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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Facebook Right-Wing Roundup (Jan-Feb 2013)

Welcome to a new segment I have created called "Facebook Right-Wing Roundup."

This is where I expose the lies that right-wingers love to post on their Facebooks. 

Remember back when your racist aunt used to FWD:FWD:FWD emails of right-wing lies to you?  Well, now right-wingers are doing something similar by re-posting slanted right-wing media stories and photos.  In these "Roundup" segments, they will be sprayed with a derpkiller.

Because the Sandy Hook incident and Gun Control sections are such a big chunk, and it spills over into March, I'm covering that in a future post.

1. Big Gummint

Right-Wingers copypasted this political cartoon:

Aren't we the government?  Not much of a point here.  Why not vote for removing laws?  We're still a democracy, after all.

Maybe someday you'll get your utopia:


2. AlGoreQuaedaZeera!

Lindaman feels it's a "bad thing" that Al Jazeera acquired Current TV.

And this is bad because...?

Al Jazeera is state owned (so is BBC technically). The state that owns them, Qatar, has been a strong ally since its inception as a nation in 1971 when it gained independence, through a USA-sponsored act, from Britain.

It's not even really Al Jazeera either. It is Al Jazeera English out of London, which is a different and very respected news organization.

I guess it's confusing to right-wingers that Al Jazeera is a reputable news source, and has done a fantastic job covering events like the Arab Spring.

Why aren't you cheering Al Gore?  Qatar produces more oil than the USA!  Gore himself addresses the issue here.

Oh, I see... right-wingers hate Al Jazeera because inbreds confuse Al Jazeera for Al Qaeda.  No, they aren't kidding.  They are actually functionally retarded and believe that the news organization is a wing of a terrorist organization.

Never mind that Al Qaeda was enraged at Al Jazeera for their unbiased coverage.

I wonder how right-wingers feel about Fox News's second largest share holder being... Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia. 

Especially when he had been identified as a "known terrorist funding source" by Fox themselves. lol

Remember when Bush wanted to sell the Port Authority to some mid-east folks?  Good times.

The real scandal is that Americans have to look to a Qatari-owned channel in order to get a decent perspective on world events in the first place. Because we sure as hell aren't getting that from the crap offerings on the other cable news networks.

God forbid we get an actual news station in this country.


3. Misquoting Henry Ford
Right Wingers post this picture:

First, there's not one credible source that Henry Ford actually said that.

Considering that Ford is known as much for his racism as he is for cars, I'd be very surprised if he actually said it.

Any shock that a misquote from a well known bigoted, anti-semitic, xenophobic Henry Ford would come from right-wingers?

4. Fiscal Cliff Tax Package

Right-Wingers quote shocking news of tax breaks in the fiscal cliff package.

Apparently, right-wingers are now against tax breaks? hehe

What right-wingers either don't know, or are trying to keep their inbred readers from knowing, is that the fiscal cliff legislation wasn't a spending bill. The problem called the "fiscal cliff" was that a number of key tax breaks were set to expire at the end of 2012, causing tax increases in many areas. The bill was designed to extend tax breaks to prevent them from expiring.

Most of the examples in the article were all tax breaks and/or credits whose pending expirations were part of the "fiscal cliff" - these aren't new tax breaks or credits, but extensions of already existing tax breaks or credits.

You may argue whether or not each of these should or should not expire right now, but these weren't tacked-on side issues, they were legitimately relevant to the purpose of the bill.

Besides, it supported electric fat hillbilly scooters and NASCAR.  If you think that isn't pandering to right-wingers, you're seriously deluded. lol

5. Romney's Lie Of The Year, Still A Lie

Right-Wingers really got pissed off when Politifact exposed Romney's lie (also used in a Romney campaign ad) that Obama "sold Chrysler to Italians who are going to build Jeeps in China" at the cost of American jobs, as their 2012 Lie of the Year.

Lindaman dragged a right-wing link trying desperately to refute it, and stated "Cue media apologies in...wait, they're not going to apologize?"

Why should they apologize, Lindaman?  They told the truth, unlike Romney.

When calmly asked to check the facts, Lindaman in his usual contrarian attitude, states: "I did check my facts, and the Romney ad was and is correct."

Wrong, Lindaman.  Your "checking of facts" should've extended beyond re-sharing a right-wing link that popped up on your facebook.  You didn't read a goddamned thing, not even the right-wing article itself.

You see, Lindaman, if you had read the goddamned article, The Weekly Standard themselves admit that the announcement of confirmed expansion to China was on January 17th, 2013. 

Now listen very very carefully, Lindaman.

The Romney lie was released before that information was released as a fact.

Got it, Lindaman? 

If the ad had said "planning" or even "wants to" there would have been more wiggle room.  They did not.

Let's say, in 2005, I stated your uncle is a child molester.  If he never molested anyone up until now, then I'd be lying.  Right?

Now, let's say he was arrested today for molesting a child today.  Does that retroactively make my 2005 lie the truth?

No, it does not.

