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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Facebook Right-Wing Roundup (Jan-Feb 2013)

Welcome to a new segment I have created called "Facebook Right-Wing Roundup."

This is where I expose the lies that right-wingers love to post on their Facebooks. 

Remember back when your racist aunt used to FWD:FWD:FWD emails of right-wing lies to you?  Well, now right-wingers are doing something similar by re-posting slanted right-wing media stories and photos.  In these "Roundup" segments, they will be sprayed with a derpkiller.

Because the Sandy Hook incident and Gun Control sections are such a big chunk, and it spills over into March, I'm covering that in a future post.

1. Big Gummint

Right-Wingers copypasted this political cartoon:

Aren't we the government?  Not much of a point here.  Why not vote for removing laws?  We're still a democracy, after all.

Maybe someday you'll get your utopia:


2. AlGoreQuaedaZeera!

Lindaman feels it's a "bad thing" that Al Jazeera acquired Current TV.

And this is bad because...?

Al Jazeera is state owned (so is BBC technically). The state that owns them, Qatar, has been a strong ally since its inception as a nation in 1971 when it gained independence, through a USA-sponsored act, from Britain.

It's not even really Al Jazeera either. It is Al Jazeera English out of London, which is a different and very respected news organization.

I guess it's confusing to right-wingers that Al Jazeera is a reputable news source, and has done a fantastic job covering events like the Arab Spring.

Why aren't you cheering Al Gore?  Qatar produces more oil than the USA!  Gore himself addresses the issue here.

Oh, I see... right-wingers hate Al Jazeera because inbreds confuse Al Jazeera for Al Qaeda.  No, they aren't kidding.  They are actually functionally retarded and believe that the news organization is a wing of a terrorist organization.

Never mind that Al Qaeda was enraged at Al Jazeera for their unbiased coverage.

I wonder how right-wingers feel about Fox News's second largest share holder being... Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia. 

Especially when he had been identified as a "known terrorist funding source" by Fox themselves. lol

Remember when Bush wanted to sell the Port Authority to some mid-east folks?  Good times.

The real scandal is that Americans have to look to a Qatari-owned channel in order to get a decent perspective on world events in the first place. Because we sure as hell aren't getting that from the crap offerings on the other cable news networks.

God forbid we get an actual news station in this country.


3. Misquoting Henry Ford
Right Wingers post this picture:

First, there's not one credible source that Henry Ford actually said that.

Considering that Ford is known as much for his racism as he is for cars, I'd be very surprised if he actually said it.

Any shock that a misquote from a well known bigoted, anti-semitic, xenophobic Henry Ford would come from right-wingers?

4. Fiscal Cliff Tax Package

Right-Wingers quote shocking news of tax breaks in the fiscal cliff package.

Apparently, right-wingers are now against tax breaks? hehe

What right-wingers either don't know, or are trying to keep their inbred readers from knowing, is that the fiscal cliff legislation wasn't a spending bill. The problem called the "fiscal cliff" was that a number of key tax breaks were set to expire at the end of 2012, causing tax increases in many areas. The bill was designed to extend tax breaks to prevent them from expiring.

Most of the examples in the article were all tax breaks and/or credits whose pending expirations were part of the "fiscal cliff" - these aren't new tax breaks or credits, but extensions of already existing tax breaks or credits.

You may argue whether or not each of these should or should not expire right now, but these weren't tacked-on side issues, they were legitimately relevant to the purpose of the bill.

Besides, it supported electric fat hillbilly scooters and NASCAR.  If you think that isn't pandering to right-wingers, you're seriously deluded. lol

5. Romney's Lie Of The Year, Still A Lie

Right-Wingers really got pissed off when Politifact exposed Romney's lie (also used in a Romney campaign ad) that Obama "sold Chrysler to Italians who are going to build Jeeps in China" at the cost of American jobs, as their 2012 Lie of the Year.

Lindaman dragged a right-wing link trying desperately to refute it, and stated "Cue media apologies in...wait, they're not going to apologize?"

Why should they apologize, Lindaman?  They told the truth, unlike Romney.

When calmly asked to check the facts, Lindaman in his usual contrarian attitude, states: "I did check my facts, and the Romney ad was and is correct."

Wrong, Lindaman.  Your "checking of facts" should've extended beyond re-sharing a right-wing link that popped up on your facebook.  You didn't read a goddamned thing, not even the right-wing article itself.

