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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Banned Right-Wing Rule Breakers!

And the right-wing derp continues!

1. How dare they ban me for breaking their rules!

Right-wing blogger Thomas Lindaman stated: 

"I got banned by a FB page because...I posted links to support my argument against their notion Christians were more of a threat than radical Muslims.

Was it something I said? :-)"

Thomas Lindaman: "Of course, they said it was because I went against their guidelines, but I think it was more because I was better informed than they anticipated and knew my stuff."

Thomas Lindaman: "Yeah, the same folks who post pictures get touchy about links?"

Thomas Lindaman: "Yep, and I don't think they liked the fact I called them out on their intellectual dishonesty and outright inaccuracy..."

Thomas Lindaman: "Here's their 'no links' rule verbatim:"

'3. Don't post links, there have been virus threats to our readers. We will delete them and you will be instantly banned. Regardless of how insightful you remarks have been. It doesn't matter if you're for or against our thought process, if you're too ignorant to follow this simple rule, we care little for what you have to say.'

So, in other words, they don't like links because it might expose them to ideas outside of their bubble where hating Christians is encouraged, but don't you DARE be a Christian calling out their hate!"

No, LIAR.  "In other words" they clearly posted a rule not to post links.  You posted links in direct violation of their rules.  You got banned because you BROKE A RULE.

You could have made your points without having to post links.  For example, you could have posted the relevant text from your source, and then state what the source was without embedding a link.

As for the Christian/Muslim claim: Notice also how Lindaman doesn't actually prove anything that he's saying.  What else is new?

The only difference between Muslim radicals and Christian radicals is that Muslim radicals are a pit bill, and Christians are a pit bull that NOW has a muzzle on it. 

2. Real vs Fake Petitions

Lindaman: "O-kaaaaaaaaaaaay...."


Did you actually see the clip?  He quickly buzzes over the "fourth" part and speaks a LOT of leading comments before shoving the pen in their hands.

And here's REAL petitions signed by right-wingers, that know exactly what they are doing:

http://fox6now.com/2012/11/14/wisconsin-joins-other-states-filing-secession-petitions-post-election/ FB July 14th, 2013

3. Zimmerthreats!

Lindaman: "Really? It's one thing to disagree with a verdict. This is not the way to react.





Yawn.  You of all people should know internet trolls when you see them.  Birds of a feather.

We shall patiently wait for your protesting these right wing threats:


Nah, you won't do that.  Scratch that.

Not to mention the fact that soccer fans have done worse. lol


Lindaman: "The whole situation was ridiculous, and the prosecution and the judge made it even more so with gross misconduct."

Lindaman backs this up with nothing.

Lindaman: "It was, however, an indictment of sections of our society where the kinds of activities from Zimmerman and Martin are condoned and even championed."

"And Martin"?!?  What the hell did Martin do?  He was walking with Skittles and tea!

Oh, that's right.  For reasons we did not witness, Martin punched Zimmerman flat at the T intersection, which is why his corpse was over 40 feet away from it.  And it's Martin's fault that Zimmerman's clearly not the one screaming for help on the 911 call.

"Sorry, but racism isn't the cause of the situation, but it certainly had a role in the escalation."

Yep, since the racism is why they didn't arrest Zimmerman in the first place.  

Meanwhile, since the verdict, Zimmerman has been in trouble involving guns twice now.  I'm sure you're proud.

4. They didn't add fangs to the picture!

Lindaman states: "I remember a time when Rolling Stone put out an issue about 9/11 where they had people from all walks of political life commenting on the event.

Now, they have a terror suspect on their cover looking "dreamy"?

What in the red, white, and blue hell were you thinking, Rolling Stone?????"

They put a picture of a terrorist on the cover and right there on the cover they called him a monster. And?

You don't even have to open the damn magazine to see that he is being called a "monster". Not all of us have your short attention span and thin skin.

The picture in question was already reproduced hundreds of times in newspapers around the world.

This is nothing new, you're just trying to find poutrage that isn't there.

 Take a look at this, Lindaman:


People are upset at the idea that a terrorist might look like one of us. People want the media to present the facts in a way that fits the narrative in their heads.  America doesn't like the fact that he looked like an average white boy who wouldn't be out of place in their suburb instead of Osama bin Laden.  Tsarnaev looks like a nice ordinary 19-year old kid your daughter would date or your son would hang out with; he's cute and non-threatening; and that makes people mad.

People want one-dimensional villains, but that's not often the case, so we act like anything associated with them must be just as horrible and ugly. This cover bring that cognitive dissonance to the surface.

Some people think that Rolling Stone is just a celebrity and entertainment magazine that has articles about cute pop stars and cool movie actors.  But those people don't actually read the magazine.  Rolling Stone does investigative journalism too.  This "controversy" is more about ignorance of Rolling Stone's normal content than anything else. Rolling Stone is one of the very few US publishers of journalism that still throws resources into investigative reporting.

It was a good article, and definitely isn't setting him up as a "hero" or whatever some such nonsense the ignorant right-wingers are saying.

Martial Law, Phil Robertson, Teabaggers!

More rightardation!

1. We're mad we have to obey laws!

Lindaman posted this link:


There was a public safety issue and the government is liable. They shut it down to avoid liability. Because without police around to monitor the area, fights could break out. Eventually some asshole will pull a gun and people subsequently die.  Bad things can happen when large groups of people come together.

As for the event itself, you Teabagger fucks tried to take it over, but the vets told you chickenhawks to fuck off:


The monuments is the the most ridiculously transparent photo-op crap you can imagine.

When discussing the fact that while National Guardsmen are being screwed, and actual veterans' benefits are being shutdown, while these idiots are grandstanding about closed memorials, a few Teabaggers have decided the obvious rebuttal is to....post more pictures of the closed memorials.      

It fascinates me how maintaining monuments to dead poor people are so much more important to the Teabaggers than providing access to medical care to living poor people.  The Teabaggers just care about symbols, not actual progress. That requires effort and thinking.

Republicans suddenly care so much about veterans when they can have a photo-op moving barriers at the memorials, but in the past have always screwed veterans on getting medical and mental healthcare, getting benefits when they are crippled in combat, and taking away assistance to help them get an education and a job.

Shutdown means shutdown. If you don't like it, don't vote for right-wing lunatics that do things like this.

2. Fortunately for you, Teabaggers don't research.

Lindaman posted this link:


Then Lindaman writes: "And the TEA Party is supposed to be the bad guys????"

Did you even check what was being said?  Good lord.

Sheila Jackson Lee's "martial law" term is a legislative euphemism for fast-tracking a bill, it's absolutely not martial law in the sense of military rule.  Please do research before dragging links from a Teabagger site.

Stop being racists and seditionists and you'll stop being considered bad guys.  And if you again claim Teabaggers aren't racist, how about checking the comment section in the very Teabagger link you posted.  This one is particularly interesting: "she is about 3 days out of the trees!! bananas, watermelons, and mango's are her diet!!"


3.  Quack!

After "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson made some homophobic and racist comments that caused him to be suspended from A&E, Lindman blamed... the interviewer.  Even though we don't see in the article what was asked of Phil before his responses, if anything.  Nor is the GQ article relevant to other things he has stated.
This is a pretty consistent cycle at this point.