Are we crystal clear on this now, Lindaman?

But let's move to an alternate universe and pretend that confirmed information was released the day before Romney made that claim.

It's still a fucking lie.

Obama did not own Chrysler.  So how the hell could Obama "Sell Chrysler to Italians"?

Chrysler had already been trying to sell to Italians before Obama was even elected!

Chrysler was very straightforward about the Jeeps built in China were for the China market.

Romney's implication was that Jeep was going to move production from Ohio to China.  That is a lie.  Jeep is producing vehicles in China for that area of the world.  It makes financial sense for Jeep to build closer to where the vehicles will be sold. 

Whatever jobs were in the US were staying in the US while expansion in other countries was normal. Romney was flame-baiting by saying that all American Jeep jobs would be exported and all production was moving to other countries, which is patently false. The cars made for US markets would stay while there was always the possibility that overseas markets would be served locally.

They are adding jobs in China for those markets. Romney was making it sound like they were closing up the US plants and moving manufacturing operations there.

But I'm sure right-wingers reposting links from The Weekly Standard are too fucking stupid to realize the nuances.

Chrysler: "We're going to expand factories here in America and in China, because we're selling a lot of Jeeps both here and in China."
Chrysler: "No, we're NOT moving jobs to China! We're expanding production both here and in China! What the fuck is wrong with you people?"
Right-Wingers: "Well well well. Looks like Romney was right after all. Chrysler just announced that they ARE building Jeep factories in China after all!"

Right-Wingers are idiots.

When American Jeep-maker jobs are lost because of expansion to the market in China...  Then, and only then, would Romney's claim be true.

On second thought, no, it would still be a lie.  Because at the time of that ad, that had not happened.

Now here's where the right-wingers are really fucked about defending the Lie of the Year.  It wasn't just about the ad, it was about Romney's own quote.  Out of his own mouth:

ROMNEY: "I saw a story today that one of the great manufacturers in this state Jeep — now owned by the Italians — is thinking of moving all production to China," Romney said at a rally in Defiance, Ohio, home to a General Motors powertrain plant. "I will fight for every good job in America. I'm going to fight to make sure trade is fair, and if it's fair America will win."

Did you read that?  ALL PRODUCTION TO CHINAALL production.  ALL OF IT.  That wasn't even what the story said!

Romney's a fucking liar, and the "Pants-On-Fire" was very well deserved.  You can't squirm out of that.

6. Hillary's Benghazi "Difference" Quote

Right-wing corn humpers posted this pic:

Fortunately, people who are not right-wing actually post the full fucking context:

Lindaman says: "More Thoughts On This Later."  Can't wait for that!

Maybe he'll try to spin things so Hillary did not thrash the GOP into shreds. lol

What she didn't care about was being asked the same leading questions over and over by people who demanded she confirm their accusations instead of providing unwelcome truthful testimony.

Hang up your tin foil hats, birther nuts.  No stand down order was given.  So nice try.

John McCain was in Benghazi in July 2012, visiting with Ambassador Chris Stevens:

If he witnessed a lack of safety, or had concerns with the security at this CIA Annex back then, why wouldn't he have said or done something when he came back right after his trip?

Has anyone ever known John McCain to NOT complain about anything that he happens to disagree with, particularly having to do with the military?

If McCain heard something or saw something regarding the Annex being under-staffed or that it was in imminent danger... wouldn't he have said something? He was there!  His own Lockerz account and Twitter timeline prove it!

36 people died in Embassy attacks under Bush ...yet no faux outrage by Republicans, and no phony hearings.

How should you Republicans feel, since you blocked the funds to pay for the security at these places.  Their blood is on YOUR hands, including the blood at Benghazi

The truth is, you don't give a shit about those people.  Just like you don't give a shit about the thousands who died on 9/11 and the troops who died fighting in the wrong place.

Lots of GOP Derp Is Still Derp

Thomas Lindaman writes:

Yes, it's that time of year again where we get to look back and remember some of the highlights (and lowlights) that we've come to know and love/loathe.

Democrat to Watch: Hillary Clinton. With Hillary leaving her post as Secretary of State, the road is wide open to explore her options. This could be problematic for a lot of people within the party, including Barack Obama and Joe Biden, the former because of her role in the Benghazi controversy, and the latter because of the calls for her to run for President in 2016...possibly against Biden.

Considering you were wrong about Obama winning for the past two elections, neither I nor anyone else with functioning brain is concerned about that right now. lol

Democrat to Forget: Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She went from being an annoying, mindless blonde Congresswoman from Florida to being...an annoying, mindless blonde Congresswoman from Florida who happens to be head of the DNC. Although the Left may think she's great for staying on message even after being exposed as a liar, the fact she's such a bold and moronic liar turns off most people from listening to her message.

ROFL, Boy is Lindaman pissed.  Notice how Lindaman doesn't provide a single example to support his statements (a very common tactic of his).  lol  Sorry, Lindaman... Schultz will never reach Michele Bachmann  or Sarah Palin levels of idiocy.

