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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Man Made Climate Change - Never Was A Debate

In typical conservative fashion, right-wingers like Thomas Lindaman are trying to take those hacked emails from the United Kingdom's Climate Research Institute and twist the wording to make it look like man-made climate change is a falsehood.

Never mind the fact that the email word-twisting has already been debunked.

Yet again, the right-wingers are trotting out that there's some big conspiracy among scientists. Anti-intellectualism at its finest, folks.

It's kind of sad, really. After all, they can't exactly use scientific research as a counter-argument, can they? That's because man-made climate change isn't even a controversial topic except in the United States of Jesusland. What's funniest, is that there's absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Jesus ever existed. None. Zip. Zero. Yet the very same people who ignore the overwhelming scientific proof of man-made climate change, embrace fairy tales as fact.

It's kind of like how the creationists say "evolution is just a theory." They don't understand the difference between a scientific theory and the general term for theory. Same in this case. They don't understand the scientific terminology and jargon used in the emails (or they DO understand it and are just blantantly lying about it).

It's very amusing hearing them try to say "The Debate Is Over." There was no "debate". You can't debate man-made climate change any more than you can debate "2+2=5". This is another common tactic, though. By attempting to pass laws to "teach the controversy", they're acting like there was a debate to begin with.

Remember, there was a time when the right-wingers were denying climate change of any kind. Now they're forced to say "Well, there is... but man has nothing to do with it!" They just don't understand that when something goes against the grain of scientific research, it's embraced in the scientific community. It's EXCITING to discover findings that are new. There's no mass conspiracy among scientists any more than there's a mass conspiracy among Hawaiians.

Right-wingers thrive on embracing ignorance. By telling their retarded base that scientists are just a bunch of liars and their fairy tale Jesus created everything and God wouldn't let the earth be harmed by humans, that makes their idiot base feel smart. "Hey! I know nothing about science! But they're wrong, so I'm just as smart as they are!" And they fall for it everytime. How else do you think they manage to get the poor rednecks to constantly vote against their own interests?

Watching them refer to man-made climate change as a "debate" is like watching the brats at the kids table wanting to be a part of the adult table at Thanksgiving. Sorry, conservatives... not yours.

You folks can continue to worship your fantasy zombie messiah, and let the adults handle the science, allrighty? Kthnxbye.