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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

If You Can't Beat 'Em... Say The Leftists Are Lying!

One thing I've noticed about the Left over the years is that they have trouble facing reality as it is.


How old is the earth again? Did Saddam have weapons of mass destruction when we went to war? Were the Swift Boaters telling the truth? What was that about death panels, again?

When someone, like yours truly, disagrees with the Left on any point, it threatens their version of reality, which makes them defensive. Then, they pull out anything they can from their bag of Alinsky-inspired tricks.

Alinsky? Hahaha, well at least it's not a Godwin defense. Alinsky, eh? Wonder where he "borrowed" that soundbite from?

Wanna bet Lindaman didn't even know who Alinsky was before he became the new Republican talking point?

Take the TEA Parties. When they started last year, the Left ignored them at first. As they grew in popularity, the Left brought out their big guns and started mocking them. Now that many more Americans believe in the basic principles of the TEA Parties, the Left are resorting to slander, calling them racist and anti-government. Some on the left have gone so far as to compare the TEA Parties to the Ku Klux Klan and Timothy McVeigh. Of course, the truth is few, if any, arrests have been made at TEA Parties and the rhetoric that you'll find at these events are anything but racist and anti-government.

Well, since you're using silly things like the KKK and McVeigh to soften your bought-and-paid-for meetings as something innocent, let's go with that: There's also very few arrests at KKK rallies. You could also be taken a little more seriously if 90% of Teabaggers weren't white.

(And I'm sure my Leftist counterpart will go out of his way to post pictures "proving" me "wrong,"

Yeah, damn those Leftists, throwing stupid facts your faces! Remember when you said "The Left Incites Violence!" then couldn't produce a shred of evidence to support it? It's easy to find evidence the other way around, that's why it pisses you guys off so much.

but there's a vast difference between being an advocate of smaller government and being anti-government.)

The Teabaggers were nowhere to be found before February of 2009, and were dead silent when Bush was running up the debt and creating ungodly invasions of privacy. How do you guys expect to be considered? And again, if you want to be taken seriously, don't have people like this as your leaders:

You could also stop pretending like you're grassroots. You're not.

The TEA Parties aren't the only ones getting slimed by the Leftists.

Don't feel bad about it. After all, you have David Duke on your side!

Financial institutions (Goldman Sachs),

insurance companies (AIG),

AIG may file a claim against Goldman-Sachs.

So is AIG Leftist? Or is it Goldman-Sachs that's Leftist? Maybe you can tell us. It gets so confusing when everything from Sesame Street and science, to fancy mustard... is a threat to the right-wing lifestyle.

mortgage companies,

"Predatory capitalism is cool!"

I say we go ahead and let them make their own decisions on who to lend to, then, when they overextend themselves, they fail. And no one bails them out. Oh, wait... then mortgage company employees would be out of a job, wouldn't they? Then what would they do? Not going to be easy for them to find another job, considering they're nothing more than vacuum cleaner salesmen with no necessary skills, anyway.

Sarah Palin,

Yeah, how dare they lie about her not knowing Africa was a continent! Oh, wait... she really didn't.

Rush Limbaugh,

Yeah, how dare they imply that he told a black caller to take the bone out of his nose! Oh, wait... he actually did that.

Glenn Beck, Just asking questions, Thomas. Just asking questions. It was good enough for him.

and countless others have been slandered and libeled by the Leftists, all because they disagree with the President.

You actually think THAT is the motivation? See above. These "countless" people deserve everything they've gotten and MORE.

(Of course, when it was the Left disagreeing with George W. Bush, it was patriotic, according to Hillary Clinton and the Left...)

And traitorous, according to you right-wingers. 4,296 dead American soldiers and counting... and for what, again? 9/11 or anthrax or something... right?

The Left may think it's "speaking truth to power" by attacking Republicans and conservatives dishonestly,

Too bad it ain't dishonest. Now, how was Kerry's doctor telling the truth again?

but I think there's another reason. Oh, this should be good! They're scared of losing everything they've built in the past few years.

Ta-Da! The old "This is bad news... for Obama!" mantra. You tried this tactic during the elections. You tried this tactic during health care reform. Keep trying, it's quite amusing.

Back in 2006, the Left used a series of carefully crafted lies to get back into power in Congress.

Oh, really? Like what? Educate us, Obi-Wan!


Oh, nothing.

they went along and did everything they chastised Republicans for doing, but more of it.

Oh, really? Cool, like what? I'll be sure to jot down these examples and do some research...


Oh, nothing.

in 2008, the Left ran a candidate who ripped everything George W. Bush did...and then copied a lot of it once he got into the Oval Office.

Wow, really? This is a breakthrough! This could be made into a book or something! Once you show us these things we can find a publisher and...

Oh, wait... nothing there, either.

Their political ascension of recent years has been based on lies, and people are starting to realize it. The more people who see through the Left's lies, the fewer people the Left can keep on their side. That makes them desperate. That's when the Left turns to slander and libel to diminish the impact that their opponents have. In other words, the Left tries to protect its lies by lying even more. Yeah, that always works.

And yet... there's nothing to back up a word you're saying.

Hmm... why is it the right-wingers always do that? Is it because you guys know it can be easily invalidated with FACTS? You know, like when you guys try to make a chart of Europe look like a chart of the globe in a failed attempt to discredit AGW?

You guys are so deluded. It's no shock the world points and laughs their asses off at you. No wonder you guys hate them ferriners so much. When you worthless people stop talking about Swift Boaters, secret Muslims from Kenya, terrorist fist-bumps, books called "Treason," and fake Hawaiian birth certificates, then you'll have a diabetic leg to stand on. Until then, there's no need to lie about right-wingers. You have only yourselves to blame.

You even believe your own Top Ten Lies.