Republican to Watch: Marco Rubio. With Republicans focusing more on the Hispanic vote, all eyes are looking to Marco Rubio to see if he can bridge the communication gap. His success or failure will have an immediate impact on the 2014 midterm elections, not to mention the 2016 Presidential elections.

Rubio can't even be truthful about his parents coming to America.

Rubio's parents were both immigrants from Cuba.  They did not become citizens of the United States until Rubio was four years old which means that Rubio's parents, when he was born, were not citizens of the United States.

I demand to see Rubio's long form birth certificate!

Come on, Lindaman!  You claimed Obama's citizenship was "questionable", you nutball birther.  So where's your poutrage now?

You think Rubio will get the Latino votes?  HA!  What you Republicans don't understand is that all other Hispanic groups distrust and dislike Cubans. Because the older, Republican-supporting Cubans were mostly supporters of the incredibly corrupt Batista regime.  And, unlike other groups, Cubans are granted "refugee" status when they land in the US.  If Cubans get caught in the water, they are returned to Cuba. If Cubans make it to land, they get refugee status and a quick move up to permanent resident alien.  I am sure Mexicans wish they received that special status right away. Rubio will not garner support among Latino voters. And that's not even including the fact that the GOP does everything it can to discriminate against non-whites.  Cubans are not treated the same from Latinos as say Mexicans, Equadorans, or Guatamalans.

If Rubio (who is on a fucking SCIENCE committee) honestly doesn't know that the Earth's age is measured in billions of years, not thousands, then he's an idiot and not qualified to run anything larger than a truck stop. 

Republican to Forget: Mitt Romney. Remember when everyone said Mitt Romney was the only candidate who could beat Barack Obama? So do I...in 2008. You know, when he couldn't even beat Mike Huckabee? Now, in 2012, we found out he couldn't even beat Obama.

Covered that HERE.

Flash in the Pan: Occupy Wall Street. The media darlings of 2011 were nowhere to be found this year. You know, aside from the Andrew Breitbart documentary "Occupy Exposed," that is. As it turns out, Occupy Wall Street was a bigger bomb this year than "Cloud Atlas." Maybe it was "Pot Cloud Atlas."

Zombie Breitbart's documentary was not called "Occupy Exposed."  It was called "Occupy Unmasked."

According to you, Moore's last film indicates he's a failure since it's "only" the 13th highest box office ever for a documentary.  "Occupy Unmasked" was shown on... two screens. 

"Occupy Unmasked" did so well, right-wingers like you can't even remember the name!  HAHAHAHAAAAA!!

So... any evidence to back up what the documentary was claiming?  Waiting.  Still waiting.  Still waiting...  Couldn't possibly be because you never watched it?  Well, that's understandable, since nobody else did.

OWS were "Media Darlings"?  Since when? 

Oh yeah... those OWS protestors just sat around smoking pot, right?  Oh, wait...

I bet it pisses you off that the OWS protestors did something productive and helpful without asking for publicity in return.  And they did it without an anti-government or right-wing Christian agenda, unlike Beck's  "Restoring Love" sham.  They helped the victims of Sandy, while you Teabaggers said "FUCK YOU" to them (as usual).

It's so sad, OWS has vanished without a trace!

Or not.

Meanwhile, Teabaggers are trying to change their name. lol

And one more thing... you forgot to call them "Astroturfed"!  Is it because you are finally admitting you can't find a single source whatsoever that they were astroturfed?  You know, unlike the Teabaggers, where  there's overwhelming proof beyond all doubt that they're astroturfed?  Time will tell if you're admitting it.

The Real Deal: Benghazi. No matter how much Leftists have tried to downplay the Benghazi situation, it keeps coming back because there are still a number of unanswered questions related to what the State Department knew and when they knew it. And it's not just Republicans asking questions at this point. As long as the questions remain, Benghazi will not be going away anytime soon.

 The right-wing talking points on Benghazi have been bullshit.

BenghaziGate is right up there with all the other "gates" you guys have been trying to pull.  You failed miserably on all of them.  This will be no different.  But hey, keeping raping the Benghazi victims' dead bodies; I expect no less from you guys.

Raw Deal: Media treatment of George Zimmerman. In an attempt to paint the Trayvon Martin killing as a hate crime, media outlets (NBC most notably) took liberties with the facts to fit their narrative. First, Zimmerman was a white man (he's not). 

The initial reports said he was white, because that's what the goddamn POLICE REPORT said he was.  Sheesh!

Then, he was Jewish (he's not).

It depends on what you consider Jewish.  His father is half-Jewish.  I don't consider Zimmerman Jewish.  The early reports before his heritage was revealed implied he could have been Jewish simply because of his surname.

Regardless, what does Zimmerman being Jewish or not have to do with him persuing an unarmed teenager, confronting him, then shooting him?

Then, he ignored the 911 operator's instructions (he didn't). 

 Yes, he did.  The 911 call clearly has Zimmerman continuing to run after he was advised not to follow.

Then, he shot Martin in cold blood (he didn't).


