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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bullshit Colored Glasses

Thomas Lindaman writes:




Barack Obama – Although he pretty much has the Democrat nomination in the bag, Obama had a video conference with Iowa Democrats at caucus sites. Judging from the news coverage of the event, the conference was rife with technical difficulties, sparse turnout, and a lack of excitement. Just like the Obama Administration!

More than 25,000 Iowans caucused for Obama, even though he had no competitor. You'd be hard pressed to find another politician that could get 25,000 people to watch a webcast, spunky.

25,000 people spent a few hours on a non binding vote for someone running unopposed and wasn't even there.

In contrast, Mitt Romney received 30,000 votes after spending several million dollars and many weeks in the state.

In 2008: 239,000 people turned out for the Democratic Caucus.

In 2012: 123,000 people came to caucus for the GOP.

But yeah, Obama's worried. Uh huh. lol

Astroturf the Caucuses – For all the talk of the Astroturf Wall Street movement crashing the Republican caucuses, there really wasn’t much action on their part. Maybe their activities were more bravado than anything else, but there is another possibility: they’re not the media darlings they were a few months ago. In either case, they look foolish for suggesting they would try to pull something at the caucuses, not following through, or following through and being utterly inept at making the news.

And again, Lindaman pretends the media blackout didn't happen.

Still waiting for you to back up your assertion that OWS is "astroturfed." But that won't happen, because Lindaman's a gutless, spineless liar.

The media – In the past, reporters have done their best to explore the state to find the pulse of the people. This year, there were more reporters knocking Iowa as “too white” or “insignificant” than in previous years. Whether it’s because the media have dropped their pretense of civility or they are repeating the Leftist meme about “flyover country” the media have shown their bitter side. That doesn’t bode well for them, as Iowans are seen as some of the nicest people in the country. That’s like mocking Mother Teresa.

You're from Iowa, and you're a prick.

Too Close to Call

The Democratic Party – Normally, I’d throw this group into the Losers category, but something happened that made me think there might be hope for them yet. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz appeared in Iowa and said during a television interview she wasn’t sure if she would have time to meet with the members of the Astroturf Iowa movement.

Still waiting for proof that OWS is astroturfed, coward.

Although some consider this to be a snub (and I’m not saying it’s not), I see it as a parting of the ways between the Astroturf Wall Street movement

Still waiting, coward.

and the major political party that has given them visibility and credibility. It’s going to be interesting to see how that dynamic plays out, but for now, I’m going to be optimistic for the Democrats for a change.

You're just bitter because if you tried to pull this bullshit at a OWS protest, you'd be bawling five seconds later from humiliation of being easily called out. Since this is an actual protest. And not a Teabagger rally that's all talk and no action. lol

Wait until these senile Teabaggers find out that eliminating government sponsored health care takes Medicare off the table.

These people are clueless. They are perfect examples of what Conservatives have become - clueless and pointless.

DeMint's comments (leader of the Tea Party) that the rich should be protected and shouldn't have to sacrifice... that's what you guys stand for. You're fucking retarded.


Without the Koch Brothers' money, the Tea Party is DEAD. As dead as Breitbart.

But you would know a lot about not being a media darling. Long after your post:

...It's just too easy. lol

Monday, January 2, 2012

Rightard Coward Watch: Year 8

NOTE: Updated with new information!

Thomas Lindaman writes:

Here are the 2011 Awards, representing the very best and worst of the year. Enjoy!


Democrat to Forget: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. From vapid Congresswoman who says the most stupid and unbelievable things to garner attention to…vapid DNC Chair who says the most stupid and unbelievable things to garner attention. Wasserman-Schultz makes Howard Dean’s leadership look credible.

He backs this up with nothing, of course.


Underreported Story: “Climategate.” What started out with an email stating “hide the decline” has become a major story. Now, the only decline being hidden is the decline in credibility of those who said global warming was “settled science.”

For the millionth time, Lindaman: What does "Hide the decline" mean? Answer the goddamn question, you gutless pig.

The only thing under-reported is that it was proven that there was no Climategate and they were cleared.

Oh, and they aren't reporting enough on the people who actually have been proven to be lying and conspiring.

Overreported Story: Astroturf Wall Street. Remember how the media fawned over the TEA Party? Neither do I.


To make up for them missing the boat with the TEA Party, they’ve given us wall-to-wall coverage of Astroturf Wall Street (well, except for the violence, drug dealing, prostitution, and anything else negative).

