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Thursday, November 19, 2009

KSM - Why Oh Why?

Why oh why are we giving 9/11 masterminds and Khalid Sheik Mohammad a civilian trial?

Oh, that's right... because they are civilians. We didn't catch KSM on the battlefield. He was extradited from Pakistan. He's a civilian. Why would you charge a civilian, non-combatant in military court? If you charge him, who COULDN'T be charged by the military? Why was there never an issue with every other terrorist we've tried and convicted pre-9/11?

Why did Conservatives not complain when the WTC bomber had a federal trial? Oh... that's right... we didn't torture the WTC bomber to get the info out of him.

Face it, the whole reason the Conservatives are against a civilian trial, is because they're afraid that their old torture campaigns will result in a technical acquittal, and their dirty laundry being drug out. The Conservatives screwed the pooch, and (as usual) they're now trying to redefine our country's laws to cover their own asses. Which, of course, is the goal of terrorism. KSM is being tried for crimes that are not related to ongoing military action. Guys who blow up a convoy or shoot at soldiers in occupied territory, DO face military trials. KSM is being tried for conspiracy to commit mass murder, among other things. There is nothing diminished about his trial or sentencing.

Treating it as anything other than an ordinary crime only gives the terrorists legitimacy. The magnitude of the crime means nothing. All accused are treated the same, that's the way the system works. So stop pissing your pants in fear, you gutless GOP cowards. Elevating people like KSM is exactly what terrorism is supposed to accomplish. He's not Magneto.

Of course, considering the special type of crazy that the Conservatives have been lately (cheering America losing, booing America winning), it wouldn't surprise me one bit that they secretly wish KSM would be aquitted. Because they know that even though that the only way KSM could be aquitted would be because of the GOP's torturing, they'll just spin it around and blame Obama for the aquittal... somehow.

For the last time, you right-wing lunatics: Stop trying to rewrite our nation's laws to cover your cowardice and incompetence.

That especially goes for YOU, Thomas Lindaman.