1.  Right-wingers exclude everything but right-wing friends and right-wing media.
2.  Extremists in those right-wing groups become more extreme.
3.  This leads to a right-winger saying something extremely stupid.
4.  Right-wingers are SHOCKED at negativity outside their bubble.
5.  Right-wingers are certain that an elite cabal (media, scientists, etc) is orchestrating the negativity because everyone they know and everything they hear agrees with the stupid statement.
6.  Right-wingers further retreat and add more locks to the echo chamber.

Return to Step 1.

Sorry, bigots should be ostracized and shamed at every opportunity.  If Phil can't figure out to keep his goddamn mouth shut and keep riding the gravy train, it's his own fault.

His comments are more ignorant rather than hateful. However, to deny that the statements are also homophobic and racist is to ignore what he said.  But even if someone's statements are honestly borne of ignorance, it still doesn't make them any less wrong, hurtful, and damaging to society.

Funny how people leave out his equating homosexuality as a social trend that leads to promiscuity and bestiality.

THAT is what people are upset about, not just his vulgar comments about women's vaginas being more attractive than men's buttholes (hey Phil, not all gays have butt sex... and straight men have sex with women's buttholes too... it's very telling you're concentrating on men's buttholes).

I'm sure gays are sick of hearing that they're an abomination. I'm sure they are tired of being compared to child molesters and bestiality freaks. I'm sure they're pretty sick of hearing how they, by the simple act of marrying are going to destroy America forever and ever. So please forgive the rest of us if we don't cry a river for your bleeding ass princess.

His outdated stereotypes about gays - that it's all about lust and butt sex, that it goes hand-in-hand with bestiality, etc. - deserve the outrage that they've caused. I hope that it leads him to actual personal contact with the gay community. Maybe he could meet a gay couple whose relationship is based on love just as much as Phil's own marriage. I doubt it will happen, though. Folks with these views tend to circle the wagons when challenged, rather than engaging more with the world around them.

I like how people are attempting to rationalize that he's not really a bad person for comparing people who have sex with the same gender to people who have sex with animals because he's judging their actions and not who they are.

His comments on blacks were even worse.  Blacks were perfectly happy and not singing the blues before civil rights (such as entitlements and welfare)?  The black people who Phil Robertson knew, would never complain about "white people" to a man like Robertson lest they get killed.

Ignorance is no great sin. But having been presented with a set of facts, Robertson's response is to cite "welfare" and "entitlement" as the true culprits.

Believing that black people were at their best when they were being hunted down for insisting on equality is a consistent line of thinking in this country. This belief shows the inability to cope with an America that is committed to equality. One can clearly see that mentality from  a rejection of the civil-rights movement of our age.  By the way, anyone who lived in Caddo Parish, Louisiana for decades that claims they "didn't see racism" is lying through their teeth.
When Phil gets hauled off to jail for his words we can talk about his first amendment protections.

Then Lindaman posts this picture:

Lindaman and others then ask why there wasn't more outrage from GLAAD over Ahmadinejad than Phil.

Well, for one thing... GLAAD is an American media monitoring organization which promotes the image of LGBT people in the media, so that's irrelevant.

President Ahmadinejad wasn't invited to speak at Columbia because they approve of his politics.  You do  know that, right?

Though to be fair, if Ahmadinejad had a reality tv show, I wouldn't watch it either.

But in all honestly, some right-wingers are putting an national head-of-state on the same level of significance as a duck-call manufacturer? I can't imagine anyone not finding that moronic.

Tired of the pro-gay sentiment?  People are even more are so tired of this pro-homophobic sentiment. They're weary of your self-righteousness, your false persecution, your selfish indignation, your lack of empathy, your religious "freedoms" to hate on others.

Want to know how you make the gays feel? Imagine not being able to say you're a Christian for fear of being kicked out of your family. Or  having to denounce Christ just to keep your job. Would you think then that you were being oppressed? Because that's what real oppression is. Oppression is not someone saying Happy Holidays. Oppression is not someone taking birth control even if you don't approve of it.

Conservatives, not being very bright, seem to honestly believe that if a public figure makes offensive, disparaging comments, and people choose not to support that person financially anymore, that it's some great attack on the right to free speech. As if the rest of us don't have a right to spend our money as we see fit if that means not spending it on people who espouse views we find severely detrimental.

So whenever some right-winger like Robertson makes xenophobic, homophobic and/or racist comments, other right-wingers jump at the opportunity to stoke the unjustifiable sense of persecution they have been taught to feel. It's an extension of the conservative belief that everything wrong in their lives has to be everyone else's fault. It's not that racism went out of style as a common and casual mannerism more than half a century ago, it's that their free speech is under assault every time somebody criticizes their racism. It's not that people have gradually learned that homosexual pose absolutely no threat to society, it's that the homosexuals have taken over and are trying to turn everyone from from their sky fairy. Everything is always everybody else's fault, including this. It's not that Robertson is ignorant and his comments are racist and homophobic, it's that the libs and the gays and the magazine and the media are trying to silence dissent!

You also have to remember the religion aspect. If you claim that you believe what you do in 2013 is okay because of what some bronze age goat herders scrawled onto something two thousand years ago after going crazy due to over-baking in the sun, you apparently get to wear that ignorance as a shield from justifiable criticism. It seems like a lot of people in this country think that you can say whatever dumb and wrong thing you want without criticism as long as you claim you believe it for religious purposes.

I do find it amusing that the new Pope says we need to be more accepting of others who are different and help the poor, and he gets called a "Marxist" by right-wingers.  But if a hick says bigoted comments, right-wingers praise him for his "Christian Values" and try to steer away the blame.

It's not like Phil's statements were over the top with regard to other conservatives. "Gays are a slippery slope to pedophilia and bestiality, and shiftless black people were better off in the fields instead of on welfare." Throw in something about tax cuts and you have the major tenets of the Republican party. The reason there isn't MORE outrage, is because we're just so used to conservatives being horrible, intolerant people who can't understand anything that doesn't exist within their own bubble.

"He said good stuff too" isn't gonna cut it, Sparky.  If you vocally advocate a God that condemns gays to an eternity of torture and torment, then no matter what sort of mealy-mouth ass-covering statement you make afterwards, you still hate gays.

Phil stated he doesn't treat people with disrespect?  Well, then perhaps he should examine his definition of treating somebody with disrespect after he compared homosexuals to drunks, thieves and animal fuckers.  And you guys White Knighting such an ignorant person is very telling.  A wealthy, homophobic, racist who abused his wife for years has become the poster child of the Conservative right yet again? Color me shocked!

If an interviewer asked Phil what his beliefs were about the Bible and homosexuals, and he said "My beliefs are not what's important.  People need to stop twisting the Bible to their own petty prejudices and let God be the judge." then you could defend him.  Instead, he's just doubling down, just like you guys are.

Right-wingers lost a lot of ground over the course of the last five years dealing with the stripping down of their dogwhistle racism, and it's funny to see them swarming around some backwater bigot and playing him off as a victim for his irrational viewpoints.

4. Be tolerant of our intolerance!

Lindaman writes: "So, let me get this straight. A white Congressman uses a burning cross in a fundraising email and isn't called a racist by the Left?

