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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Some Have iPods, Too!

...So they should all STFU!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Here's Some Towelies!

According to Lindaman, the OWS protesters are dirty hippies!  Let's take a look at some of them:

Fuck you, dirty hippie!

Worthless, pot-smoking hippie!

Go to hell, you fucking dope-smoking traitor!

Communist filthy Towelie!

What the fuck have these guys ever done for this country?

Hippies!  Hippies!  HIP-PIES!

What the fuck do THEY know?

OWS has NO IDEA what's going on!


Worthless, dirty, jobless little shits, all of them!  Including that 81 year old holocaust survivor!

Pssst... they tried that "dirty hippie" crap during Vietnam, and it didn't work then, either.

"No, YOU'RE a towel!"

Finally, in his three part OWS special, Lindaman posts this picture.

Basically, after ranting about the rich elite being behind OWS... Lindaman is now saying that OWS are pot-smoking hippies that have no idea what's going on.

So, to sum up the right-wingers' claims: The protesters are trivial hippie peaceniks...that are dangerously violent.  And they are anti-capitalist... backed by the rich elite.  And they don't know what's going on... while being expertly coordinated by shadow organizations.  Got it.

I thought Libertarians supported legalizing pot, Lindaman.  You were a Libertarian once.  Is that why you became an Independent (tm)?

OWS is not lacking a coherent message; instead, its message is multi-issued, politically complex, and systemic: economic inequality, layoffs, house foreclosures, bank bailouts, million dollar bonuses, overpriced health insurance, cuts to social welfare, the student loan industry, tax breaks for the rich, underfunded schools, etc. are all interconnected. None of these occur in a vacuum; instead, each contributes to and affects the others. One of the root causes of this system is the near total corporate dominance of the political system, media, education, prisons, you name it. Corporate dominance is not the only root cause of these interrelated issues, but it is a good place to start. Protesters are occupying Wall Street because it is the epicenter of corporate dominance and condenses all of these issues into one symbolic force.

A right-winger had to create a fake representative of OWS from scratch in order to make a strawman: Towelie.

The right-wingers created their own genuine representative of the Teabaggers: Joe The Plumber.  The "leftists" didn't create Joe The Plumber.

Yet, Towelie still knows more about "what's going on" than Joe The Plumber.

I am amazed at the right-wingers that have no problem defending banks and corporations using federal money (AKA the money you pay in taxes) to make even more money off of you and the ridiculous excuse for right-wing public servants who allow it to happen.

Let's all laugh at the banks' white-knighters like Lindaman. Keep on kissing those asses, they'll still give you nothing.

This is why you, and the rest of the right-wing crowd will always lose. The only way to "beat" a mass protest is to open a dialogue with them. You have no interest in this, or you wouldn't be diverting to discussion about how some of them look like hippies.

We know exactly what's "going on."  The fact that you don't, speaks volumes.   You're the last person on planet earth to be talking about knowing what's going on in the world.

The plutocrats and oligarchs are FREAKING THE fuck OUT.  And why?  Because they're frightened.

OWS is about the 99% protesting against the prevalence of corporate influence over our country and our government and our legislation. It's about the 99% standing up and saying that those with the most money shouldn't have more of a say over government and legislation than the rest of us.   Basically, it's a response to the redistribution of wealth from the middle and upper middle classes to the pockets of super elite class. Occupy Wall Street protesters are targeting financial institutions which are to blame for damaging the economy

The problem we have in this country now are the excesses of corporations sucking the value out of the economy, for their own gain.  The OWS supporters see this.  Corporate interests supported and easily subverted the Teabagger movement, through Koch Bros. money and Fox News propaganda. They now are trying to smear OWS as "Dirty Hippies" when in fact the majority of OWS supporters are clearly in the Middle Class.

I love the right-wing attitude of "I have everything I have only because of me and no one else." Right. Your ability to make money has nothing to do with the infrastructure of the nation around you. Nothing to do with public education. Nothing to do with the national transportation system you, your business, or your customers use (either making you money directly or allowing them to make money to give to you). Nothing to do with public investments in R&D over the decades.  Nothing to do with having a secure nation, secure nations to trade with, and secure global shipping lanes ensured by a military paid for with tax dollars. I could go on.  Right-wingers, as usual, are ignorant beyond comprehension.