Then, Martin lied about facial injuries he sustained (he didn't).

Martin can't lie or tell the truth about facial injuries he sustained.  He's dead.

Quick, Lindaman!  Edit your post before your readers notice the mistake!  Whoops, all your readers already noticed it.  Me. ROFL!

And Zimmerman did lie about the facial injuries he sustained.  He said he had blood in his eyes and couldn't see.  The photo taken of him in the squad car, before he was cleaned up, indicates otherwise.  Not one drop of blood in his eye areas.  Explain that!

At some point, the media had to have said, "You know, maybe we should do a bit more research before we throw out more accusations that will bite us in the ass later."

If you did any research on Zimmerman, you wouldn't be defending him.  The 911 call and Zimmerman's reenactment alone prove he's a repeated liar. 

I'm still waiting for any right-wingers to explain why Zimmerman would claim he fell down immediately at the "T" after being punched in the face, yet Martin's body is 40 FEET DOWN FROM THE "T."  Zimmerman is lying because he ran after Martin down that "T", and that's where the fight happened.

And I'm still waiting for any right-wingers to explain why Zimmerman would claim that Martin was trying to grab his gun, but also claim that after Zimmerman shot him that was the moment when Martin realized Zimmerman had a gun.  Explain that!  Explain it!

Why would an innocent man lie?  Zimmerman lied about Martin "grabbing for his gun" because otherwise it would prove that Zimmerman was not in fear of his life when he shot Martin.

You guys demonize Martin as a thug because he wrote "WTF" on a locker, while ignoring Zimmerman's past of punching police officers and molesting his cousin.  But you have to defend Zimmerman, since all the Anti-Black and Pro-Gun nuts have to defend him.  In other words, right-wingers.  You know, like this right-wing former GOP executive director.

You smeared Martin's family.  Where's those hoodie sales, Lindaman?  Where's those for-profit CD's?
Zimmerman is being called out on his repeated proven lies.  The best you guys can do is make shit up, ignore the overwhelming evidence against Zimmerman, and bitch about darkies.  You know, like the "New Black Panthers" comprised of six whole members.

Defining Moment: The first Presidential debate between Obama and Romney. No one expected the outcome of the first debate because to that point Romney appeared to be unable to command attention while Obama seemed cool and confident. However, the first debate changed that dynamic and the outcome of the election, in my opinion, because it created the image Obama wanted: that he was the underdog in the election. Once that was established, the rest of the election season was altered to his benefit.

 Romney had the fire in the first debate, but all he did was lie

But lying doesn't matter to inbred Americans.  The important thing is that Romney told that uppity nagger whatfor.

Obama was too nice in the first debate.  He corrected that in the subsequent debates. 

Missed Opportunity: The "fiscal cliff." Hearing the Left and the media talk about the "fiscal cliff" was a great opportunity for Republicans to not only address the central issue, but do so in a way that would help reverse the tide of the 2012 elections. Having wasteful spending remain on the table while hinting at the possibility of tax hikes is morally, intellectually, and politically wrong. But to the so-called Republican leadership in Washington, it's better to capitulate to a bad idea than to fight for a good one.

You GOPers have only yourselves to blame about that.  Stop saying "no" to every single fucking thing that comes your way as a solution.  How's that working out?

R. I. P.: Current TV. Al Gore's real contribution to the Information Age is on the verge of financial collapse. As of this writing, I believe you might be able to buy it outright with loose change found in your couch cushions, and it's a shame, what with all the big name Leftists like...well...there was Keith Olbermann.

We'll cover that in the Al-Jazeera post.

Man of the Year: Barack Obama. This was a no-brainer because anybody who could win reelection with stated unemployment at around 8%, real unemployment being almost double that, and with an economy that is turning around slower than the QE II has to be doing something noteworthy.

I guess these job growth charts of PRIVATE SECTOR JOBS are part of the liberal conspiracy.

No matter how you fail to spin it, things are now better than when Bush ran this country into the fucking ditch.  The only reason it's not growing faster, is because of GOPers blocking everything.

Now, hand me my Obama Phone, would you?

You mean the PRE-OBAMA extension of the RONALD REAGAN Administration's Lifeline phone program, motherfucker? 

But leave it to right-wingers to let poor people die because they can't call for help.  Good Christian souls, all of them.

"Obamaphone", just like "Welfare Queen", is just a right-wing dog-whistle word for "Nignogs getting free stuff."  You're fooling nobody.

The Anna Nicole Smith Lifetime Achievement Award: Sandra Fluke. Who knew complaining about birth control in front of a staged Congressional hearing could parlay into a lucrative job as a Leftist tool all because Rush Limbaugh called you a slut on air? Well, Sandra, I don't think you're a slut. An activist who is only half as smart as a turnip? Yeah, that's more like it.

So coward Lindaman's argument against having an accomplished women's rights activist and lawyer who has worked with victims of domestic violence and human trafficking introduce the president is... fatass drug addict Rush Limbaugh had a week-long hatefest about her on his show?

