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Monday, June 20, 2011

WeinerMonth Edition!

Thomas Lindaman devotes a month to Weinergate. Here, Here, Here and Here. In a major update, I've merged all the responses together here.

And just how was the "liberal media", (which ballyhooed this "scandal" every single day), supposed to do more in their coverage? They spoke to Twitter, as well. The research DailyKos did was wrong. The only reason Breitbart broke the story instead of the mainstream media is because the screenshot was sent to Breitbart first. Breitbart is a known liar, yet the "liberal media" had no problem propping him up in interviews. And the lack of coverage was towards Weiner's defense, which made Weiner look worse (that's the Jon Stewart mocking issue you brought up). So what are you complaining about? Your issues with the subject just prove the media is right-wing and not left wing.

Weiner hasn't run on 'family values', nor has he attempted to legislate the bedroom activities of others. Nothing he did or could have done here is illegal, so you can't accuse him of hypocritical behavior.

No one, so far as I can tell, was harrassed, no one was abused, no actual sex even took place at all. I'm not sure one can even find any hypocrisy here.

Except, of course, on the GOP side: The very same people who demanded that Weiner resign, helped Ensign cover up his affair & pay off his victims, and are currently raising money for Vitter and his reelection campaign.

This is a personal issue. This is a moral issue. This is a family issue. It has nothing to do with Weiner's ability to serve his district or the country. Frankly, his scandal is far more toothless than pretty much every other scandal-beleaguered politician ever. This isn't even an extramarital sex scandal. It's an extramarital sexting scandal.

I was under the impression that sex scandals were only a big deal because up until now the people involved had been soliciting under aged pages (Mark Foley), or soliciting gay prostitutes in a bathroom despite being an anti-gay conservative (Larry Craig). But apparently I'm wrong, if you're caught doing anything inappropriate in your private life then you should automatically resign.

Why? Is this about lying? If that's the case, then people should be absolutely pissed about Rep. Kyl's statements a few months ago.

Vitter, Craig, every other Republican with the slightest sex scandal, and there have been many: Republicans protect them. Republicans defend them. They don't back down and they certainly don't collapse under opposition pressure. The Democratic party never does that.

Vitter actually committed a crime. Plus there's the family values hypocrisy, but that's another matter.

Dems panic and call for resignations of people whose transgressions are far, far less than those on the "other side" who not only retain their positions, but are DEFENDED by their party.

Weiner messed up his personal life. He absolutely did nothing to change his ability to serve as a Congressman.

Not all lies are equal. Weiner's lies were an attempt at covering up something that had no business being in the press in the first place. The US media should be ashamed of having wasted time on it. It might have mattered if Weiner had lied to cover up a crime or something that was relevant to the job he was doing, but that wasn't the case.

Bush didn't have to resign for lying the US into a war, and Weiner shouldn't be expected to resign just because he sent those stupid pictures. He did of course, and Breitbart will chalk up another victory. Also, a thousand smart, capable people will decide not to get into politics because they just don't want to go through what Weiner is going through now, leaving the field empty for the likes of Palin and Bachmann.

He lied about something that had absolutely nothing to do with his job. Most human beings would have lied in similar circumstances -- yes, you too. Sending those pics was a really stupid thing to do (IMHO), but how he spends his off hours is nobody's business. (assuming there are no actual crimes involved, of course). In this day and age, you can find something embarrassing about just about anybody online. As often as not, it'll be embarrassing enough to make people lie about it.

Sometimes I think Americans expect their leaders to be eunuchs. Either way, they're dumb enough to let Breitbart and similar gutter-dwellers decide who gets to stay in office or not. The result will be that only cretins like Palin will be willing to run for office, because any candidate with half a brain will know that an incriminating picture will resurface the second they raise their voices. Americans need to grow up and realize that their politicians have a life below the neckline.