Unlike the teahadists, the OWS crowd have a legitimate gripe. They're not complaining about being "overtaxed" at a time when tax revenues are at 50 year lows; nor will they contradict themselves later by then claiming that "not enough" people are paying taxes.  Most of the country is pissed at the Wall Street bankers. That's the difference between a true populist movement, and a fake one like the tea party, which was nothing more than a bunch of useful idiots that were backed by billionaires at the very start (ie astroturfed).

Its the Republicans who racked up most of that debt and gutted a great many programs and safeguards in favor of greedy and unscrupulous millionaires, and now they act like its everyone else's fault but theirs that things are the way they are.

They're angry at the assholes that busted the economy. If these banks were paragons of virtue, they'd have looked at their books and said to themselves "We should stop lending to people who can't afford these mortgages, they aren't paying", but they didn't. And they didn't because they had gamed the system.

What OWS stands for is taking corporate money out of politics, enacting strict regulations on the banks who crashed our economy and making their executives face trial for their crimes, and altering tax policy so that economic growth no longer accrues solely to the upper class. A solid viewpoint which most Americans could get behind - heck, it's already more popular than pretty much any national politician in this country.

It will still be difficult for OWS, as it doesn't have a PAC thanks to the lack of astroturf.  If OWS has an impact, it will be in a positive one. Unlike the teabaggers, whose ideas were just to fuck the whole country in the eye socket and be a GOP mouthpiece.

The teabaggers are rallying against government spending for the needs of the people, especially disadvantaged people. OWS is protesting government spending for the rich profiteers.

The GOP types are shitting their pants in panic.  They have all of their PAC sponsored trope seeders out on the internets trying to spawn negative memes and tropes about the OWS stuff.  But the simple fact is, it's not working for them. Some 70% of American's view the OWS group favorably. And that scares the shit out of the authoritarian fascists.

And when you have people like Mark Cuban saying the same thing as a lot of the OWS people, that doesn't exactly make for an environment where Wall Street could just sit and wait.  This isn't just some random guy, it's a guy who knows about being a CEO firsthand and no one can accuse him of being envious of someone else's money given he's a billionaire several times over himself.

Why do teatards like Lindaman oppose OWS?  Because it won't get Republicans elected, that's why. That's *all* the Tea party types truly care about.

Banks gambled with money that was NOT theirs, and lost, and went down in flames and nearly took the economy, and country, with it. And when the government was nice enough to bail their asses out, they have the GALL to howl bloody murder at the very idea of being regulated? No, fuck you guys. You drove drunk and you need your keys taken away. For good.

No one from the banking crisis of 2008 was held responsible or saw any jail time.

The poor are getting poorer. Unemployment continues to be sky-high. But the major corporations are still reporting massive gains. The CEOs continue to be overpaid. In the meantime, people have to work several jobs to support their families. If they can find several jobs to work. Some people can't even find one job.  Government bails out these corporations but they're not 'bailing out' the people who are poor and suffering? The homeless? The people who get trapped under mountains of debt because they couldn't afford health insurance but got gravely ill and had to go to the hospital?  It's not supposed to work like this. People are willing to work if you give them a decent job for decent pay and benefits. I'm not talking a cushy job, but just something dependable. But corporations across the board are decreasing benefits unless you're with a union.

Both unemployment and corporate profits being unreasonably high at the same time. The USA has a third-world income disparity rating.  And right-wingers have no problem with that at all.

And finally, this is what REALLY pisses Lindaman off: The fact that the OWS and satellite protests have already gone on longer than any single Tea Party rally... and are much larger by a very, very long shot.  Bwahahahaa!

The Republicans have nothing left but their messages that are designed to appeal to hicks.  Don't worry, Conservatives. I'm sure one of your attempts at making OWS seem illegitimate will work, some day. Whatever you do, keep talking about it.

And we're laughing at you for having no real response to the points presented.  You may want to live in a feudal hell hole, but the vast majority DO NOT.

We're witnessing history here.  History for the better.  And it delights me that you won't be a part of it.

But at least Lindaman didn't try to do a sloppy demotivational poster this time.

These Are RICH Dirty Hippies!

Thomas Lindaman writes:

When I'm Right... I'm right.


So, Occupy Wall Street claims to be the 99%, but allows members of the 1% in their ranks without question?

And let's not forget there's another member of the 1% who has his fingerprints all over OWS: George Soros.


That's right, folks! George Soros's influence goes WORLDWIDE!

