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Sunday, June 10, 2012

"YAY, WE WON! ... A Recall Election..."

Thomas Lindaman writes:

The Wisconsin recall effort is over, and the Left is scrambling to put the best possible spin on their failure to unseat Scott Walker. Naturally, they're pretending the whole thing never happened, but for those of us in the real world, it happened.

It's Wisconsin. Not exactly America's shining star.

As the population of the flyover territories dwindles to nothing (as agribusiness is closing in on a point where 5 guys at computers could run the farms of the whole region), it's easier to buy Representatives and Senators. They now have increasingly disproportionate influence on the country based on their population.

To my friends on the Left, I offer the following reasons why the Wisconsin recall effort matters on a bigger scale.

"We can't accomplish anything big, so let's spin the little stuff into big stuff!"

The exit polls were wrong...AGAIN! To hear the commentators on MSNBC (including woman-hater Ed Schultz)

Nice failed attempt to slip that through.  Laura Ingraham is a worthless ditz.  Get over it.

speak of the recall election, it was going to be tight. And in the end, the only things tight were the throats of the MSNBC folks as they choked back tears and more than a little crow announcing Scott Walker had won. When the media do exit polling, they tend to stay in friendly territory as to support their preconceived narrative.

"Stay in friendly territory"?  What does that even mean?  Can you back that up with anything?

Do you really think people are going to admit voting for that shithead?

This time, just like in 2000 when the media relied on exit polling and screwed up,the polls were wrong, and so was their coverage.

Again, do you really think people are going to admit voting for that shithead?

Just let this sink in for a second: New Republican candidates haven't won the popular vote in a presidential election since 1988.  No polling will alter that fact.

Union power in political matters is waning. The unions used to be a powerful political force in elections, especially for Democrats. However, as their relevance to actual work has waned, so has their effectiveness in achieving political ends. When the unions starting gunning for Scott Walker last year, they were fired up and ready to storm the Cheesehead Bastille. They faced a problem, though: time. Because of the steps necessary to recall a sitting Governor, the unions had to wait. As time went on, their presence waned to the point only people in Wisconsin knew there was even a recall effort going on. When push came to shove, the union efforts failed. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

One group represents teachers and sanitation workers and firefighters and cops (people who work for a living and live next door to us) and are trying to influence elections in order to advance their own interests.  The other group is largely controlled by a handful of people with the aim of consolidating wealth and power by influencing elections and advancing their own interest.  The right group... is not with the right wing.

We have, what, 10% Union enrollment countrywide public and private? There is no Union power in this country, and the right wingers won't stop until the whole concept is wiped away from the table. You'll take lower paying jobs and like it! So what If I entrust you to patrol the streets, to run into my burning house, to teach my children, I will pay you the absolute lowest I can pay you and if possible fire you and let a private company control all of that. Great system, great values. Thanks GOP!

Sorry that the Republicans will not get union support.  Maybe the unions just happen to prefer backing the party that does not want to screw the workers up the chute? Maybe some of the unions have people bright enough to realize that the only interest the Republicans serve are that of corporations.

Corporations = Maximum profit
Unions = Maximum compensation
Their 'thuggery' is justified and necessitated by the system of capitalism.

Anyone that thinks otherwise, is a sad pathetic tool.

So, Lindaman, when are you going to sign this card?

Democrats may cede elections they can't win. Something missing from the recall effort was the presence of Democrat support, especially monetarily. Say what you will about the amount of money Walker raised as compared to his opponent Tom Barrett, but the fact remains the Democratic National Committee didn't see the recall election as that important (even after saying it was very important when Walker's favorability ratings were in the tank).

Barett spent $4 million of mostly in-state money... and Walker spent $30 million of mostly out of state money, and Walker only managed to squeak by.

Walker, as a sitting governor facing recall, is not subject to the state's legal limits on campaign contributions under Wisconsin law.

This was a Wisconsin matter, it should be handled with Wisconsin money. Walker is the asshole here, taking gobs of out of state money, not the Democrats for not wanting to flush good money down a nearly endless rabbit hole. Especially when it's very likely Walker will just be indicted soon anyway.

In an effort to try to spin it, Democrats are saying it was just a statewide election with no impact on the larger political battleground. Perhaps the reason they felt that way is because they didn't want to spend money on a losing cause in favor of saving their pennies to try to save their favorite losing cause, Obama/Biden 2012.

This is coming from the guy that said Obama would lose against McCain. lol

This is what democracy looks like? Not so much. The anti-Walker chanters from last year must be scratching their heads at how they could have lost. Either that, or it's the head lice.

Because people who supports worker rights are obviously dirty hippies.  I'll take a dirty hippie over an inbred ignorant racist any day.