Apparently it's okay to use racist imagery...if you're Democrat Representative Alan Grayson claiming the TEA Party (a group where there are many people of color) is racist.

Sorry, folks, but racism is racism, and the fact some people out there are CHEERING Rep. Grayson's use of a burning cross and agreeing with him is disturbing to me. If you think the TEA Party is racist, fine. But if you're not calling out racism on your side, you're condoning it with your silence.

I reject racism from the Right and the Left because hate isn't helpful, especially now.

I'm Thomas Lindaman, and you're damn right I approve this message."

Moooom, Democrats are hitting back!

Grayson does have the habit of referring to a spade as not 'an instrument for excavation' but as a shovel... and then taking a mighty dig with it.  But there's no need for flyers adding to the confusion as to whether the Tea Party are racists or not, because they totally are. And they also believe in a bunch of other stupid right-wing bullshit to boot that mostly affects or is targeted towards the poor, people of color and/or women.

Sorry if that harshes your mellow, you "Independents™"
The Tea Party recruits war criminals, engages in racist rhetoric, supports xenophobic policies, and as recently as a few weeks ago was holding the operations of government hostage and was attempting to destroy the American economy.

When you act like a bunch of ignorant, shit-kicking rednecks, you might get compared to them at some point.

When you Teabaggers question the President's citizenship for no reason (like you have), or question his religion for no reason, or present him as a monkey or witch doctor, you people reveal your racist leanings.

To be fair, the Republican definition of "not racist" is "not wearing Klan outfits and not lynching people".

So sorry we aren't sympathetic to your pleas, you thin-skinned little flowers.

White Bombers, OWS Photoshops

More right-wing derpitation!

1. Some things are worse than a puppet!

Lindaman posted this picture:

Then Lindaman says: "Just sayin'..."

Too bad he's not grouchy, Lindaman. lol

Here's one for you:

Just sayin'... After all, Bush did blow up frogs with firecrackers as a child.

2. Boston Marathon / Zimmerman... plus a Gosnell bonus!

Lindaman says: "Right now, the Boston Marathon bombing is on people's minds, including people who are hoping, yes HOPING, it's a white guy who did it. REALLY? We have people dying, missing limbs, and in critical condition, and all some people can think is "Hope it's a white guy this time"?

Listen, I get how desperate some people are to point fingers (an odd thing to do considering kids are being suspended for pointing their fingers to look like a gun after Sandy Hook) at whatever group is being hated this week. Then, invariably, the world finds out the person or group responsible...isn't. Remember George Zimmerman being called a white man accused of shooting Trayvon Martin? Yeah. The media got that one wrong. Several times.

The police report said Zimmerman was white.  Funny how you keep ducking that fact.

Hispanic is Zimmerman's ethnicity.  Ethnicity is not a race.  His race is white.

So, as a white man, 

Nooooo, really?  I never would have guessed from your right-wing racists posts over the years, that you were white.

let me say this. I'm not your damn scapegoat for all that's wrong in the world. If your life's messed up, don't blame me. And don't assume that somehow I got breaks nobody else did because of my skin color. I worked for what I have, and I will keep on working until the day I retire or die. (Naturally, I'm hoping for the former.)

Of course, some will jump on this post and accuse me of being a white supremacist assbag. Guess what? I don't care. I stopped seeing skin color a LONG time ago and treat people the way I would want to be treated. You know, like Dr. King wanted us to do?

And yet again, white right-wing assbags speak for Dr. King.

Ever notice that racists always claim they aren't racist? lol

But here's where I draw the line. I will not be made a victim of slander just so some people can justify their own hatred of people like me. If I did something to wrong you, come to me like an adult. If you don't know me, don't accuse me of crap because a white man did something bad.

Sorry, Lindaman.  You assumed Trayvon Martin's parents were going to have "2 for 1 Hoodie Sales" based on nothing.  You were against a community center being built because it was Muslim based.  And you're a birther against a man who has provided more evidence of his birth than any other president in history.

You.  Are.  A.  Racist.

And, much to your dismay I'm sure... it turned out they were right.  The bombers were indeed white.  I guess since you're also white, that now you'll have to sit at the back of buses, right?  And now you can't build a church where you want to, right?  No?  Well then do shut up, you delicate oppressed minority you.

Lindaman also says: "Oh, and by the way, if the Boston Marathon bomber(s) are reading this, know this. It will take a hell of a lot more than bombs to knock America down. Remember the Iraq War? Ask Saddam Hussein how that turned out..."

Ummm... Iraq didn't bomb us.  The excuse of why we went to war with Iraq was because of WMD's... which Iraq didn't have.  So, that war was useless.  And it was an Iraqi translator that found Saddam.  So why are you bringing that up?

Wouldn't 9/11 and Osama Bin Laden make more sense to use as an example?  That was a terrorist attack and American Soldiers stopped him.

Oh, I see... you used Iraq because 9/11 was under Bush's watch, and it was Obama that stopped Osama Bin Laden.

"I'm Thomas Lindaman, and you're damn right I approve this message."

And you're the only one. lol

When you hillbillies stop doing bullshit like this, then you can whine.

Lindaman also posted this:

In response to the fact that the bombers also used guns, Lindaman replied: "And they did so...without being licensed. In other words, they circumvented the system in a state with strict gun laws."

Here we go again with the bizarre right-wing argument that there shouldn't be stricter gun control laws, because the current gun control laws aren't strict enough. lol

Three people died because of the bombs.  How many people do you think would have been killed if both of the men had AR-15s and shot them into the crowds?  No answer?  That's what I thought.

The right-wing argument is that an assault weapons ban won't stop every single instance of gun violence, cure cancer and create a lasting peace in the Middle East. And since it won't, we should do nothing at all instead.

The whole "only criminals will have guns" argument is retarded.  In 2013 alone, the USA has had over TWENTY FOUR school shootings, resulting in seventeen dead and twenty four wounded.  In 2013 in Australia, the UK, Japan, France, Germany, Austria, Italy... all countries with strict gun control laws... the number of school shootings has been: NONE.

Don't speeders see the sign says 25 MPH in that school zone? Yet they still go 35! So why have speed limits in school zones at all?  In fact, all laws and regulations are a waste of time and money as criminals break such laws and regulations.

Lindaman: "When the bombings happened, Wolf Blitzer (CNN) speculated it was white conservatives because the bombing occurred on Tax Day and Patriot Day.  Chris Matthews (MSNBC) made the same insinuation.Good Morning America (ABC) featured a representative of the Southern Poverty Law Center who insinuated the bombing was from a right wing group because of recent history.
Wow. Three out of five..."

The Southern Poverty Law Center said that April is important for people on the extreme right in the United States. And they are correct.  Timothy McVeigh and David Koresh both made their attacks in April.  So?

Chris Matthews' commented that domestic terrorists tend to be on the far right.  That's also correct.  So?

The Blaze had no problems lying about Saudis being involved.  Where's your complaining?

Alex Jones claimed it was a false flag operation, for Christ's sake!  Where's your complaining?