Keep pretending the media blackout didn't happen, sparky.

I’m sure they’ll get around to cover the TEA Party rallies…eventually, but gosh darn it, they’re just too darn busy whitewashing Astroturf Wall Street to bother with equal coverage.

How about covering Teabaggers supporting black slavery?

Or bringing up the fact that Occupy protesters are more likely to have jobs than Teabaggers?

The Tea Party is being pushed back to the fringe to help the Republicans win in 2012. Most of their power was due to Fox News organizing their rallies and giving them round-the-clock positive media coverage. Since the 2010 election, Glenn Beck has been fired and Ailes has made a point for Fox to appear slightly to the left of all the extreme stuff they've been doing since Obama took office. The Tea Party is not a good strategy for a large general election.

As long as the establishment can keep a popular third party contender like Ron Paul from running, they'll be fine. The Tea Party never really cared about lower taxes or smaller government anyways, they just hate Obama, as everyone already knew.

The Tea Party was a wholly owned subsidiary of FreedomWorks, Inc., sponsored by FOX News Channel, but now all the FNC personalities have been ordered by Ailes to push how great Romney is.

You dumb fucks got played like a garage sale banjo.

Christine "not a witch" O'Donnell
Joe Miller
Sharron Angle
Carly Fiorina

The Teabaggers were dead in 2010.

OWS put a Democrat in the Senate for Delaware.

Sorry, no. Occupy is still here, and growing nationally and internationally. OWS is likely to be quite a bit bigger this year than last.

Read today's stories about Romney getting asked about income inequality. Look at the attacks on his history at Bain. There is no way Gingrich/Perry would have went after Romney on this if it wasn't for the OWS movement.

Now go back to huddling in your corner, twitching, and claiming the movement is "dead". And continue to try your "astroturf" soundbite, while being completely powerless to back it up with anything, since it's a proven lie. You lose, as usual.

Unreported Story: The extremism of the “Arab Spring.” For all of the media coverage of the “Arab Spring,” you would think there would be some coverage of just who the protesters were. Except this is the mainstream media we’re talking about here. You know, the same media who vetted Sarah Palin’s daughter’s boyfriend’s mother’s dog groomer’s ex-husband’s mailman’s second cousin, but couldn’t be bothered to look at any direct ties between Barack Obama and Bill Ayers? Anyway, although Time made the protester their People of the Year, the fact is the Arab Spring protesters are more violent, more radical, and more dangerous than we’ve been lead to believe. No matter how many times the media told us “they’re just longing for freedom” the Arab Spring protestors want nothing of the sort. And our media sold us out by not doing even basic reporting on that fact.

First, you haven't proven a thing you've said.

And as far as Bill Ayers: Let it go, Lindaman. Take off the tinfoil hat. You see conspiracies everywhere, as you're a birther and a proven anti-science nutcase. You blatantly rub up against people who are proud of, and brag about, hating people based on the color of their skin. Are you going to put "I, Thomas Lindaman, am a racist" on your headline now?

Man of the Year: Glenn Beck. When you consider the amount of energy the Left has put into destroying Beck and the number of times Beck has emerged victorious this year, it’s clear he has more influence than his detractors think or claim he does.

Glenn who?

You mean Glenn 'My face may as well be on a milk carton' Beck?

It didn't take Glenn Beck long to go from hot shit in a brandy glass to cold diarrhea in a styrofoam cup.

R. I. P.: support for Obamacare. It may have been signed into law, but Obamacare has been challenged since then, and in some cases successfully. These challenges have made Obamacare less popular than it once was, even among Democrats who supported it. As the fight drags on, Obamacare becomes an albatross around the necks of Obama and the Democrats, and the poll numbers aren’t looking good for it.

Still waiting for you to back up what's wrong with regulating insurance companies, idiot.

Flash in the Pan: Astroturf Wall Street. For all of its grand proclamations and stated commitment to change the financial industry, Astroturf Wall Street has accomplished…nothing. Unless you count running up a sizable rap sheet an accomplishment, that is.

While you support the party of child molesters, Republicans, as illustrated by their rap sheet.

OWS changed political discourse in this country and even the GOP is starting to co-opt the language.


A large part of the state of the union speech was OWS's agenda. Another OWS success story.

20,000 protesters in Poland, the ACTA.

Say OWS is dead, to the thousands of people at Occupy Oakland on 1/28/2012. But you won't, because you're a coward.