You see, Lindaman, if you had read the goddamned article, The Weekly Standard themselves admit that the announcement of confirmed expansion to China was on January 17th, 2013. 

Now listen very very carefully, Lindaman.

The Romney lie was released before that information was released as a fact.

Got it, Lindaman? 

If the ad had said "planning" or even "wants to" there would have been more wiggle room.  They did not.

Let's say, in 2005, I stated your uncle is a child molester.  If he never molested anyone up until now, then I'd be lying.  Right?

Now, let's say he was arrested today for molesting a child today.  Does that retroactively make my 2005 lie the truth?

No, it does not.

Are we crystal clear on this now, Lindaman?

But let's move to an alternate universe and pretend that confirmed information was released the day before Romney made that claim.

It's still a fucking lie.

Obama did not own Chrysler.  So how the hell could Obama "Sell Chrysler to Italians"?

Chrysler had already been trying to sell to Italians before Obama was even elected!

Chrysler was very straightforward about the Jeeps built in China were for the China market.

Romney's implication was that Jeep was going to move production from Ohio to China.  That is a lie.  Jeep is producing vehicles in China for that area of the world.  It makes financial sense for Jeep to build closer to where the vehicles will be sold. 

Whatever jobs were in the US were staying in the US while expansion in other countries was normal. Romney was flame-baiting by saying that all American Jeep jobs would be exported and all production was moving to other countries, which is patently false. The cars made for US markets would stay while there was always the possibility that overseas markets would be served locally.

They are adding jobs in China for those markets. Romney was making it sound like they were closing up the US plants and moving manufacturing operations there.

But I'm sure right-wingers reposting links from The Weekly Standard are too fucking stupid to realize the nuances.

Chrysler: "We're going to expand factories here in America and in China, because we're selling a lot of Jeeps both here and in China."
Chrysler: "No, we're NOT moving jobs to China! We're expanding production both here and in China! What the fuck is wrong with you people?"
Right-Wingers: "Well well well. Looks like Romney was right after all. Chrysler just announced that they ARE building Jeep factories in China after all!"

Right-Wingers are idiots.

When American Jeep-maker jobs are lost because of expansion to the market in China...  Then, and only then, would Romney's claim be true.

On second thought, no, it would still be a lie.  Because at the time of that ad, that had not happened.

Now here's where the right-wingers are really fucked about defending the Lie of the Year.  It wasn't just about the ad, it was about Romney's own quote.  Out of his own mouth:

ROMNEY: "I saw a story today that one of the great manufacturers in this state Jeep — now owned by the Italians — is thinking of moving all production to China," Romney said at a rally in Defiance, Ohio, home to a General Motors powertrain plant. "I will fight for every good job in America. I'm going to fight to make sure trade is fair, and if it's fair America will win."

Did you read that?  ALL PRODUCTION TO CHINAALL production.  ALL OF IT.  That wasn't even what the story said!

Romney's a fucking liar, and the "Pants-On-Fire" was very well deserved.  You can't squirm out of that.

6. Hillary's Benghazi "Difference" Quote

Right-wing corn humpers posted this pic:

Fortunately, people who are not right-wing actually post the full fucking context:

Lindaman says: "More Thoughts On This Later."  Can't wait for that!

Maybe he'll try to spin things so Hillary did not thrash the GOP into shreds. lol

What she didn't care about was being asked the same leading questions over and over by people who demanded she confirm their accusations instead of providing unwelcome truthful testimony.

Hang up your tin foil hats, birther nuts.  No stand down order was given.  So nice try.

John McCain was in Benghazi in July 2012, visiting with Ambassador Chris Stevens:

If he witnessed a lack of safety, or had concerns with the security at this CIA Annex back then, why wouldn't he have said or done something when he came back right after his trip?

Has anyone ever known John McCain to NOT complain about anything that he happens to disagree with, particularly having to do with the military?

If McCain heard something or saw something regarding the Annex being under-staffed or that it was in imminent danger... wouldn't he have said something? He was there!  His own Lockerz account and Twitter timeline prove it!

36 people died in Embassy attacks under Bush ...yet no faux outrage by Republicans, and no phony hearings.

How should you Republicans feel, since you blocked the funds to pay for the security at these places.  Their blood is on YOUR hands, including the blood at Benghazi

The truth is, you don't give a shit about those people.  Just like you don't give a shit about the thousands who died on 9/11 and the troops who died fighting in the wrong place.