beck felt about Bush taking three days to get to New York after 9/11.  We know how Beck felt about the victims' families, that's for damned sure.

You're just bitter because, yet again, Obama makes you guys look retarded.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Well, THOSE Republicans Don't Count...

Thomas Lindaman writes:

One of the first tests of the Republican leadership in the House is coming soon over raising the debt ceiling so the federal government can keep the doors open. Republicans have said the want spending cuts instead of raising the debt ceiling, which has made Leftists go absolutely crazy. (Well, at least crazier than they usually are.)

Yeah, those right-wingers sure aren't crazy.  Just ask Byron Williams, Gregory Giusti, and Charles Wilson!

After all, if we don't raise the debt ceiling, according to them, the economy will collapse! Vital needs will be overlooked! Ed Schultz might bite the head off a kitten! (In other words, Schultz will be himself.)

The only fearmongering is from you guys.  But it's okay, don't be scared.

The big question I have is why do we need to raise the debt ceiling so we can keep the federal government's doors open. That's clearly not the only option, as the Republicans have so adeptly pointed out with their statements as to why the debt ceiling shouldn't be raised. When you have to make hard financial decisions to stay afloat, most people look to ways they can spend less. They don't just say, "I'm giving myself an extra $1000 this month to pay bills" and then expect everyone else to go along with it. Either you have the money or you don't. End of story.

It's not as though Washington, DC, has been careful with our money, especially not as of late. And, yes, Democrats and Republicans are responsible for that. Raising the debt ceiling enables our politicians to be irresponsible longer and without much consequence, since most people don't even know what a debt ceiling is.

House Republicans have a winner with their proposal with two caveats. First, they have to be willing to make actual cuts, not just reductions to proposed increases. I would suggest they start with some of their pet programs because it would show how serious they are about making actual cuts, not just saying they believe in making cuts. Second, they need to be willing to play on the battlefield the Left has already laid out for them, but beat them to the punch. Granted, Leftists are going to try to paint this issue as the GOP not caring about the poor by denying services to them or some such rot. The retort should be this: We're going to live by the rules the average American has to in order to live right now. You don't think that will put the Left on the defensive, especially when coupled with real spending cuts?

The risk may be great for House Republicans to oppose raising the debt ceiling, but if done right, there will be an ever greater reward waiting for them.

Well, we saw how the first Republican test, as you call it, turned out.

Republicans acknowledge debt limit should rise

I'm sure you will now switch parties and totally not keep lying about the Democrats that are doing a better job with the economy than Republicans have since Eisenhower. lol

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011: What New Right-Wing Nuttery Will Come?

Thomas Lindaman writes:

Another tradition I had at CommonConservative.com was an annual column where I made New Year's Resolutions for other people since I was so bad at making them for myself. Since I still suck at it, I put together a list of resolutions for others because, dang it, I CARE. (That, and it makes up for the lack of blogging recently.)

To President Obama, I resolve you pick up a leadership training course and fast. Blaming Republicans for your failures (and there are many) isn't the sign of a great leader. It's the sign of a poor leader who can't or won't take responsibility for his/her actions and instead deflects blame to others as a means to protect his/her ego.

Name his "many failures" and how he isn't taking responsibility for them.

You talk of responsibility?  When you're proven wrong, you just keep repeating the same bullshit.  For example, you keep repeating manmade global warming data was fudged, even when it was proven otherwise.

To Nancy Pelosi, I resolve you take a hard look at your performance as Speaker of the House. I know what you think you did, but what you did was to alienate people of your own party in an attempt to force through your agenda. As a result, your accomplishments were meager at best. Sure, you passed a version of health care reform, but it was a bill that will get challenged in court and possibly be deemed unconstitutional. And your lame excuses and stupid comments ("We have to pass the bill to know what's in it.") insults the intelligence of average Americans.

She said they have to pass the bill so that you can know what's in it.  You won't comprehend it until you experience the benefits.  Because people are too busy listening to shitheads saying "Socialismz" and "ObamaCare" instead of facts.

But at least you got the menu changed in the House cafeteria.

Lord forbid they lead by example by not using Styrofoam and chugging down high fructose corn syrup.

To Harry Reid,I resolve you count your blessings. You dodged an electoral bullet this past November and by all accounts, you haven't earned your position as Senate Majority Leader, but you survived. The next time, you may not be so lucky. Not every Republican is Sharron Angle.

They aren't?

Regardless, I think it's hilarious that Republicans really had to go out and find the world's biggest freak to run against him.

Even if Reid had lost, we'd have probably gotten Durbin in his place.  Then you'd really have to lay on the bullshit!

It's amazing that the Republicans have managed to quarter the retard vote into thinking "Obama is whatever is bad" through emotional appeals -- but then, that's one of the reasons why Reid could be better.  If he could reach out to retards like yourself and your toothless cousins and get you angry that Republicans actually voted for rape, or point out to you that Republicans actually killed small business lending recently, I think that the Democrats could make inroads into your lizard-like communities.

To John Boehner, I resolve you pay attention to the TEA Party movement and bring the Republican Party back to its small government roots. What has happened over the past two years isn't a fluke. It was the direct result of Republicans moving to the Left in ideology and spending. Ignore the TEA Party movement, and you'll find your tenure as Speaker of the House to be a short one.