Should we trust "alternative media"?  Remember Salah "Bag Man" Barhoun?  Didn't see you complaining there.  Oh, that's right... because Barhoun wasn't white.

“It is a state holiday in Massachusetts today called Patriots’ Day. And who knows if that had anything at all to do with these explosions.” —Wolf Blitzer, CNN

So how is that blaming the Tea Party?  Speculating that a terrorist would pick a patriotic holiday for an attack would apply to a terrorist whether he was brown or white or black.  So what's your point?

What we have here are Teatards unintentionally revealing their own fearful psychology. Blitzer never said "Tea Party." But that's what the wingnuts heard, most likely because Waco and OKC also happened on Patriots' Day, which has become synonymous with right-wing terrorism here in the U.S. The Teatards know it.

Lindaman:"But once again, the media prefer to paint people like me as potential terrorists while giving real criminals a pass. (Can you say "Dr. Kermit Gosnell"?)"

You mean that "local" news story that the "little" network called ABC reported on?

I heard about Gosnell on NPR before I saw any mention of it on Fox.

The media was a little late to this, but that's because white people didn't care enough to be outraged by the murder of non-white babies, and alert them.

Deregulation always brings out the best in a business!

More Republicans Abortion Policies = More people like Gosnell.

If you want to have more Gosnells rather than fewer, keep trying to repeal Roe v. Wade.

You're not interested in quality of life at any rate. You just don't want to think about a world where babies are not born happy, healthy, and what happens to them AFTER they pop out.

Got it?

But back to the bombers:

I knew the bombers were not Teabaggers, because the bombs actually worked.

I knew the bombers weren't Al Qaeda, because the bombs didn't work well enough.

I, like most people, figured the bombers were white people that were not Al Qaeda, but some independent group that were more sophisticated than Teabagger rednecks.

And we were right.

3. They totally implied it's man-made!

Lindman posted this link:


Then Lindaman says "I'll take "Bizarre Arguments to Stop Global Warming" for $200, Alex..."

Another white male right-winger is now an expert on poor minority problems.

You seem to ignore that climate change does have an effect on the economy.

When you have an economy as well as an ecosystem that are already stretched to their maximum, having rising waters harm that ecosystem are also going to harm that economy. And with a bad economy, there will be more poverty, and poverty does lead to increases in prostitution.

A large reduction in income from might drive some women into prostitution (we know women have gone into prostitution due to poverty); a change in climate will affect agriculture.

Climate change destroys the agricultural base, real poverty rates raise and the crime and prostitution rate along with it.

And in areas where there have been large percentages of minorities forced into prostitution because of dire poverty, it is an issue.

Poverty leads to prostitution. Climate change does and will affect agriculture and thus increases poverty.

The logic is there, it is consistent and the reality that there are other issues contributing to the problem does not negate the changes global warming can bring about in society.

Plus, the resolution says nothing about Global Warming being man-made, nor does it try to stop it.

Lindaman says it's a "bizarre argument", but he's not showing why.  What else is new?

If you want a bizarre argument, how about Conservatives stating that abortion causes climate change?

4. Republicans Hate Babies

Lindaman retweeted this from nutjob Steve Deace:

"Seen on Twitter today: Does everybody remember that Wendy Davis and Barack Obama would've been fine with killing the unborn royal baby as recently as this morning."

When Prince George was born in the UK, the special suite, team of doctors, and private room cost approximately $15,000 dollars.

The average birth in the U.S. is billed at $30,000.

Chew on that, right-wing motherfuckers.

Lindaman then posts this bullshit comic:

President Obama has expressed neither the desire, nor does he possess the power, to ban guns.

97% of Planned Parenthood is family planning which includes education so to help AVOID the prospect of future abortions.

Federal spending towards abortions via Medicaid and elsewhere is expressly forbidden by law and has been for DECADES excepting circumstances involving rape, incest or endangerment to the life of the mother.

Oh, and zygotes aren't babies, you ignorant retards.

Republicans murder ACTUAL children every day, with relish:

1.  It is far more likely that a firearm will be used to kill an innocent child, than to stop an intruder or defend against an attacker.  Guns kill pregnant women, they kill newborns, babies, toddlers, school children, Junior High and High School Children. They kill via suicide, homicide and accidental death. Rarely are guns used to kill the guilty.
2. Your right-wing useless wars murdered millions of INFANTS.
3. Right-wingers fighting against adequate healthcare for women have caused countless miscarriages.
4. Right-wingers fighting against measures to protect women from violence have lead to miscarriages, infant deaths, and the deaths of pregnant women.
5. Right-wingers fighting against regulations in pollution in water, food, and the air have lead to the miscarriages and the deaths of infants.
6. Right-wingers fighting against any and all supplemental nutrition have lead to miscarriages, infant deaths, and stillbirths.
7. Right-wingers fighting against socio-economic factors for women have lead to miscarriages, infant deaths, and stillbirths.

So don't pretend you give a shit about "teh babbies."  You don't.

You right-wingers hate babies so much, you may as well jack off on a baby's face then slowly beat it to death with a brick while laughing about it.

5. The Pressure Cooker "Joke"

Lindaman posted this link:


Then Lindaman says: "See, Piers, there's this little thing in America we call 'sarcasm.' Senator Campfield's joke was a sarcastic jab at what you've advanced on your show after just about every shooting... You're welcome."

What more would one expect from a classy guy like Campfield, who compares being gay to shooting up heroin?


Campfield is also the same douchenozzle that wanted to punish poor school kids by effectively taking food out of their mouths. 

Gun nuts actually take that "we can't have gun control because other things kill people too" argument seriously.  They legitimately believe there is no reason to consider guns any differently from any other object, and there is no reason to even track or acknowledge crimes done with guns.

Why?  Because it's a quick and easy "out" to ignore the conversation. It's an attempt to change the argument, because they're not sure they can "win" the current one. It's a superficial misdirection that will work on those who don't actually think about it.

Using a pressure cooker as a bomb: not used as intended.
Using an assault rifle to kill people: used exactly as intended.

Ironically, pressure cookers have more safety features than guns. lol

If you gun nuts and defenders of said gun nuts were consistent at all, you would say that it is your god-given right to make pressure cooker bombs because they're necessary to defend against a tyrannical government. And, you would be arguing to repeal the laws making the manufacture and possession of IEDs illegal.   After all, "the bomb didn't kill those people, a crazy nutjob did!  Don't blame the innocent bomb!"

Oh, wait... making that argument would make you sound even more crazy.  I guess you gotta draw the line somewhere in order to downplay your fucking insanity.  Good thing your favorite hobby doesn't involve stockpiling pressure cooker bombs, or you'd be going nuts right now.

The fact that nutjobs like Lindaman are defending this "pressure cooker control" nonsense shows what a hive-mind they have become.  They've really surrendered their ability to apply critical thinking to their own paranoid, false notions.  Keep towing the line for your corporate lobbyist NRA overlords, morons.  I just hope you someday wake up and realize that you've been duped into supporting a hugely profitable political/industrial machine that has gotten so good, that it has actually convinced its very VERY gullible members to buy huge amounts of guns, ammo, and accessories in response to the brutal SHOOTING  of elementary school CHILDREN. 