You don't think it had anything to do with her being brave enough to come forward and talk about the fact that women use birth control pills for medical conditions other than preventing pregnancy? And that Georgetown refuses to let students - who are forced to buy the insurance as a condition of enrollment - use the insurance they paid for to get birth control pills, even for life-threatening medical conditions? And that this is happening regardless of the woman's religion, breaching her religious freedoms as well as dictating how she spends her own money?  And then having  Rush call her a slut repeatedly for days on end and taking it like an adult.  Not to mention spineless cowards like Lindaman who side-step Limbaugh's comments and instead continue to make shit up about Fluke.

It's her right to testify before Congress, idiot.

Good for Obama for recognizing Fluke's resilience and courage in the face of a right wing hate.  Good for him to continue reminding lady voters that the GOP are not now, nor have never been, their friends. And especially good for him to be trolling the crap out of pederast Limbaugh.

To non-Republicans, he's saying "Remember this insanity the Republicans were frothing about? We do."

That's why Lindaman's butthurt.  She hasn't vanished into thin air, so the proven constant right-wing war on women is still something people can't ever forget.

Lindaman's also butthurt because nobody could find a scandal on her.  Unlike Sam the unqualified and unlicensed Plumber.

This is why I like our President.

Not to mention that she got slammed because the Repubtards are out for Obama blood, and a lot of other politicians would have just let her flounder. Obama's been in her corner the whole time. It's refreshingly nice to see a politician do that, even though it's just good politics.
And once again the conservatives show their complete and total idiocy over this issue.

Fluke speaks about her lesbian friend who nearly died from ovarian cysts because the Christians running the insurance company wouldn't allow her to receive the medicine she required (no, some Wal-Mart brand is not the same as a doctor-prescribed medicine, whether it's heart medicine, cold medicine, or birth control). Rush and the right-wingers, in their infinite wisdom, slander and demonize Sandra herself as a filthy tramp using taxpayer money to eat birth control pills like candy (and showing complete ignorance about how birth control pills work in the process. Protip: they don't work like Viagra, which for some reason is fine and dandy for that insurance to cover) and screw everyone she can. And no matter what, they won't let go of this and keep screeching it over and over like a flock of parrots.

At least it's a good issue to reveal the assholes and morons, as several people like Lindaman have so graciously done.

This was "staged", you gutless freak:

"Leftist Tool"?  Because she won't support you female-hating right-wingers?  Ohhh, I'm sure she's so sorry that she can't support the party of "legitimate rape."

You guys made her famous.  The fact that you're jealous of her being smarter than you guys (by eons) just makes it funnier.

What's sad is that if Limbaugh had called your own mother a slut for several days, you would still defend him.

Keep it up with Fluke, Obama.  Don't ever let the world forget what woman-hating assholes the right-wingers are. 

The Dan Rather Excellence in Journalism Award: Keith Olbermann. The man who loves to portray himself as this generation's Edward R. Murrow found himself fired from yet another job. Just a tip for you, Keith. Maybe at your next job, don't act like such an asshole.

Yep, he was an asshole.  "Leftists" fire their assholes.  Right-wingers give them leadership positions. lol

14:59 and Holding: Piers Morgan. Does anybody really even watch his show aside from conservatives waiting for him to say something stupid? With a White House petition to deport him, Morgan came out and said he would deport himself if America's gun laws weren't changed. Ummm...how can I break this to you, Piers? Oh yeah, you can't deport yourself; the government does that. 

Sheesh, get a clue Lindaman.

And this twit wants to lecture us on gun laws?

No, Alex Jones does.  You know things are bad when Morgan looks like the super-sane one in this interview.

Sign We Are Doomed as a Country: Joe Biden is thinking of running for President in 2016.

This echoes when Lindaman said that mocking Biden was a "full time job" on bynw.com.

These right-wingers are the type of idiots who felt that Dan Quayle, Dick Cheney, and Sarah Palin were good ideas for VP.

Biden's a good man. He's smart, direct, has an old political style, he's up front with people, no bullshit, no rambling on, he's affectionate (when it's appropriate), he has the Catholic attributes of piety and grace, he's respectful, honest, trustworthy, and has integrity. He's a Classic Democrat, and a great representative of our country. Nuff said.

Can you imagine Palin or Bush giving a talk like this?  Knowing you, you would mock that speech, too.

Can you even imagine Christie or Jindal making that speech? Joe Biden is an authentic human being who has paid his dues and has the country's best interests at heart.
2016 is gonna be great for Biden. There's really no Republican "superstar" of Obama's caliber, and the "I hates that thar nagger" attitude that has fueled the right wing hate machine since 2008 won't work anymore. All the Republican party has are the same old retreads and a handful of Tea Party buttholes who need to be committed to psychiatric care instead of being given access to the button.

Sign We Are Not Doomed as a Country: Ted Kennedy's son is not running for Congress yet.

Yeah, those Kennedys were never good, were they?

If he's a good man (which he is), what does it matter what his last name is?