The Tea Party cost the GOP four Senate seats. They will be ignored in action.  You'll vote Republican anyway.

To Sarah Palin, I resolve you learn to pick your battles. There are a lot of conservatives and Republicans who attack you, but you don't have to respond to them all. Take the time to judge the legitimacy of the charges and respond accordingly. If you know it's complete crap, laugh it off.

She is!  "Blood Libel" was pretty funny, wasn't it?

To Janet Napolitano, I resolve you learn to do your job. Since taking the job, you've shown an incredible lack of understanding of even the basic functions of the Department of Homeland Security. Seriously, sending DHS agents to the Gulf Coast to oversee the oil spill?

While you push for the EPA, which isn't their job?

More airport security regulations that make do nothing to help security?

You're the one that bitched about the feds regarding Faisal Shahzad getting on the plane, when it was the airline itself that allowed him to get on the plane and it was the federal government that actually caught him. lol

Not working on a way to secure our borders?

Get immigration reform addressed, then you'll see more.  In the meantime, the 1500 added border patrol agents certainly didn't hurt.

Lady, you're a long way from competent.

You're going to talk about competence, when you don't even know what she's saying?  You said that Janet Napolitano said that it was premature to say whether the Obama administration's response to the Gulf oil spill was adequate, when Janet was clearly talking about BP's responseWhen you know what she's actually saying, get back to us.

To George Soros, I resolve you spend more of your money trying to take down Glenn Beck. That way you lose more money on a futile effort.

Facts sure piss you guys off, don't they?

What's funniest, is that neither Beck nor Lindaman can point to anything stated about Beck that was wrong.  What's the matter, Lindaman?  Doesn't your good friend and Anti-Semite ANDY MARTIN have new nuggets of wisdom?

To the TEA Party movement, I resolve you stay true to your roots. Now is not the time to compromise with those who want to see your message diluted or distorted for political gains. Stay intellectually honest and stay on our politicians if their ideas run counter to yours.

Like when they scream "JEW!" when their candidate loses?

Or when they try to bring back segregation?

Or when they say Methodists are Socialists?

Or pushing to have history books changed to history books won't say anything about the Founding Fathers "intruding on the Indians or having slaves"?

You guys are a bunch of kooks, which is repeatedly proven.

To Lady Gaga, I resolve you let Madonna know you stole her shtick, circa 1990.

That's very true, and very relevant... back in 2008.  Good to know you're on cutting edge of pop culture.

To Sean Hannity, I resolve you expand your horizons to pick up more than six basic talking points to repeat every day and to use other guests than your usual ten who you seem to have on every week for one reason or another. Seriously, you're boring and it's amazing someone else hasn't overtaken your position as second most listened to talk radio show in the country.

Dude, you brought up the so-called "Climategate" emails in your last few posts over and over again, ignoring that they were cleared.

To America's enemies around the world, I resolve you remember we have an election coming up in 2 years, and if current trends continue, you won't have Obama helping you by being incompetent.

Prove he's incompetent.  And don't forget folks: Lindaman also said Obama would lose the presidential election.

To America's allies around the world, I resolve you remember we have an election coming up in 2 years, and if current trends continue, you won't have to put up with Obama's incompetence for much longer. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Maybe we should have Palin instead, right?  After all, she'll stand with our "NORTH KOREAN" allies. lol

To the manmade global warming cultists, I resolve you get up the courage to admit you were wrong and fudged data to try to hide it. Science isn't helped by your decades of dishonesty, and only after you come clean can you restore what shreds of credibility you have in the scientific community.

Hey, you deluded liar: When are YOU going to grow a sack and admit you were wrong?  TheyWereCleared.  Read that goddamn pdf in the last link.

You're just praying people won't remember they were cleared.

Just like when you posted for days and days trying to prove manmade global warming is a fraud, and claimed you used climatologists as sources.  When the fact is: You weren't able to produce a single climatologist as a source.  You lied.

That's why you ignorant nutjob neanderthals have to say all of those climatologists are in on a vast global conspiracy.  Because all you have are a handful of cranks.  You're nuts.  Completely nuts.  You've taken a course in Science Denial For Beginners.

To my critics,

Critic.  Not "critics."

I resolve you keep pointing out my flaws as you see them. Without you acting as a jeweler's cloth, I wouldn't be able to continue to improve my skills.

You haven't learned a thing.  When your mistakes (re: "Hide the decline", the Doug Ross BP Timeline) are pointed out, you just keep repeating them and ignore the facts.

Even your pointless criticism teaches me something, mainly that there are people out there who will complain about anything no matter how inconsequential.

You are inconsequential, yes.  But your lies are monumental.

And finally...

To my fans, friends, and family, I resolve you enjoy my humble musings next year and take me to task when you disagree. This blog is as much about you as it is about me. I enjoy bringing my perspective to you, and I am humbled when you offer feedback. Thank you.

Happy New Year, everybody!

You have many fans, friends, and family that support you, that's for sure.  Even when you beg them to leave feedback, like you just did. lol

Can't wait to see what new bullshit you right-wing lunatics pull out of your collective asses for 2011.  It'll be difficult to top your ClimateGate Climatologist failure, your BP Timeline failure, and your "Choke on it, I have ANDY MARTIN as a source!" failure.  Bated breath!