What they missed out on was the fact democracy isn't standing up, chanting stupid slogans, and making asses of yourselves. To truly enact change, you have to act on it. The recall effort failed in large part because the chanters became a nuisance instead of a sympathetic group willing to take action beyond signing a petition and heckling politicians.

What did you want them to do?  Shoot people? 

On the plus side, though, you had the "pathetic" part down pat. But don't be sad. Soon you'll have a bunch of Astroturf Wall Street folks joining you Lotta-Pa-Losers.

But hillbilly, you said billions are being poured into OWS by gazillionares.  So why didn't they beat the Koch SuperPAC for Walker?  Hmmmm?

But you would know what a loser is, wouldn't you?

You already proved yourself to be completely clueless when you tried to claim Soros was funding OWS through the Tides Foundation, and that blew up in your face.  So, where's the billionaires that are astroturfing? And for that matter, I'm still waiting for Warchickenhawk to back up any of her statements!  Hell, I'm still waiting for you to say how I was pimp-slapped.  You guys have had weeks to answer these questions.  And you've come up with... nothing.

The TEA Party isn't dead. Some of Walker's most strident supporters were members of the TEA Party. They may not have had the media coverage for the sheer body count of the anti-Walker forces, but they made their mark in small ways (such as cleaning up the Capitol after anti-Walker cretins made a mess of the place)

That's because Teabaggers are morons that believed it would cost $7.5 million to clean up the nonstick residue painters tape from the marble.  After all, Walker's government and Fox News said so. lol

Protesters had set up an elaborate system of maintaining cleanliness in the building.  OMG see the filth

ROFL, you easily led idiots.

and in big ways (like cleaning up the Leftist scum by kicking Barrett to the curb for a second time in two elections). Just because a movement is dormant for a time doesn't mean it's dead. It could be waiting for the next moment to make an impact on the country.

That's funny, coming from the guy who said OWS was dead when shitloads were walking the streets just a short time later. lol

You're nothing but a bunch of fat, loud, middle-age dimwits rolling around on medicare scooters in cheap, Chinese made American flag T-shirts holding poorly constructed, misspelled signs.  All you've accomplished is  instigating a downgrade of the American credit rating over a debt ceiling debacle of your own creation.

The Tea Party is just a Republican fan club. They are Republicans who had to figure out a way to dust off the old "tax and spend Democrat" attack without acknowledging that they were cheerleading  the enormous financial chaos of the Bush administration. It was GOP rebranding and nothing more. It's been ignorant, retarded, and yes, blatantly racist pond scum, led by the nose by disingenuous GOP corporate whores, from start to finish. The most generous way to describe it, is as a successful internal GOP coup by Grover Norquist, Dick Armey, and people like him.

There may be more states in play for Republicans in November. Wisconsin has been a Democrat stronghold for a while, as have many states in the Upper Midwest. This is mainly because of the strong union base in these states. With labor's unimpressive showing in Wisconsin, this may be a turning point for Republicans because union members may not be willing to back the union ticket this time. If other states follow suit, there are a lot of Democrat strongholds that could be toss-ups. Here are a few of them:

  • Iowa
  • Ohio
  • Michigan
  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia
  • Minnesota
Although Pennsylvania and West Virginia aren't in the Upper Midwest and Iowa is in more of the central Midwest, all share characteristics with Wisconsin with respect to the working classes in each state. If a worker's revolt happens in even three of these states, Democrats could be looking at a washout in November.

Wanna know something? Back in the day, everyone had the same sort of benefits that the public union workers did. Sometimes even more.

And then Reagan got elected, and the chiseling away of the private worker began enthusiastically. By the time they were through, workers were glad that to have any job, even if it had no medical or retirement package.

But guess what? They're not done with workers (including you, Lindaman), and they're gonna make sure that you're little more than man-cattle.

You know what this is really about... winning elections, by eliminating Democratic sources of funding. The poor can't donate to campaigns like billion dollar corporations can. Then, slowly, as the wages stay stagnant (thus continuing the trend), productivity continues to rise, the minimum wage drops, healthcare becomes a non-option for even more people, then you'll understand the impact. It's just so slow you don't want to pay attention.

Leftists are starting to see Obama's lack of leadership. One of the post-recall comments made by the Left was Obama should have campaigned for Barrett. (Not that it would have helped...)  This may be a sign the Left has finally seen Obama as a weak leader that doesn't inspire confidence in his followers. If this trend continues, the Left may not come out to vote, which makes the aforementioned states even more important and could tighten some of the races in other vital states, such as Florida. That doesn't bode well for Obama's reelection chances.

Ah yes... yet again, Lindaman trots out the "Obama's a weak leader" bullshit.