If you're basing him on his father, I'll be waiting patiently for your denouncing of George HW Bush, since his father was a Nazi sympathizer.

The Kennedys were exemplary in positively contributing to government.  Just because George W. Bush was so destructive to this country, doesn't disqualify Kennedys.

The Your Tinfoil Hat Is on Too Tight Award: Senate Republicans are seeking to approve Massachusetts Senator John Kerry as Secretary of State so it opens up a Senate seat for ousted Republican Senator Scott Brown to win back.

I thought it was possible that Brown could win it back.  Well, what can ya do?

Interesting that Scott Brown now supports an assault weapons ban, isn't it? lol

Oh, We Remember All Right!

Thomas Lindaman writes:

Remember when Democrats wanted every vote to count? I do.

* It was back in 2000 in Florida when Al Gore wanted to win the Presidency.
* It was back in 2004 in Ohio when people complained of long lines.
* It was back in 2008 in Minnesota when there were questions about whether Al Franken won a Senate seat

Now, in 2012, Democrats are bound and determined not to let every vote count. Why? Because one of their recent banes, Rep. Allen West, is the one behind in the vote count. Even when there were reports of votes being counted twice and others not being counted at all, Democrats had no problem claiming victory and saying West had lost. (To be fair, Republicans said the same thing in 2008 with Al Franken, so there are no white hats in either major party on this.)

Oh, and did I mention the Democrats complained about Republicans attempting to suppress the vote this year? Yeah. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you’re more than a little hypocritical here. And when I say”more than a little,” I mean “very two-faced.” And when I say “very two-faced,” I mean “more faces than Lon Chaney Sr..”

Until there is an accurate vote count out of West’s district, Democrats should hold off on the “get over it” talk. Otherwise, you might wind up with some egg on your face. And, yes, the yolk will be on  you.

Well, they recounted, and West lost by more. HAHAHAHAHA!

Just how bad do you have to suck to lose an election as a Republican in Florida? His district is GOP plus four. Every method possible was used to restrict voting of Democratic groups. And yet there was somehow a Democratic surge of control in that district only that allowed 140 percent of the electorate to turn out.  So, Republicans... How's that voter suppression thing you invented working out for you now?  BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Screwing up the election process in that state has finally come back to bite the GOP in the ass.

Your idea of a recount is not how it works. Recounts are done in close elections, where they stand a statistical chance of actually swinging the result. This is not that close of an election. REMEMBER?  It's not even the closest House election this cycle, or the second closest. It's just the only election where the loser threw a gigantic whiny fit and hired a bunch of lawyers.

Throwing a fit and hiring a bunch of lawyers does not entitle one to a recount. Being within .5% does. And West is not within .5%, so that's that.

Hey Right-Wing dumbasses, you're forgetting a crucial point here:  West only wanted the early votes recounted. REMEMBER?

That's when he lost any high ground. There is only one recount: a complete one. Otherwise some votes are getting more scrutiny than others, which is a violation of Equal Protection. Either you count all district-wide votes, or none. "Partial" recounts are an inherent violation of the very idea of universal suffrage.

It's funny to see the righties complain about Florida's uncertain elections when the conservatives have been in total control in Florida for quite a while. They sure didn't mind Florida's uncertain elections when they were winning.

The Supreme Court ruled on this back in 2000 - when it's over, it's over.  REMEMBER?

I look forward to the Florida Supreme Court berating election officials for "hypertechnical reliance upon statutory provisions" in following dates prescribed by law, just as they did in the Bush recounts.

It would've been hilarious if West managed to get the issue in front of them again. Watching Scalia trying to find a way to flip-flop on his own ruling would've been delicious.  You know he would do it. He shredded his own concurring opinion in Gonzales v. Raich just to try and screw over Obama.  REMEMBER THAT?

Remember THIS?

1. Tom Pyle, policy analyst, office of House Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-Tex.).
2. Garry Malphrus, majority chief counsel and staff director, House Judiciary subcommittee on criminal justice.
3. Rory Cooper, political division staff member at the National Republican Congressional Committee.
4. Kevin Smith, former House Republican conference analyst and more recently of Voter.com.
5. Steven Brophy, former aide to Sen. Fred D. Thompson (R-Tenn.), now working at the consulting firm KPMG.
6. Matt Schlapp, former chief of staff for Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R-Kan.), now on the Bush campaign staff in Austin.
7. Roger Morse, aide to Rep. Van Hilleary (R-Tenn.).
8. Duane Gibson, aide to Chairman Don Young (R-Alaska) of the House Resources Committee.
9. Chuck Royal, legislative assistant to Rep. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.).
10. Layna McConkey, former legislative assistant to former Rep. Jim Ross Lightfoot (R-Iowa) now at Steelman Health Strategies.

I thought recounts were covered in 2000. I don't believe the Supreme Court excluded Republicans from their ruling.  REMEMBER?

As for West himself: Good liberals generally don't commit war crimes that require them to resign their commission. They tend to be more like John Kerry, who won a Bronze Star and has three purple hearts.  You know, the guy that you gutless chickenhawks were wearing purple-heart band-aids for, like the spineless little cowards that you are.