Stay classy, Republicans.  And stay classy, Independents (tm) that pretend to not be Republicans, that defend Republicans like that.  

Go on, keep saying that regulating guns in response to gun violence is the exact same thing as regulating pressure cookers in response to the Boston bombings.  Run with that. Always say that, Republicans. People will respect you.  Seriously, keep repeating it.  Guns are less dangerous than pressure cookers.  Keep saying it.  Please.

6. Oh no!  They can send mail!


Lindaman: "If this is some overblown piece designed to make Democrats look bad, I reject it without reservation. If it's true, however, people on both sides of the political spectrum need to be speaking out against it."

They set up a site to make it easy to send thanks to the First Responders, and this is bad?  Sheesh.

Ed Schultz criticized Teabaggers because they were POSTING HOME ADDRESSES and you acted like Ed Schultz was the bad guy!

So please don't pretend you're being unbiased.  You're not.

7. Yep, they should let them!

Lindaman posted this picture:

When the USA cares about its own citizens the way England and Canada does, that's when the USA doesn't have to listen to their facts.



But please, keep plugging up your ears. That's the right-wing solution to most problems, after all.

8. The OWS flailing from the right continues!

Lindaman posted this link:


And Lindaman says: "Remember when the media called Occupy/Astroturf Wall Street "terrorists" for wanting to change the government? Neither do I."

Here's an example found after an entire three seconds of research:

Bill O’Reilly: “But what I’m trying to say is not just about me, this Occupy Wall Street movement is now very coordinated and they are terrorists. They are trying to create trouble, that’s what terrorists do.”

You see, Lindman, unlike the Teabaggers, OWS aren't seditionists, since they never wanted to "overthrow the government".  That's something you guys love to brag about doing (but will never follow through).  Right-wingers tried to shut down the entire government to prevent it from paying debt, so that's sedition.  Teabaggers want the Civil War to come back, and it was sedition then and now.

Then Lindman ignorantly posted this fake picture:

"Frank O'Rourke: The photo labeled "Occupy Rally" isn't even in the USA."

"Thomas Lindaman: I thought Astroturf...I mean "Occupy" Wall Street was global..."

Notice how Lindaman ducked Frank's point, that the photo WAS NOT Occupy Wall Street.

Still bitter because the Teabaggers are laughed at by THE ENTIRE PLANET and can't expand?

As for the actual protests from Occupy Wall Street, there's been far worse disruption at sporting events and Black Friday events, for Christ's sake!

OMG Look at all these white terrorists!




Lindaman's just mad because the Teabaggers have been overwhelming proven beyond ALL doubt that they were astroturfed due to Freedomworks/Dick Armey, while Lindaman's desperate attempts to paint OWS as astroturfed by Soros through the Tides Foundation failed miserably on every single level. lol

OWS has paid off over $15 million in other people's medical debt.  This is recent.  You Teabaggers, on the other hand, are nothing but selfish gutless assholes.

When an Occupier flies a plane into an IRS tax office and others like him cheer him as a hero, then you can feebly attempt to paint OWS as worse than you people.  Got it?

So again, get back to us when you actually know what you're talking about.

Gore, Tours, Chavez!

More right-wing derrrrp!

1. Maxine Waters

Lindaman posted this picture:

Then Lindaman says "What. The.  HELL?"

Um... Lindaman... She corrected herself in the very same presser...and had already used the corrected figure in an earlier tweet.
It's funny the way Lindaman shows up like clockwork when a Democrat may have simply misspoke, but are utterly absent when retarded right-wing heroes talk about legitimate rape, say that domestic violence isn't that bad and that some people like living in abusive relationships, vote against the VAWA because it might help teh gheys, lie about being threatened by the White House, make blatantly racist statements from the Supreme Court bench, hold the U.S. economy hostage unless Obama agrees to fuck the poor and give tax cuts to the rich, or just in general sound like fucking misogynist, racist assholes as a whole.

2. Sequestration

Right-wingers posted this picture:

Obama told the truth.  It would have affected 100,000 kids due to Head Start and subsidy programs being hit due to the sequester.

The two quotes do not contradict each other.  Try again.

I also love the "it was Obama's idea for the sequester" argument.  The sequester idea was born due to GOP unwillingness to compromise on a debt deal two years ago, gambling that they would be in control of the Senate, House and Presidency by the end of 2012.  They failed miserably at two of those things and they held onto the third due to gerrymandering.  At the rate they're going, 2014 is going to be another wake-up call for the GOP considering they apparently hit the Snooze Button after the 2012 wake-up call.  Idiots.

Well, right-wing assholes, you had years to decide where to cut. Instead you went with the gutless option and let someone else decide where to cut. Now you're bitching because you didnt want to do your job?

Regardless of the "it was Oblahma's idea" spin, the GOP own this mess.

3. Al-Jazeera (Again)

Lindaman posted this picture:

Then Lindaman says:

"1) It's what Gore is known for more than anything else. 2) Al Jazeera is a mouthpiece for the same Muslim extremists who want us dead (as evidenced by those who watch the real Al Jazeera and not the cleaned-up-for-Western-Culture version and can translate). 3) Define what a "fair share" is. Currently, the top 20% pay around 90% of the federal tax burden while the lower 50% pay...next to nothing.

And while we're here, has Gore paid his "fair share"? Let's look at 10 years of Gore's taxes, just as the Left demanded we see 10 years of Romney's. Let's see who's been paying.

Read the comments from the NY Times readers. A lot of them are bending over backwards (and using very similar wording, I might add) to defend Al Jazeera.


1) The fact he sold it to oil-backed interests, for one. The fact he wanted to ban the internal combustion engine, for another. 

Gore never called for "banning" the internal combustion engine, he simply said that it was logically possible for the internal combustion engine to be phased out and replaced with more advanced technology in decades to come, and it would be a good idea to work to do so.

Only a idiot would disagree with that.  Or do you really think we'll have to use internal combustion engines forever?

Even the CEO of GM, John Smith, said:  "No car company will be able to thrive in the 21st century if it relies solely on internal combustion engines." (New York Times, January 5 1998)

Even the CEO's of car companies aren't as retarded as you guys.

2) My description of Al-Jazeera is accurate. I have seen translations of some of their "newscasts" and it's VERY anti-Israel and anti-American. 3) Let's see Gore's tax records, then."

Your description of Al-Jazeera is as inaccurate as your bullshit lying about Al Gore.

When he ran for President, Al Gore released his tax returns all the way back to 1992.

Al-Jazeera is anti-Israel?  Al-Jazeera wants us dead?  Lindaman backs this up with NOTHING.  He just does what he always does... repeat "I'm right" over and over like the liar he is.

Oil-backed interests?  Qatar is a regional leader in renewable energy. The solar installations being built will run 80% of their desalination plants.  But by all means, if there's evidence of a pro-petroleum agenda being pushed by Al-Jazeera, it should be simple to find. Right? After all, it's easy to prove FOX News has a pro-oil agenda. lol

President Bush, Secretary Rumsfeld and Secretary Powell have all been interviewed for Al-Jazeera multiple times. Official U.S. sources get plenty of attention.

Yeah, I'm getting real tired of people causing the deaths of Americans in the middle east.   They still haven't captured the guy responsible for the causing the most deaths to Americans there.  One of  these days they will find George W. Bush and bring him to justice.