Here's what a billionaire funded protest looks like, folks:

All kidding aside, Soros ain't funding OWS.  Nice try.

And how did each of these 1% members make their money? By being capitalists. But we can't pay attention to that little detail, can we?

Okay, Lindaman... what is the maximum dollar amount that they are allowed to make per year for them to care about this country, and their fellow people, and to think that the recipients of the bank bailouts engaged in criminal behavior and did massive damage to our country?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with ambitious people becoming very successful (ethically). There is nothing wrong with companies putting out a good product or service and becoming even more successful than they already are. Our country depends on excellence and should reward it whenever possible. The problem is that a tiny percentage of our population control nearly everything, and in doing so, artificially control access to government and to success itself.

According to right-wingers like Lindaman, these wealthy individuals that are contributing to OWS are hypocrites for supporting a more equitable tax burden on their income class, with a separation of power between the business class and government authority.

Conservatives have made an art out of convincing people to support causes that go against their own interests, and now they're pissed about this? Who's the hypocrites again?

I thought these were dirty, unemployed, pot-smoking hippies, Lindaman. Guess you guys had to change tactics when that didn't work.

On the one hand the right-wing media claims OWS is class warfare and demonizes the rich. Now they're saying there are rich folk involved as well, which would indicate it's a broad-based coalition of interests. So, which is it?

And all the complaints basically boil down to "these people are rich so the only reason they can possibly be supporting OWS is because they're hypocrites".

Which is a good summation to the mindset of the right. It just never even occurs to these idiots that some people may think that there are more important things in this world than a bank account.

Kinda like Teabaggers complaining about "big gubment" while decrying cuts in military spending, and supporting the government telling women what to do with their bodies, and supporting the government executing its own citizens, and supporting the government to shut down an islamic community center. In those cases, intrusive government works beautifully.

No, wait, the Teabagger hypocrisy actually is hypocrisy. Never mind.

Lindaman is just upset because in spite of supporters like the ones he listed, OWS actually IS a grass roots organization, unlike the Teabaggers.

Seriously, the Teabagger movement was literally created, run, and funded by guys like Dick Armey and the Koch Brothers and Fox News. And all we got out of your little day camps was a downgrade of our credit rating. And now you're going to argue that OWS isn't a "real" protest movement, because a month after it started, and a week after it began spreading all over the globe, more famous people got involved? Too little, too late. You Cons ought to have started your smear campaign on these guys weeks ago.

The Teabaggers are openly hostile to the working class and the poor. Thus, they aren't populists like OWS.

And now the Teabaggers have stepped up to defend the banks, Wall Street, and Government from the outrage of their fellow citizens. Honestly, was this any surprise?


Hey, Lindaman!  I thought OWS was just a one weekend thing, when nobody was there?  How come they haven't gone home yet?  The Teabaggers usually pack up and go home after an hour!

Look at how far that evil George Soros's tentacles have spread!

Times Square!












Hong Kong!


Spain!  Which is where it all began!  Apparently Soros started in Spain?

Washington DC!


But... but... they're just hippies!  All over the entire world!  Hippies, all of them!

They were supposed to leave!  What about the poor persecuted bankers?

Yeah, remember how the TEA Party rallies spread all over the world?  Oh, that's right.  They didn't. I guess you teabaggers should've recruited Soros, since he apparently paid all these people around the world. Bwahahahaa!!

Right-Wingers: 100% Lying

Thomas Lindaman writes:

Okay, it's time to clear the air about the Occupy Wall Street slogan "We are the 99%." They're not. Oh, they claim they do, but let's take a look at this logically.

First, let's take a look at the 99% portion of the equation. I'm certainly not rich, so I would fall into the 99% the Occupy Wall Street Leftists talk about. Yet, I certainly don't agree with their multitude of stances,

It doesn't matter if you agree with their stances or not.  You're one of the 99%.  You're trying to move the goalposts.

ranging from free college

"Free college" is not an official OWS stance.  Lindaman probably got that nonsense from right-wing sites like Fox News, who copy-and-pasted from an open post on OWS's forum.  The forum clearly states the following:

"Admin note: This is not an official list of demands. This is a forum post submitted by a single user and hyped by irresponsible news/commentary agencies like Fox News and Mises.org. This content was not published by the OccupyWallSt.org collective, nor was it ever proposed or agreed to on a consensus basis with the NYC General Assembly. There is NO official list of demands."