West, on the other hand, is a repulsive, lying war criminal.  So naturally, he's just what the Teabaggers wanted. 

The tea in that bag is getting weaker and weaker. lol

GOP Election Solution: MORE CRAZY!

Thomas Lindaman writes:

After Mitt Romney’s defeat on Tuesday, there has been a lot of Monday-morning (or, technically Wednesday-morning) quarterbacking as to why Romney lost. Invariably, the reason given is because the Republican Party is “too extreme” and “needs to be more moderate.” As proof, they offer up Republicans like Michelle Bachmann, Todd Akin, and talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Oh, and don’t forget those extremists in the TEA Party (those eeeeeeeeeeeevilllllll people who think we’re spending too much and have strayed too far from the Constitution). If only more sane people (meaning anyone to the left of Lindsey Graham) would take over the party, Republicans would win going away!

Yeah, about that. Seems the GOP has done this the past few elections and, for the most part, it hasn’t worked out too well. Let’s run down the list.

Ronald Reagan – conservative Republican, pimp-slapped Jimmy Carter in 1980 and Walter Mondale in 1984

George H. W. Bush – moderate Republican, beat Michael Dukakis in 1988, trounced by Bill Clinton in 1992

Bob Dole – moderate Republican, was made Bill Clinton’s bitch in 1996

George W. Bush – moderate Republican, beat Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004 (due mainly to Gore and Kerry being such dumb candidates)

John McCain – moderate Republican, smoked by Barack Obama in 2008

Mitt Romney – moderate Republican, taken to school by Barack Obama in 2012

See a pattern here? Since Reagan, the GOP has run nothing but moderates and they’re a whopping 3-4 since 1988. And here’s a news flash, kids: moderates are running the GOP right now. That’s why more conservative candidates like Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, and Rick Santorum never got a lot of traction in spite of being popular with the grassroots. The power brokers in the GOP pushed Mitt Romney on people under the banner he could win. Of course, if that were the case, why didn’t he win in 2008?

At some point, the GOP needs to have a “coming to Jesus moment” and realize they keep churning out subpar candidates because they’re ashamed to be painted as conservatives. Mitt Romney flip-flopped on that issue (surprise, surprise), proclaiming himself to be a “super conservative” with one crowd, and trying to paint himself as more moderate with another. Sorry, Mitt, but you need to pick a side and stick to it, and I’m going to put you with the squishy moderates because, well, you are one.

The leadership needs to take a step back as well and realize the reason why more conservative elements are popular with the grassroots is because the party as a whole doesn’t represent them anymore. Look back at how Orrin Hatch and other prominent Republicans dismissed the TEA Party. Well, Orry, (Can I call you Orry? Doesn’t matter because I’m going to do it anyway.) if you guys had been doing your jobs, there wouldn’t need to be a TEA Party. The more moderate Republicans dismiss and disrespect conservatives, the more disenfranchising of the latter will occur. And if I were the GOP leadership, I wouldn’t be so dismissive of the conservatives in your party, especially given your 3-4 record.

In a political discussion on Facebook, an acquaintance of mine said I was a “right wing extremist” because I didn’t agree with him about Obama, economics, and other social issues. I pointed out to him perhaps the reason he thinks of me as a “right wing extremist” is because he’s a left wing extremist looking at my positions from his far-left position. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Things are so far to the extreme right in the US right now, that Obama is being labeled a socialist, even though he is arguably more conservative than Nixon. Things are so far to the extreme right, that many Republicans were running on the idea of restricting birth control. Things are so far to the extreme right... well, you get the idea.

Remember a man named... Jimmy Carter?  He was the last practicing Christian to sit in the Oval Office... and Republicans absolutely HATE him.  Right-wingers paint him as the worst thing ever, because he told people to wear a sweater when it's cold and depend less on foreign oil. Yet they loved an anti-Medicare shill who used his running mate's influence and connections in the CIA to negotiate with terrorists to release hostages only upon the condition of his election, and as a result the deficit went to astronomical amounts (but that didn't matter until a "big government" Democrat was president) and several special individuals we'd learn about decades later were provided weapons. Real good judgment you had there, Right-wingers.

But then, Conservatives have to hate Carter.  Because if they didn't hate him, they'd have to actually start doing the generous things they keep hearing about in church.  Republicans absolutely hate the fact that Carter actually was (and is) all of the things that the sociopathic douchebags like themselves only pretend to be.... Moral, intelligent, religiously devout, diligent, honest and committed to genuine American values.  That is why you guys hate Carter.  That is why right-wingers attack him whenever and however possible, decades after his term has ended.

And yet, the right-wingers are still blaming Mitt for not being insane enough.  I actually feel sorry for him. That's the fastest I've seen a Republican thrown under the bus in decades.

Your response to America choosing a less-conservative candidate than Mitt Romney is to choose someone who is more conservative?