4. White House Tours OH NOES!

Lindaman posts this link:


Lindaman says: "Of course, the White House tours are run by...volunteers, so the sequester isn't to blame for this."

Ugh.  Lindaman, it's not about the tour guides. It's because of security.

The reason the tours were canceled was because it kept the Secret Service from having to furlough more employees during sequestration than they would have otherwise been required to.

It was because of the sequester.  Deal. 

Lindaman, trying to cover up his screw-up, then later drags in this right-wing post:


Then Lindaman says "Really?"

Yes, REALLY, Lindaman.

That article, written by right-wing lunkhead Graham, quoted ABC arriving at an $18,000 figure.  But what he "forgot" to mention, is that this figure was based on 30 officers for 20 hours a week at $30 an hour. The Secret Service quoted 37 officers for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week at $50 an hour. 

Sorry, it's still a fact.

5. Obama totally lied when he told the truth!

Lindaman implies Obama lied in his statement that janitors would get their pay cut due to the sequester.

Sorry, overtime pay was cut.  Most of those janitors depend on that overtime pay for their income.

They got a pay cut.  Thanks, Republicans!  You screwed the workers yet again!

6. Obama Vacation

Lindaman posts this link:


Bush flew himself and everyone in his administration out to Texas nearly ten times a year, and a total of seventy-seven times in his eight years in office.  Obama takes 80% less vacations than Bush ever did!

7. C-Span Twits

Lindaman says he sees twits on C-Span. 

And there are!  Here's one now, one Lindaman can relate to:


8. Union Thugs!!!

Lindaman posts this link:  


Then Lindaman says "Regardless of how you feel about unions, this is NOT cool."

Agreed!  Too bad the person that did that was not the union. lol

9. Bloomberg is totally not one of us though!

Lindaman posted this picture:

Um... Bloomberg is not a Democrat.

Next!  lol

10. Chavez vs. "War Hero"

Lindaman posted this desperate photo:

Chris Kyle? The guy that made some bizarre claims about killing Muslims for Jesus, and made some really creepy comments about how he enjoyed killing people over there?  And how god guided his bullets and how it was god's will when people died as a result of those bullets?

Ah, well.  At least he disproved the right-wing claim that you never see killings at gun ranges because they're so well armed.

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun... except when they don't.  We need more guns in the gun ranges so this kind of thing can never happen again!

Is the President supposed to mention every veteran death, even ones (like Kyle) who didn't die in active duty?  Was Kyle different from these people to you guys because... of a high kill count?  Or was it simply because he was more well-known because he wrote a self-aggrandizing book about himself being a hero, which SEALs frown upon?  Was it because he died as a result of taking a Marine with PTSD to a GUN RANGE?

The mentally unstable soldier that killed Kyle, should the President go to his funeral and call him a war hero too?

As far as Chavez:  Well, it's not smart for a President to be dancing on the grave of Chavez when his charity has been directly involved in the United States.

Also, Chavez wasn't a "dictator" as the redneck photo claims.  He was elected, by a huge majority, by the working class.  Chavez won four consecutive free elections. But then, right-wingers are ignorant and think anyone in a position of authority, that isn't American, is a "dictator."  If he was so bad, the people would have kicked him out long ago.

Not to mention, our current government does not want to continue the idiotic feud that escalated between Hugo and Dubya. In my opinion, it was one of the silliest feuds ever. Hugo was still quite popular with many people, so it would not be very diplomatic for our leaders to speak badly of him, even if what they said was true.

Chavez pissed off the right wing oil tycoons in this country, and that makes me chuckle. 

Right-wingers hated Chavez because he didn't conveniently die when they decided Salas Römer should be Venezuela's leader, and because the people elected him on a platform of running his country's economy on a moderately different system than the system the USA has chosen to use, and he didn't completely fail at it.  It really hurt right-wingers' asses that Chavez was popular in his country. Right-wingers just can't quite understand how that is possible. 

Chavez was anti-imperialism and anti-war, and he more than doubled Venezuela's literacy rate, slashed the number of people going hungry by more than 90%, and made basic healthcare available to many people in a country who had previously only dreamed of meeting a real doctor. However, it is true his economic measures led to a lack of investment in critical infrastructure, and frequenlty antagonized countries and companies that could have been beneficial to his attempts at helping people. He was a mixed bag at best, but to pretend that he didn't help Venezuela's underclass would be a gross mischaracterization of his record.

If Chris Kyle was running for President under the Democratic ticket, you would be happily trashing him with purple heart bandages and lying about his war record.  So do please shut your fat cakehole, okay?

Chavez wasn't the greatest guy in the world, but he (and Venezuela) did give over 200 million gallons of home heating oil to the US poor through Citizens Energy, which means Chavez did more for the poor of the United States than the GOP has ever done.

11. They were totally threats even though they weren't!

Lindaman posted this link:


The Blaze added a "correction" from the Sheriff, stating that Democrats weren't threatening anyone.  He just pulled that comment out of his ass.  So nice try.

12. Nope, he's not a hypocrite.

Lindaman posted this link and picture:

Mark Kelly, husband to Gabrielle Giffords purchases an AR-15 and a handgun after denouncing gun ownership. Days after, when questioned about the purchase he claims he bought it to prove a point and will turn it into the police. Gun control crusader or hypocrite caught red-handed? You be the judge.


Mark Kelly was proving how easy it is to buy a gun even with background checks, the point is that right-wingers need to stop whining about said background checks.  We know you guys jack off to Giffords being shot and cheer for Loughner, though.

13. Again, not a hypocrite.

Lindaman posted this link:


Then Lindaman says "So... hypocrite much?"

Nope, not a hypocrite!  Shooting watermelons doesn't equate to putting assault weapons in criminals' hands, sorry.  In fact, it makes him more credible, since you idiots can't say he's never fired a gun! That's why he and every other sane person on planet Earth laughed their asses off when you tried to paint him as a hypocrite. lol

14.  The "rap sheet."

Lindaman posted this link:


Nice try, Lindaman:


15. Those donations don't count!

Lindaman says: "So, Obama gives up 5% of his salary to help with the sequester?

I'd say...he's a piker.


"...My question is why Obama a) waited so long, and b) gave so little."

I didn't see you bitching about Bush not giving his Presidential salary back when he fucked up the economy, and unlike Obama, Bush was directly responsible.

The only two presidents that gave up their entire salaries were Kennedy and Hoover.  Does Obama have a billion dollars like Kennedy?  Or $75 million like Hoover?  Hoover and Kennedy were super fucking rich compared to Obama, and you know that.  You're just doing your usual trolling.

Obama donated his entire $1.4 million peace prize money to charities.  Obama and his wife Michelle paid nearly $1.8 million in federal taxes on adjusted gross income of over $5.5 million in 2009, and gave $329,100 to charity.  Obama and wife Michelle also gave more to charity than they paid in federal taxes in the 2011 tax year.. of $789,674 the Obamas paid just over $162,000, a tax rate of 20.5%. They gave $172,130 to various charities, including the Fisher House Foundation, which provides support to military families. That's 42% of their income. Obama gives after-tax proceeds from his children's book to a scholarship fund for children of slain and disabled soldiers.  So he didn't "wait so long" and "give so little."

