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Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014: Right-Wingers In A Nutshell

Lindaman hasn't said one bad thing all year.  Good for him!  Amazing what having a good woman can do, isn't it?

So instead, I'll just leave folks with these links.

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Ebola lies, Obamacare lies, Immigration lies, homophobia being embraced, Right-wingers defending white cops killing black people for no good reason, climate change denial... what a year!

But to end on a more positive note... after 56 straight monthly improvements in jobs numbers, unemployment is 5.8 percent, far below that of the Bush administration’s 7.8 percent in January 2009.  Obama got us out of both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Wind power has tripled.  Solar Power has increased tenfold.  10 Million more Americans have health insurance now and overall health spending has slowed substantially thanks to the ACA.  Stock market doing great.  Gas prices down.  Deficit way down.  Here's hoping 2015 continues THAT trend!