"A person defecated on a cop car."
"All orders by the police are lawful orders."
"Disobeying police means you deserve to be beaten severely."
"No one knows what occupiers want."
"Drum circles."
"Smelly hippies."
"Get a job."
"They crossed a line!"

Have I missed any derping points?

Doesn't matter. Even when OWS obeys laws the cops just bust heads and 'clear the streets'. It's been happening time and time again. The protesters get clarification on the rules, they follow those rules, and then the cops ignore their agreement with OWS and just steamroll 'em at 2am and throw a bunch of people into a jail cell.

Obey the law, disobey the law, it all ends the same for OWS protestors: Fractured skulls and pepper-spraying old women as cops beat anything that doesn't wear a badge. When your message speaks against corporate ownership of government, the corps send their thugs to show you the price you'll pay for insubordination. And the corporate-owned media will smear you, and the sheep will believe what they are told to believe.

Protest on behalf of corporate ownership of government, however, and you get a media that will race to cover any gathering of five or more protesters and Fox News will devote an entire day to celebrating your "struggle".

The majority of violence, brutality and lawbreaking comes from law enforcement, not the protesters. there's gigabytes of video evidence backing that claim too...and yet the press ignores it, and our GOP/authoritarian shills just show up and lie about it.

When the season turns and weather gets warmer, we'll see more people return to these protests. Add in the election year crazy and you've got a perfect recipe for disaster. Then our usual rightard shills like Lindaman will make false claims about 'lawbreaking protesters'.

On the whole, I'd rather the protesters just do their thing. The cops are going to arrest them no matter WHAT they do. Really, if the worst they're doing is this, I'm not bothered.

Protesting sometimes requires breaking the law. It's called civil disobedience, one has to accept that they will be arrested for such things. Lindaman would never do that, because he has no nutsack.

What they are arguing for is to the benefit of every citizen, at the expense of those who have exploited and gamed our system for their own personal benefit. People are dying in horrible agony for want of medical care. Children aren't able to receive a decent education. Previously self-supporting families are forced to depend upon government aid or sell off necessary assets such as vehicles and homes. Argue about what is "fair" only AFTER those basic needs are seen to for the mainstay of society. This is the world that the OWS protesters seek to change.

All Teabaggers did was ruin our credit rating and illustrate redneck ignorance. You guys did that fast. But actual accomplishments take a while, assram.

But you would know about accomplishing nothing. Long after your post:

The Real Deal: scandals within the Obama Administration. Although President Obama has been touted as one of the smartest Presidents we’ve ever had, his Administration has been plagued by scandals, ranging from the relatively minor (Van Jones)

The Van Jones issue wasn't just minor, it was NOTHING. Yeah, he was a Truther, which is nutty. So?

to the more serious (Operation Fast and Furious). Far from being a right wing conspiracy, these scandals amount to rank incompetence, serious malfeasance, or both, and they’re not going away anytime soon.

Well, Operation Fast and Furious is part of the ATFs "Project Gunrunner", which was started in Texas in 2005 and went national in 2006, during the BUSH administration.

The only scandals against Obama are manufactured ones like birth certificates. When it comes to Republican scandals, they don't have to be made up.

Raw Deal: Scott Walker being “anti-union.” This is another case where the media forgot to do its job and, well, report the news. The actual collective bargaining deal Walker proposed for Wisconsin public workers wasn’t nearly as bad as the pro-union side made it out to be. If anything, the deal was far more pro-union than the pro-union side. Yet, Walker is called anti-union because he wants to keep Wisconsin’s teachers unions from getting laid off due to a lack of funds?

Walker took away collective bargaining for the teachers. There is also the issue of the Kochs but that's another rant.

Teachers aren't allowed to strike in Wisconsin. Their union tends to support Democrats, so they were targeted.

But don't let that stop your lying, you lying liar.

Defining Moment: The “Arab Spring.” The Middle East changed before our eyes this year, and not for the better. As one leader after another was marginalized, weakened, or overthrown completely, it became apparent a more extremist movement was coming to power, one that wouldn’t work and play well with us no matter how much water we would carry for them publicly. George W. Bush made the same mistake with Hamas, and now Barack Obama owns the mistakes in Egypt and Libya, among others. In both cases, these mistakes are mounting up and will eventually come back to haunt us.

Right wingers sure hate it when oppressors are overthrown. lol

Stuck on Stupid: Eric Holder. Barney Fife was a better law enforcement officer than Eric Holder is. Holder’s record as Attorney General has been rife with inconsistency, incompetence, and illegality. And that’s just Operation Fast and Furious!