How many Democrat presidents donated large chunks of their money (or time) to charities in the past 50 years?  ALL OF THEM.  And not just tithes to churches.

More info:



So do please shut the fuck up, unless you build houses for the poor, or organize communities, or donate the equivalent of your salary.  And I'm not talking about that dollar you plunk in the church collection plate.

Global Warming, Rubio, Parodies!

And awayyy we go!

1. Offshore Accounts

Lindaman posts this link:


Then Lindaman says: "Okay, so it's bad for Mitt Romney to have offshore accounts, but..."

Jack Lew always reported everything.  Romney did not. 

"Jack Lew paid all of his taxes and reported all of the income, gains and losses from the investment on his tax returns,” said Eric Schultz, a White House spokesman. “The existence of Mr. Lew’s investment is not news to the Senate. Mr. Lew disclosed the investment in his prior confirmations, before three separate committees. There are no new facts that provide a basis for senators to reach a different conclusion about Mr. Lew’s nomination than they reached twice before in this administration.”

Mr. Lew did not create, manage or operate the fund, officials said. Republican aides did not suggest any illegality or tax cheating with the disclosure.

Romney, on the other hand, failed to include more than 20 investment holdings on his federal financial disclosure reports. Of those, at least seven were in foreign countries.  The only reason the public knows about these things now, is that Romney, under duress, finally released his 2010 tax returns, which showed the existence of dozens of investments, many of which were never included on his state or federal disclosure forms.

THAT is the difference, Lindaman.  Transparency.  You know, the thing you keep squawking for?

2. Weather Is Climate!

Lindaman posts this picture:

Lindman also said a few weeks later: "First day of Spring...and we had light flurries this morning. DAMN this global warming!"

Yet again, right-wingers prove their ignorance.  They still don't know the difference between weather and climate. lol

Here's some more global warming stupidity from Lindaman (he never learns):

Lindaman said: "Out and out flaws... Like the whole carbon dioxide/global temperature 'connection' pushed as conclusive proof...only the temperatures rose BEFORE the carbon dioxide concentration rose."

Those early temperature changes were because of changes in the Earth’s orbit around the sun, which affects the amount of seasonal sunlight reaching the Earth’s surface. Sheesh!

So much for your "decades of research."

3. Piers Or Something!

Lindaman posts this picture:

Then Lindaman says: "And Piers is supposed to be SMARTER than we are?"

Funny, can't find that quote anywhere.  Except on an anti-Piers Facebook account.  How convenient.

But hey, here's a real quote!

Hmm. Hey, Lindaman... didn't you say that someone that claims a person can "self-deport" isn't worth listening to?  Why yes, yes you did!

The person you quoted (Piers Morgan), was saying it as a joke.  Romney wasn't saying it as a joke.  So why did you still endorse Romney instead of crucifying him?

Oh, that's right... because you're a desperate Republican.

4. At least it wasn't a politician!

Lindaman posts this link:


Then Lindaman says:

"Two days in a row, Leftists get outwitted by a PARODY WEBSITE that clearly states what it is! And they're supposed to be smarter than we are?"

Then Lindaman posts this link:


Then Lindaman says: "And here's the story of another Leftist fooled by the same PARODY WEBSITE..."

How about a Republican Congressman getting fooled by a parody website?


How about a Republican Senate Minority Leader getting fooled by a parody website?


How about right-wing news website Breitbart.com getting fooled by a parody website?


How about Fox News getting fooled by a parody website?


Get back to us when the same happens on the other side. lol

And yes, liberals are smarter.  And yes, right-wingers are idiots.

But hey, that's really no surprise, since you yourself have been constantly fooled by right-wing sources for ages, Mr. "Scientists Are All In On A Big Conspiracy."

5. Dorner

Lindaman posts this link:


Then Lindaman says: "Really?"

Yes, Lindaman.  Really.  Did you not read the other posts of those people?  A lot of them are also RIGHT-WINGERS.

Then Lindaman posts this link:


Then Lindaman says:

"Okay. Would a hero (as some people on the Left have tried to paint Dorner) do this?"

Uh, Lindaman... you just rewrote history.  Right-wingers are also painting Dorner as a hero.

But that's typical of Lindaman.  He's hoping people won't read.

Then Lindaman posts this link:


Then Lindaman says: "CNN...REALLY?"

Funny how the right-wing and totally non-racist Zombie Breitbart left out this quote from Hill in the same interview said about Dorner: "What he did was awful, killing innocent people. It was bad."

They were talking about the "social media weirdness" (direct quote from that interview) from people stating things like that.

Funny how right-wingers didn't say a word about this comment a right-winger made to Hill himself:

Next time, try actually viewing the clips? kthnxbye

Then Lindaman posts this link:


Then Lindaman states:

"Actually ROOTING for the killing of police officers? REALLY?

With the recent history of the LAPD, I guess I shouldn't be shocked at the responses, but the past is the past. Let's deal with the present! If the LAPD is guilty of the things Dorner claims in his "manifesto," punish them. But their misdeeds don't justify Dorner's actions by any stretch of the imagination.

Police officers are people, too. They have families, friends, co-workers, people whose lives would be emptier without them. For all the crap they put up with (like the asshats rooting for Dorner to kill more law enforcement officers), they deserve at least basic human respect."

Dorner didn't vote for Obama but instead supported Huntsman, counted Bush as one of his favorite presidents, also supported Christie and said he was inspired by Colin Powell to pursue a career in the military.

People hate the LAPD and saw Dorner as an antihero delivering overdue comeuppance.  Some saw him as a Robin Hood like figure ready to take all of their grievances and stick it to the man. What he actually believed (pro authority, pro government, pro gun control) and what he did (murder innocent people, hijacking, taking hostages) is overshadowed by the fact he was attacking a symbol of oppression.

The sad fact is that we created this breed of law enforcement. We voted for it, we funded it, we authorized it and we failed to put proper checks and balances in place to control it. This abuse machine keeps growing and hires thousands of people like Dorner to put a boot on the necks of otherwise good citizens, but we continually fail to kick the bastards out.

So now people think we need someone to save us from our own monstrous pet.  Dorner fit the bill for some. A boogieman that makes cops run scared.  For others, he'll just be a justification for the cops needing grenade launchers and armed aircraft.

The people of LA should deal with the LAPD themselves though legal channels. That department needs a complete teardown.  But the public is too lazy to do it their own damn selves, so they cheered on someone they thought was helping the cause.

Of course that solved nothing. Dorner was out there for petty personal reasons and the cops were fine with blowing holes in innocent people to get at him.  Now the only things left are dead bodies, damaged property, and a bunch of questionable decisions that won't be justified to anyone's satisfaction.

Right-wingers are happy so long as the cops confine the majority of their thuggery to certain accepted targets: homeless people, 'criminal types', and minorities.

That's the crux of it, isn't it? The gun-fetishists talk about how they're going to use their guns to stop government from getting out of control... but then when it does, they sit on the sidelines masturbating instead.

