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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Get Off Da Stage!

Thomas Lindaman writes:

President Obama has a State of the Union Address tonight. Although it's Constitutionally mandated that the President deliver a status report on the country, the past few years it's become less and less of a report and more and more of a PR statement from the chief executive. Seriously, what President in his right mind is going to come out on national television and say, "The country's in the crapper and I can't fix it"?

Too bad for you guys that Obama is fixing it.  lol

Yet, at some point, we do need to be honest about where we are as a country. Since neither major party will do it, I'll do it.

That's fine.  Just don't start your speech with some irrelevant rambling about Salt Lake City.

My fellow Americans, we face difficult times economically. This is a direct result of a failure of leadership, Democrat and Republican.

Nope, just Republican.

We have mortgaged our future as an economic superpower and the time for payment is coming due.

Much of our problem stems from one of our so-called allies, China. Right now, China owns a lot of our debt and holds something else that has a bearing on our financial future: a desire to see us fail. Of course, there are plenty of people who scoff at this notion, suggesting that China would hurt itself if it allowed us to fail. That is true for now, but there will come a point at which China will no longer need us because they will be able to subsist without us. When that point comes, nothing on Earth will stop China from calling in our debt and ruining us.

Again, even if they could ruin us (they can't, as I'll point out later), how would China creating a global economic collapse benefit them?

For the better part of two decades, we have taken the wrong approach with China. From George H. W. Bush to Barack Obama, China has been allowed to gain more and more economic power on the world stage because we have turned a blind eye to their atrocious human rights record. For years, we held their human rights record above their heads as a carrot to try to bring them forward. Since we've abandoned that approach, China has had no incentive to improve.

Annnnd... what's your solution?

The Obama Administration is hardly abandoning issues regarding China's human rights record.  As a matter of fact, things are actually being accomplished thanks to this Administration.

Now, they rival the US in sheer economic strength, and they are not afraid to flex it.


There is a solution, though, one that will help our economy on so many levels and bring back pride in America. We need to start manufacturing again. For decades, we were the country that made stuff, but that changed. Once we moved into a service-based economy, we pretty much stopped making stuff and started making noise about stuff. But that didn't last long, either. Today, we're not even really a service-based economy because we've given up on even basic service. Let someone in India take that customer service job because we don't want it!

It's not because we don't want it, it's because it's cheaper for the huge corporations to do so.

That has to change, and it must start today. We cannot sustain our current consumer-based economy and expect to remain an economically viable country. We need to get back to basics and rebuild our manufacturing base. When John F. Kennedy introduced the Space Race to America, we responded with great enthusiasm and put our minds to work. We have the same spirit, but it's been dormant for too long. I say it's time we unleash the power of American intellectual might.

We start by giving businesses a reason to locate in America. That will require massive tax breaks for said companies willing to take a chance on America again. With even the start up of a single manufacturing plant, there will be jobs to be had. To ensure the economic strength is restored, those jobs will need to be good paying jobs, jobs where hard work is rewarded instead of scorned.

The problem is that most of the larger corporations don't pay taxes anyway, and the CEO's find enough loopholes to get away with paying 17%.  It's the small businesses and the workers that are getting hurt.  Thanks to the large corporations.  You know, the large corporations that you guys defend endlessly.

Tax breaks aren't the solution.  Making it illegal for companies to outsource is the solution.

Furthermore, there will be strict enforcement of immigration laws. Any company who benefits from my proposal in any way must hire legal workers or all benefits will be stripped from them and any benefits they received will be repaid in full, plus applicable legal fees.

"They took our jerbs!"

If any Republican politician actually cracked down on illegal workers, they would lose all of their backroom support from Big Business.  And you know that.  The only reason you guys pay lip service to illegal workers, is to pander to your racist base.

Liberals are soft on immigration because they aren't racist.  Conservatives are soft on immigration because they can exploit them for cheap labor.  Once again, we're the good guys.

To meet the demands of the future requires a greater emphasis on education, particularly in the areas of math and science. We must commit to holding our students and teachers to higher standards, but we must also commit to ensuring schools have the resources they need and the incentive to excel. Therefore, we will do an assessment of the public school system from top to bottom and fix our weaknesses. That will require a level of honesty we haven't seen in years, but the end result will be worth it.

And cutting the Department of Education, don't forget that.  That'll help, right?  The Invisible Hand of the Free Market will help education just like it did for health care!

Our choice is clear: continue down the path we are on and face economic extinction, or change our path, blaze a new trail, and reform our economy. I say we roll up our sleeves and change the game. That way China can eat our dust for a change.

Thank you, and may God bless America.

After all that Chinese Boogeyman silliness, it's time for some reality:

China only owns between 7%-10% of US debt.  Minute in the overall scheme of things. It just barely beats out Japan. The majority of the debt (almost 70%) is owned by  intergovernmental agencies.

So why is Lindaman so scared of China?  Because Glenn Beck said to be scared of them a few days earlier?

Teabaggers like Lindaman never uttered a word about the size of government or national debt when Bush was in control. Now that the Democrats have control its all about how the sky is falling.

Sorry to disappoint you Republicans, but America is still a strong and very powerful country. Not just in military power, but in creativity and productivity.

Fortunately, liberals (who "hate America" according to Lindaman) apparently have more faith in America than Lindaman does. Why else would people like him support secessionists?