Tell that to Osama Bin Laden, the Somali pirates, Quaddafi, the families that got help after the BP spill, the passed financial reform, the ending of DADT, and the people that know that now he will go down in history as the president who expanded our country's social safety net and helped millions of Americans since they can't be denied health coverage due to pre-existing conditions.  Shall I go on?

Your idea of a leader, is someone who sits in a classroom after being told America is under attack.

If the Left wants to disregard the results of the Wisconsin recall election, they do so at their own political peril. It's not nearly as insignificant as they think it is.

Lindaman, you guys are cheering about winning... a recall election.

I'm not crazy about recall elections, but regardless: Walker already lost just by having a recall election in the first place. It's like celebrating a murderer getting a life sentence instead of the death penalty.

It's a recall election, because your guy was hated that much.  The people of Walker's state signed enough petitions to recall him, and almost got enough votes to do so. You Republicans do understand the level of hatred of your political heroes that is required for measures like that to be taken, don't you?

If you're celebrating winning a recall election you've sort of lost track of what it means to be liked.  Are Republicans really this slow in the cranium?

The GOP poured $27 million dollars to defend a legally-elected governor just from stopping the mob from burning down the Capitol.

I'd expect it would be a lot harder to win a recall election than a general election no matter what, as many people believe people should be allowed to serve out their terms (I tend to think that way myself).

But this has been egg in Republican faces. They have been humiliated by having to hold a recall election in the first place.

You think union-haters have some sort of mandate from the people? Hell, it took that $27 million just to keep the torches and pitchforks away from your boy.

This is like winning back your job in a lawsuit against an employer who really wants you gone.

When's the last time you saw Republicans bragging about something like this?  They won... a recall election. That's shameful just on the face of it.

Republicans are really starved for respect these days.

You can't claim (as Republicans always do) that right wingers speak for the American people. They clearly do not. Just the fact their governor is so widely despised to have this recall election occur demonstrates the  Republicans are delusional about that. The recall election was the loss. It's hard to beat an incumbent even during a normal election. All this has demonstrated is Republicans are so widely hated by Americans that we will do our best to remove them from office even when they already won.  Do you think this guy is going to win re-election?

Democrats didn't spend enough money. They thought they could win on being "right" and that the good guys always win. They should've known better.  They needed to throw everything at it.

In this election, the SuperPACs for Walker outspent the Dems and the Union 9:1.

Yes, he survived, but only because of tens of millions of dollars of out of state money so he could outspend his opponent 9:1.

So, let me get this straight: Barely surviving a recall election, which was held because you're so widely hated, after dumping millions of SuperPAC money into it, is now a "victory" for Republicans?


Republicans consider making the electorate so angry that they had a million people sign a recall petition over one issue, and barely surviving a recall election, after outspending their opponent several fold... as an overwhelming popular mandate for the Republican/Tea Party agenda.

But yes, Wisconsin is in play for 2012. While I think Obama still has the lead, he will have to expend resources there to ensure a win.

The Democrats also have to field a decent candidate, not the guy who lost to Walker in the first place.  I had a suspicion Walker would win when the Democrats decided to re-nominate Tom Barrett. I mean, seriously...Barrett again? Barrett's lazy butt tried to sneak in a quick, easy win, with only two months to campaign versus a year.  They picked poorly and funded poorly.

Regardless, money wins elections. If ever you needed proof, here it is.  Money can't buy you love, but it sure as hell can buy you a government.

Most governors I approve of, don't end up in a recall election two years through their shift. It's no surprise to me at all that he won this recall election, but it would shock me if he won re-election.

Those of you who don't like having a state government that is so obviously bought and paid for, I suggest you vote with your feet.

Walker's agenda took a much bigger hit: He has a Democratic senate now. Walker's posse won't be able to ram legislation through in violation of state law anymore, which pretty much ruins Walker's style of government.

What's saddest for Wisconsin, is that when there was a governor faced with a budget gap, he chose to close it with a group that is decidedly (and nearly completely) part of the middle class. Corporations got their tax breaks. The wealthy kept their low taxes and their health savings accounts. But those public workers? Republicans really stuck it to them, didn't they? Now they'll have to take an extra year to pay their college loans or convince their kid to take a year of community college before starting their major in the school of their choice. At least the budget is balanced on their blue collared, very middle class backs. Kudos to Walker for that... to right wingers, he's a hero.

Why should anyone should give a damn about respecting the opinion of anyone who believes Walker should be governing Wisconsin?  Even Republicans shouldn't be tolerating that.  Some kinds of evil you just shouldn't put up with.

This just further proves the obvious:

Republicans live off hurting fellow Americans.