Regardless, Lindaman doesn't say why free college is bad, of course.  That "free market college" degree in journalism sure helped you get your successful career, didn't it?  So what if it was an entry level mortgage lending job (which doesn't require a degree)? lol

It's rather odd how many Americans think putting people into debt for getting an education is a good thing. It's really a purely American thing.  Education should never be profit-related.

to more regulation of Wall Street, an entity that is already regulated heavily.

It's not so much that markets are not regulated enough, but rather that they're not regulated properly.

Lack of proper regulation allowed your mortgages to get bundled with other poor securities and sold to the highest bidder. It's because of lack of proper regulation that speculators are playing around with things like derivatives.

Plus, I think some of their ideas are utterly ridiculous and unrealistic.

What ideas?  Again, Lindaman doesn't seem to understand, there's not an official list of demands.

You must be living in a dream world if you think that's the core of what they want. Between finance, jobs, education, medicine and taxation, not to mention trade and manufacturing, there's more broken than there is functioning.  The military, the legal system, the prison system, the police, the supreme court, the politicians, immigration... the list goes on and on. There's a lot broken. Healthcare as well, which is why you're saying bullshit like "Well, Obama should make the healthcare issue with the Supreme Court be a tie instead of a win."  Because you know the right decision on healthcare (which is REFORM) will win in the end.  The protesters are just concentrating on the things that are broken the worst, the ones in the most imminent danger of crushing them underfoot, preventing them from making a decent living or preventing them from being able to get out of debt in their lifetime. They protest against the things that threaten our country's future and security.

You say that these people are out there for selfish reasons because that's the way you would think. Not everyone is like that. If you don't understand what they want by now, you never will. People have explained it over and over, and in detail. It's not for lack of trying to explain on their part. Your lack of understanding is on you. Either you don't want to hear it, or what's being said to you doesn't register anywhere in your brain.

The Occupy Wall Street types certainly don't speak for me now, and I doubt they'll ever speak for me in the future.

They aren't speaking for you, nor are they trying to.  It doesn't matter.  You're one of the 99%.

Now, let's look at the 1%. That 1% includes people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and George Soros, people who tend to lean in the same direction as the Occupy Wall Street types. To hear the OWS people talk, the 1% is nothing but rich fat cats, but they don't seem to mind some of the rich fat cats.

Lindaman repeats this soundbite in his subsequent post, so I'll cover that in my next post as well.

Heck, most of them probably own some piece of technology or clothing made by a...capitalist! To put a finer point on it, every single one of those protesters who owns an iPhone, an iPod, or some other technological "must have" is a hypocrite of the highest order.

The iPad thing is a soundbite Lindaman and right-wingers are parroting (as usual).  I think my favorite GOP talking point so far is that one: "OMG the protesters hate corporations but they use iPhones."  Yes, because anyone who complains about how corporations operate must see all corporations as equally bad. 

This just further demonstrates a severe lacking of fundamental understanding of what these protests are all about.   This is the equivalent of arguing that libertarians are hypocrites if they drive on a road.

During the Civil Rights movement, white people invented the megaphones they used.  So obviously those black people are hypocrites and need to shut up.

The right-wingers have a whole slew of fake rules for why you can't protest ("Wealthy celebrities can't advocate for the poor because they're wealthy! And the poor can't advocate for the poor, either, because they aren't working!  And the working can't advocate for the poor, either, because they don't run businesses!") etc.

Right wingers actually believe this, folks.  "If you buy from a cell phone company, you have no right to protest against the political power and influence unconstitutionally wielded by investment banks."

Somehow you think that being against Wall Street's manipulation of markets, fraudulent investment ratings and banks leveraging themselves is anti-capitalism. It isn't. It is against the perversion of capitalism.  You do not understand the concepts of scale, nuance or depth of impact.  Maybe that's why the OWS signs are actually spelled correctly, unlike the Teabagger signs.

And even if, in some parallel universe, this movement did have a beef with commercial products and the system in which they are produced, it's hardly hypocritical to use those products in the service of protests. Protest groups in the past who contended that laws were unjust were hardly hypocritical to use lawyers and seek legal reforms.

It's clear I'm not one of the 99% types. However, I am one of the 100%.

The 100% of people like me who think Occupy Wall Street is a massive joke.

Says the Birther and global climate change denier. Oh, by the way, have you heard the latest?  They must be in on the simple conspiracy.  lol

You are 100% of the world population, Lindaman... but only by sheer volume.