Liberals have an insatiable desire to hold the moral high ground. Right-wingers not going to respect or appreciate it... They're going to see it as confirmation that liberals are "weak".

Should Weiner have resigned? I suppose in an ideal world, a case could be made that a public official should resign after such public humiliation. But, it's not an ideal world, and it's not worth making that sacrifice. Republicans won't look at it and go "Wow, that was really stand-up of him and Democrats to do that." They'll look at it and go "Haha, we totally made them cave and give up a seat!!!! Dumbasses!!!"

As far as "treatment of women": First she tweets back and forth with the guy, and has to know he is married. Then once the story broke the guy is like, hay, SHHHH. Then someone approaches her with some money and now shes "I can't trust him" Give me a break. Once a whore, always a whore.

And remember: We still aren't trying to control women's bodies the way Republicans are.

The DNC, the president, and the mainstream media all applied tons of pressure to get him out. This proves they are all ridiculously liberal, right?

But no, Lindaman thinks anytime a liberal disagrees with a Democrat (in this case, whether to defend Weiner or recommend he resign), then it's A TOTAL TEARING APART OF THE DEMOCRATS FROM WITHIN!

Anytime there's any disagreement, Lindaman thinks the Democrats are this:

Funny, isn't it? The fact that Republicans exploit Teabaggers like Lindaman and then ignore them (blatantly spitting in their faces) doesn't seem to indicate anything about the right-wingers falling apart, right? You ignore that every big Republican contender has bombed out within a month or two of their introduction. Remember Donald Trump or Paul Ryan? The Republicans are playing hardball, but have nobody to step into the presidency and actually do anything. It's just like 2008: several choices that expose the fragmenting Republican Party. Since lockstep was the only thing they had, they cannot find a single person who would appeal to the freaks, yet do what the financial people wanted.

He should've never resigned in the first place. The people who voted for him still support him, which pretty much ends the issue. Only in America would what he did even qualify as more than a laugh, let alone much media attention. The French, Italians, English and others have a word for what he did, Tuesday.

How about the fact that a Supreme Court justice has shamelessly been taking bribes over the last 10 years? He was making a pretty good case against your buddy Clarence Thomas before this stuff went down.

Now, how about Wu? I knew Wu was a Democrat. After all, the alleged victim was over 18 and a female. Stupid Democrats always get away with everything without any consequences! If this guy had real integrity, he would have disappeared for 6 days and come back blaming it on a need to escape the current political climate while hiking the Appalachian Trail, when secretly you left the country to meet with your self proclaimed soul mate. Furries should be banned from public office on general principles alone. He's in a pretty safe Dem seat, so it being an open election it's more likely to stay Dem.

Weiner's seat is going to be redistricted out of existence, anyway. So, a congressman whose seat is going to disappear next term, hailing from the opposition party to that of the incumbent who has been driven from office in disgrace, won. Surely this deeply significant event shows NY is now solidly a red state. lol

You hated Weiner because he totally kicked ass in Congress and takes shit from no one. I've seen Anthony utterly destroy members of the GOP when they tried to pull some of their usual bullshit on the American public.

Scandal or not, Weiner was damned good at his job.

Not only that... This is "Publius", who "broke" the story on Breitbart:


It's all just an amazing coincidence that the Weiner pics were revealed so soon after the Republicans got crushed in New York Congressional District 26. You know, the special election that had to be called because the GOP guy got caught sending he-man pictures of himself to the ladies?

This was just a smear job by Fox and Breitbart. They stopped talking about it once he resigned.

But hey, "Weiner showed his weiner!" was hilarious in the Teabag circles.

What is it with right-wingers and their obsession with penises?

Oh... that's right...

...that's why they're angry, after all.

The Democrats actually forced out an elected official that probably could have won reelection even with the scandal hanging over them.

The Democrats seem to think that being a moral compass for the Republicans will one day lead the GOP to find a conscience, too.

They would be in error.

"Phew, good thing I'm not a Democrat!"