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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bullshit Colored Glasses

Thomas Lindaman writes:




Barack Obama – Although he pretty much has the Democrat nomination in the bag, Obama had a video conference with Iowa Democrats at caucus sites. Judging from the news coverage of the event, the conference was rife with technical difficulties, sparse turnout, and a lack of excitement. Just like the Obama Administration!

More than 25,000 Iowans caucused for Obama, even though he had no competitor. You'd be hard pressed to find another politician that could get 25,000 people to watch a webcast, spunky.

25,000 people spent a few hours on a non binding vote for someone running unopposed and wasn't even there.

In contrast, Mitt Romney received 30,000 votes after spending several million dollars and many weeks in the state.

In 2008: 239,000 people turned out for the Democratic Caucus.

In 2012: 123,000 people came to caucus for the GOP.

But yeah, Obama's worried. Uh huh. lol

Astroturf the Caucuses – For all the talk of the Astroturf Wall Street movement crashing the Republican caucuses, there really wasn’t much action on their part. Maybe their activities were more bravado than anything else, but there is another possibility: they’re not the media darlings they were a few months ago. In either case, they look foolish for suggesting they would try to pull something at the caucuses, not following through, or following through and being utterly inept at making the news.

And again, Lindaman pretends the media blackout didn't happen.

Still waiting for you to back up your assertion that OWS is "astroturfed." But that won't happen, because Lindaman's a gutless, spineless liar.

The media – In the past, reporters have done their best to explore the state to find the pulse of the people. This year, there were more reporters knocking Iowa as “too white” or “insignificant” than in previous years. Whether it’s because the media have dropped their pretense of civility or they are repeating the Leftist meme about “flyover country” the media have shown their bitter side. That doesn’t bode well for them, as Iowans are seen as some of the nicest people in the country. That’s like mocking Mother Teresa.

You're from Iowa, and you're a prick.

Too Close to Call

The Democratic Party – Normally, I’d throw this group into the Losers category, but something happened that made me think there might be hope for them yet. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz appeared in Iowa and said during a television interview she wasn’t sure if she would have time to meet with the members of the Astroturf Iowa movement.

Still waiting for proof that OWS is astroturfed, coward.

Although some consider this to be a snub (and I’m not saying it’s not), I see it as a parting of the ways between the Astroturf Wall Street movement

Still waiting, coward.

and the major political party that has given them visibility and credibility. It’s going to be interesting to see how that dynamic plays out, but for now, I’m going to be optimistic for the Democrats for a change.

You're just bitter because if you tried to pull this bullshit at a OWS protest, you'd be bawling five seconds later from humiliation of being easily called out. Since this is an actual protest. And not a Teabagger rally that's all talk and no action. lol

Wait until these senile Teabaggers find out that eliminating government sponsored health care takes Medicare off the table.

These people are clueless. They are perfect examples of what Conservatives have become - clueless and pointless.

DeMint's comments (leader of the Tea Party) that the rich should be protected and shouldn't have to sacrifice... that's what you guys stand for. You're fucking retarded.


Without the Koch Brothers' money, the Tea Party is DEAD. As dead as Breitbart.

But you would know a lot about not being a media darling. Long after your post:

...It's just too easy. lol