The GOP trotted out the hard-core crazy (Bachmann, Perry, Santorum, Bain) as potential opponents to Obama and they were soundly rejected by the American people. Romney got the nod based solely on the fact that he scared people the least. Anyone who would honestly think that going farther over the edge than Rick Santorum will save the Republican Party, is up to their eyes in batshit insanity.

The GOP redneck base was already motivated and fired up to get rid of the black guy, and they were already in a frothing frenzy about socialisms and communisms and muslins and birf certificates. So it's not like the voting conservatives stayed home and didn't participate in this election. They already had just about every vote they were going to get. It's not like folks voted for Obama simply because Romney wasn't conservative enough. It isn't like the conservative voting block sat this one out waiting for a "truly conservative" candidate. They really, really wanted Obama gone, even if it meant President Romney. And you still lost.

The right-wingers just can't admit that their ideology has reached its zenith in voting population.

So, the Grand Old Party of Hate and Ignorance should try to become more evil and stupid? I'm all for it. Cut your own cow-humping needle dicks off, Teabagger assholes.

If the day comes that the GOP actually goes ahead and nominates some hopped-up, fire and brimstone conservative-enough whackjob I'll be eager to find out what they'll cluck about when that guy goes down in flames.

Obviously the solution is to run even further to the right, because running extremely right-wing candidates worked so well in Indiana and Missouri. I mean, it's so obvious that in those states, moderation got beat and Tea Party candidates won, right?

Another interesting point: Every Republican that touched rape in this election got shot down. All of them.

Dear GOP:  Please run two of the biggest Teabaggers you have in 2016 and get it out of your system.

Turn yourselves into a regional party with no hope of regaining the executive branch in the foreseeable future.

Do it, GOP. Do it for America.

Good luck with that.

There goes the somber reflection that the party needs... Right now, Reagan and Eisenhower are spinning in their graves as this "We must go further to the right." talk gets louder and louder.

1. America re-eleected Obama.
2. The Senate majority was kept, including many high profile races the GOP "should" have won until their politicians said what they actually believe about women.
3. Many districts kicked out several Tea Party Representatives after only one term.
4. Two states legalized weed.
5. Three states legalized gay marriage, with another rejecting a ban.

So, of course, the Conservatives believe they need to go even farther right in order to win over the electorate.

They have learned nothing, and they will continue to learn nothing.  Because they simply do not understand their own country anymore. They've created their own isolated world in which the only news and information they tolerate is that which validates their own pre-conceived notions, even when those notions fly in the face of obvious objective reality.  They demand rigidity above all else, and think that will help them win over a country that is steadily rejecting many of their policies.

They're doomed. Not because they lost. But because they don't understand why they lost.

The only reason Gore lost was because of the Clinton blowjob witchhunt, and Florida recount irregularities.  He still won the popular vote.  The majority of Americans still didn't want a Republican.  REMEMBER?

The only reason Kerry lost was because of the Bin Laden tape, and the fact that you right-wing chickenhawks trashed his war record.  You know, because you guys are always party before country.  Remember your stupid-assed argument, Lindaman?  "His own doctor said he was faking"?  You know, the doctor who's name isn't even on any of the documents?  REMEMBER

The right-wingers are dying.  There simply aren't enough angry White guys to cater to, to help win elections. They're dying just like the Southern Strategy and Religious Right coalition of racism, bigotry, xenophobism, and misogyny. Their inbred racist offspring are falling away, producing a massive new Generation Gap, and there's a major shifting of the whole American public on social issues.

We are moving faster on LGBT rights. Even NRA members are in favor of many types of gun legislation. The country is in favor dumping the Drug War in favor of treatment. The majority are in favor of doing something about global climate change. America is much more accepting of family planning and sex education as much more effective methods for reducing abortion than simple abstinence.

The GOP is in real danger of going the way of the Federalists and the Whigs, and for much the same reasons. The only reason they haven't been completely obliterated already, is because of old racists and gerrymandering in state legislatures and the House, and the filibuster in the Senate. Not to mention that the rich forces behind the GOP are well-organized, and well-funded.

The right-wingers are becoming increasingly desperate, and as a result they're compensating for their dwindling base by screeching louder and nastier. Their continuing purges of any and all voices of moderation add to the loudness and nastiness. But they're just exposing their ignorance for all to see, which in the end will just kill them further.

People are beginning to get a clue that you right-wingers are not in favor of "small government."  The GOP support for small government is limited to cutting taxes on the rich, corporate anarchy, gutting environmental regulations, stopping legal protections for workers and racial minorities, and gutting government funding for public education, public health, and social services. The only "small government" you right-wingers want, is to serve the interests of the rich and powerful at the expense of everyone else.

To be fair, it's got to be hard to for you guys to admit that your electoral strategy for the past 35 years is completely wrong. That's everything that your party now believes in, because they have had to sell it to the public for coming up on four decades. Is it shocking that most Republicans are stuck in 1978?

It can be hard to change for some individuals. The GOP is a party whose entire identity is "resistance to change". Which is probably not the most helpful identity to have in an ever-evolving world.