6. Spending Problem?

Lindaman posts this link:


Then Lindaman says: "First off, it IS a spending problem, no matter how you try to phrase it. Second, a "paying for problem"? Is that seriously the best phrasing you could come up with to avoid the issue?

No wonder we have the problems we do."

Obama is the smallest government spender since Eisenhower. Get over it.


7. Slavery's illegal, so STFU blacks!

Lindaman states:

"Look. I get the meme about how long it took for Mississippi to ratify the 13th Amendment. Cute. Of course, the point would be better made if Mississippi had had a slavery problem in the nearly 150 years after it was ratified...oh, wait. It DIDN'T.

Now, can we go back to more substantive subjects, like whether Marco Rubio drinking water on TV disqualifies him from the Senate?"

You can clam up about "substantive subjects" when you stop posting made-up bullshit like this poster, you  hypocrite.

We'll get to Lindaman's complaining about Rubio backlash in a second. lol

Now, about Mississippi: 

How about the fact that some people in Mississippi abstained from voting on the anti-slavery bill in 1995?  I bet you'll keep silent on that!

The reason they didn't ratify it before 1995 is because the racist right-wing fuckheads those guys like to elect would have voted it down before that. The reason it took an additional 18 years and a Steven Spielberg movie before they made it official is because of the fact that the average Mississippian can't read that well. Mississippi is "slow" in every sense of the word.

Ah, Mississippi.  A shining beacon of enlightenment and not at all a backwards, awful place largely composed of trailer parks and meth addicts. 

There's a reason people in other backwater states say "Well, at least we aren't Mississippi!"

STDs: http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/_static/14,0,150.html

Obesity: http://articles.cnn.com/2009-07-01/health/obesity.rankings_1_percentage-of-obese-adults-obesity-rate-mississippi?_s=PM:HEALTH

Poverty: http://www.census.gov/compendia/statab/2011/ranks/rank34.html

Income: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._states_by_income

Education: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/07/11/state-education-rankings-_n_894528.html 

Defending the hick states and the not-so-subtle way right-wingers wave away slavery as no big deal is very telling.  "There's no slavery there now, so there's no racism anywhere, so you black guys should vote Republican!" Riggghht. 

Naturally you'd defend Mississippi, since they do things like this:


Mississippi is a stupid and backward state, like most red states.  Things like this delay in ratification just make people laugh.  The reason you right-wingers take the laughing seriously, is because it really stings you when the general public are reminded that you guys are represented by them.

8. Rubio Butthurt

Lindaman bawled his eyeballs out at all the people that laughed at Senator Marco Rubio because he gulped down water during his speech.

Lindaman even tried to make ridiculous comparisons along the lines of "Bill Clinton!  Maxine Waters! Rangel!  Why are you saying Rubio ended his career by drinking water on TV?"

This is why you can never be taken seriously, Lindaman.  You REALLY had to reach for that one.

Bill Clinton: Was not convicted of the impeachment dog-and-pony show, and was not disbarred.  The Republicans pissed away millions of taxpayer dollars trying to get rid of Clinton, but (as usual) couldn't get the job done... and it was all over something that should have been between him and his wife, not the justice department.

Maxine Waters: Was not charged of ethics violations, since she had nothing to do with the government's eventual decision to give OneUnited a $12 million bailout, and U.S. officials involved in the decision backed her up on that point. Ethics committee members ultimately agreed.

And you're just mad at Rangel because he was so rightfully critical of Bush's response to Katrina. lol

You right-wingers gleefully jacked off to THOUSANDS of soldiers deaths by having a war in the wrong place, but that was okay because Obama used fancy mustard.  Remember?

Are you right-wingers bitter because suddenly the right-wing crowd wants a nuanced discussion about the merits of a speech?  You know, the same crowd that felt that since Obama sometimes used a TelePrompter (like EVERY modern president) that meant he had to resign from office?

Obama was clearly enjoying the hell outta his own speech the same night Rubio did his.  Rubio was sweating bullets and looked uncomfortable, nervous and shaky.  Given that TV is a visual media, how you look and what you project through the medium is almost as important as what you say.  In that respect, Rubio did very badly indeed.  And when you add in the fact that the speech that wasn't very coherent... and it adds up to a total loss.

Actually, I think that awkward groping for the water was the only genuine, human thing found in the whole bumbling speech. 

After all, his mouth was pretty dry. lol:

The speech itself was what was worse. Absolutely nothing but awkward, stilted gestures and canned talking points.

All Rubio had to do was show up and give a somewhat coherent speech.  Instead, he wandered around with incoherent talking points and looked like he had a panic attack in the middle of his rambling incoherent word salad brain stroke of a speech.

We got an hour and a half of the President reaching out again, and showing how much he will do. And the Republicans yet again revealing they're just living in their own world.  Nothing in Rubio's 'rebuttal' had any impact outside of chugging water.
Right-wingers heads are exploding because Rubio gave his speech in English and Spanish. Of course what doesn't make their racist asses outraged these days?

His rebuttal was amateur hour; from the well-worn GOP talking points to the lame ass personal story to the cliches.

He was sweating like a high school kid giving a book report. He didn't prepare, and the awkward sip of water was pretty much just icing on the loser cake.

When Rubio went on The Daily Show and made a complete fool of himself, in spite of a more than fair hearing from Stewart, it was clear this guy is incapable of actually being the great hope for the GOP.

Sorry guys, try again.
I'm quite happy we're all making fun of Rubio, because it means Rand Paul and the Tea Party are fucking done. Not a word about those assclowns from that night. Sen. Paul could've come out in a Barney suit and done a hooker with a strap-on, and nobody would've cared.

But it's still very clear that Rubio ABSOLUTELY BLEW IT.

That's not even including the real reasons Rubio isn't worthy of being a grocery store manager, much less a Senator:

 Marco Rubio Calls For Non-Existent IRS Commissioner To Resign

This is the new GOP hotshot? Heh, okay.  Good luck with that.

Though it is funny he had no problems accepting a $10,000 subsidy from Obamacare. Bwahaha!!

But hey, maybe you posting more False Equivalence pictures can change your right-wing fantasies into reality!

9. It doesn't always work so it's wrong!

Lindaman posts this link:


Then Lindaman states:


Some semi-automatic weapons can indeed take out a plane or train, such as the Barrett M82:


It's very unlikely to work on a commercial jet, and it's not financially feasible for our military to try it on an enemy, but it can indeed happen.  Even gun experts (sheepishly) admit that.

It's not a convincing argument for gun control.  But this does show that Jackson knows better than you Facebookers.  lol

11. Real Math is Fuzzy!

Lindaman posts this photo:

Then Lindaman states: "Fuzzy math, Washington style..."

And here we have proof that Lindaman doesn't know what he's talking about and should never be taken seriously.

It's the deficit he cut by (over) $2 trillion.  Not the debt, the deficit.

And before you lie again: No, Obama never said he cut the "debt" by $2 trillion.  That implied Obama quote was pure fiction.

Again, Obama cut the deficit.

Understand now?  Do you?

As for the actual debt: The national debt came up to $17 trillion because the two illegal Bush wars were finally added on the books, instead of, ya know, not funding them properly.

How can anyone take a right-winger seriously when they don't understand the difference between the debt and the deficit?