Blame Bush. hehe

The Bottom Line Award: Resa Laru Kirkland. Friendship aside, I have known few conservatives as driven and talented as Resa. She has a passion for life and politics that makes others want to try to keep up. Her vision for a conservative media presence in areas where it doesn’t have a strong foothold yet, such as making documentaries, is ambitious to say the least. For being willing to blaze a trail for others to follow and taking on all the stress that comes with it, Resa Laru Kirkland has earned the Bottom Line Award.

"Somebody please read my blog! I'll even support racist trannies if you post a comment!"

The Anna Nicole Smith Lifetime Achievement Award: Arianna Huffington. Take a struggling joke of an online service, combine it with a rich joke of a website editor, and what do you get? An epic fail. But at least Huffington came away with a ton of money for being ineffective and ham-fisted in her management. Way to be a credit to your gender!

Mad because your good friends on AOL's The Podium chatroom can't say "Obama's a Nigger" on AOL's postings anymore, Lindaman? Or should I say AceofSwrds@aol.com? It's no wonder you hate AOL now. It was eight years ago that you were called out there to fight face-to-face, and you backed down like a coward. Eight years later, you're still backing down.

The Dan Rather Award for “Excellence” in Media: Ed Schultz. Over the past two years, Ed Schultz has repeatedly put his foot in his mouth, apparently to prevent the truth from getting out. What has gotten out from Schultz is a steady string of ill-advised comments, out and out lies, and insane jealousy against conservatives in the media. Anger management classes would be more helpful to Schultz than giving him a daily and nightly forum from which to preach to an ever-dwindling audience.

I don't care much for Schultz, either. But what has he lied about? Hmmm?

The DEE DEE DEE Award: Astroturf Oakland. After coming out against big banks, where does Astroturf Oakland open up an account? Wells Fargo. Way to stick it to The Man, kids!

Covered that. But you're a liar, so you'll just keep repeating.

The “It Looked Better on Paper” Award: AttackWatch. Obama/Biden 2008 had some success with this same concept when it was known as FightTheSmears. The 2011 version, however, has been met with the one thing the Obama campaign hadn’t anticipated: mockery. Conservatives and independents have had a field day “reporting” themselves and others on AttackWatch to the point no one but the diehards take it seriously.

So you admit lying and smearing, and take pride in it. Good for you, Conservatives!

The Padded Resume Award: Chelsea Clinton getting a job with NBC News. Of course, she earned that gig because she did that…wait, it must have been that piece she wrote for…no, wait, it was because she went to college to study...okay, it’s because she’s a Clinton.

She's doing pieces on people who contribute and volunteer for causes, and the money she earns is going to charity. What's wrong with that? Would you prefer she be like Herman Cain, who gets offers like... Dancing With The Stars? lol

The WTF Moment of 2011: Iran getting nuclear weapons (and, yes, I believe they have them and have had them for a while now), and the world being mostly okay with that.

And it's Obama's fault! This video by Santorum proves it!


The With Friends Like These Award: The Obama Administration’s treatment of Israel. Although it’s safe to say President Obama and Israel may not see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues, it’s also safe to say the President’s not exactly a friend of Israel. Whether it’s the ill-conceived pre-1967 borders for Israel as a starting point to Middle East peace

Which has been an idea for decades, on both Republican and Democratic sides.

or the frequent anti-Israel sentiment coming from Administration officials from Obama on down,

Backed up by nothing.

it’s clear Israel doesn’t need any more friends like Obama.

Too bad they like him. lol

The Coincidence? Award: Let’s play connect the dots. The Left wants to expand the number of people who can vote to include the homeless, ex-convicts, and illegal immigrants. A part of this effort includes making it as easy as possible for said potential voters to vote. What’s a major stumbling block to that effort? Requiring those silly little details like proving you’re an actual voter with a real address and that you look like the person you claim to be. So, when states do things to curtail that effort, the Left gets mad and decides to go after those states. And who needs a lot of help to get reelected and has the power to make it tough for states to enact these laws? Why, it’s President Obama! Funny how that works out, isn’t it?

Racists like you have been against stuff like this since the 1960's and before. Moving on...

The Pot Kettle Black Award: People who want us to accept Islam without question, but bash Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow for his Christian faith.

Do Islamists project their ghost fantasies during the Superbowl?