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Monday, January 3, 2011

2011: What New Right-Wing Nuttery Will Come?

Thomas Lindaman writes:

Another tradition I had at CommonConservative.com was an annual column where I made New Year's Resolutions for other people since I was so bad at making them for myself. Since I still suck at it, I put together a list of resolutions for others because, dang it, I CARE. (That, and it makes up for the lack of blogging recently.)

To President Obama, I resolve you pick up a leadership training course and fast. Blaming Republicans for your failures (and there are many) isn't the sign of a great leader. It's the sign of a poor leader who can't or won't take responsibility for his/her actions and instead deflects blame to others as a means to protect his/her ego.

Name his "many failures" and how he isn't taking responsibility for them.

You talk of responsibility?  When you're proven wrong, you just keep repeating the same bullshit.  For example, you keep repeating manmade global warming data was fudged, even when it was proven otherwise.

To Nancy Pelosi, I resolve you take a hard look at your performance as Speaker of the House. I know what you think you did, but what you did was to alienate people of your own party in an attempt to force through your agenda. As a result, your accomplishments were meager at best. Sure, you passed a version of health care reform, but it was a bill that will get challenged in court and possibly be deemed unconstitutional. And your lame excuses and stupid comments ("We have to pass the bill to know what's in it.") insults the intelligence of average Americans.

She said they have to pass the bill so that you can know what's in it.  You won't comprehend it until you experience the benefits.  Because people are too busy listening to shitheads saying "Socialismz" and "ObamaCare" instead of facts.

But at least you got the menu changed in the House cafeteria.

Lord forbid they lead by example by not using Styrofoam and chugging down high fructose corn syrup.

To Harry Reid,I resolve you count your blessings. You dodged an electoral bullet this past November and by all accounts, you haven't earned your position as Senate Majority Leader, but you survived. The next time, you may not be so lucky. Not every Republican is Sharron Angle.

They aren't?

Regardless, I think it's hilarious that Republicans really had to go out and find the world's biggest freak to run against him.

Even if Reid had lost, we'd have probably gotten Durbin in his place.  Then you'd really have to lay on the bullshit!

It's amazing that the Republicans have managed to quarter the retard vote into thinking "Obama is whatever is bad" through emotional appeals -- but then, that's one of the reasons why Reid could be better.  If he could reach out to retards like yourself and your toothless cousins and get you angry that Republicans actually voted for rape, or point out to you that Republicans actually killed small business lending recently, I think that the Democrats could make inroads into your lizard-like communities.

To John Boehner, I resolve you pay attention to the TEA Party movement and bring the Republican Party back to its small government roots. What has happened over the past two years isn't a fluke. It was the direct result of Republicans moving to the Left in ideology and spending. Ignore the TEA Party movement, and you'll find your tenure as Speaker of the House to be a short one.

The Tea Party cost the GOP four Senate seats. They will be ignored in action.  You'll vote Republican anyway.

To Sarah Palin, I resolve you learn to pick your battles. There are a lot of conservatives and Republicans who attack you, but you don't have to respond to them all. Take the time to judge the legitimacy of the charges and respond accordingly. If you know it's complete crap, laugh it off.

She is!  "Blood Libel" was pretty funny, wasn't it?

To Janet Napolitano, I resolve you learn to do your job. Since taking the job, you've shown an incredible lack of understanding of even the basic functions of the Department of Homeland Security. Seriously, sending DHS agents to the Gulf Coast to oversee the oil spill?

While you push for the EPA, which isn't their job?

More airport security regulations that make do nothing to help security?

You're the one that bitched about the feds regarding Faisal Shahzad getting on the plane, when it was the airline itself that allowed him to get on the plane and it was the federal government that actually caught him. lol

Not working on a way to secure our borders?

Get immigration reform addressed, then you'll see more.  In the meantime, the 1500 added border patrol agents certainly didn't hurt.

Lady, you're a long way from competent.

You're going to talk about competence, when you don't even know what she's saying?  You said that Janet Napolitano said that it was premature to say whether the Obama administration's response to the Gulf oil spill was adequate, when Janet was clearly talking about BP's responseWhen you know what she's actually saying, get back to us.

To George Soros, I resolve you spend more of your money trying to take down Glenn Beck. That way you lose more money on a futile effort.

Facts sure piss you guys off, don't they?

What's funniest, is that neither Beck nor Lindaman can point to anything stated about Beck that was wrong.  What's the matter, Lindaman?  Doesn't your good friend and Anti-Semite ANDY MARTIN have new nuggets of wisdom?

To the TEA Party movement, I resolve you stay true to your roots. Now is not the time to compromise with those who want to see your message diluted or distorted for political gains. Stay intellectually honest and stay on our politicians if their ideas run counter to yours.

Like when they scream "JEW!" when their candidate loses?

Or when they try to bring back segregation?

Or when they say Methodists are Socialists?

Or pushing to have history books changed to history books won't say anything about the Founding Fathers "intruding on the Indians or having slaves"?

You guys are a bunch of kooks, which is repeatedly proven.

To Lady Gaga, I resolve you let Madonna know you stole her shtick, circa 1990.

That's very true, and very relevant... back in 2008.  Good to know you're on cutting edge of pop culture.

To Sean Hannity, I resolve you expand your horizons to pick up more than six basic talking points to repeat every day and to use other guests than your usual ten who you seem to have on every week for one reason or another. Seriously, you're boring and it's amazing someone else hasn't overtaken your position as second most listened to talk radio show in the country.

Dude, you brought up the so-called "Climategate" emails in your last few posts over and over again, ignoring that they were cleared.

To America's enemies around the world, I resolve you remember we have an election coming up in 2 years, and if current trends continue, you won't have Obama helping you by being incompetent.

Prove he's incompetent.  And don't forget folks: Lindaman also said Obama would lose the presidential election.

To America's allies around the world, I resolve you remember we have an election coming up in 2 years, and if current trends continue, you won't have to put up with Obama's incompetence for much longer. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Maybe we should have Palin instead, right?  After all, she'll stand with our "NORTH KOREAN" allies. lol

To the manmade global warming cultists, I resolve you get up the courage to admit you were wrong and fudged data to try to hide it. Science isn't helped by your decades of dishonesty, and only after you come clean can you restore what shreds of credibility you have in the scientific community.

Hey, you deluded liar: When are YOU going to grow a sack and admit you were wrong?  TheyWereCleared.  Read that goddamn pdf in the last link.

You're just praying people won't remember they were cleared.

Just like when you posted for days and days trying to prove manmade global warming is a fraud, and claimed you used climatologists as sources.  When the fact is: You weren't able to produce a single climatologist as a source.  You lied.

That's why you ignorant nutjob neanderthals have to say all of those climatologists are in on a vast global conspiracy.  Because all you have are a handful of cranks.  You're nuts.  Completely nuts.  You've taken a course in Science Denial For Beginners.

To my critics,

Critic.  Not "critics."

I resolve you keep pointing out my flaws as you see them. Without you acting as a jeweler's cloth, I wouldn't be able to continue to improve my skills.

You haven't learned a thing.  When your mistakes (re: "Hide the decline", the Doug Ross BP Timeline) are pointed out, you just keep repeating them and ignore the facts.

Even your pointless criticism teaches me something, mainly that there are people out there who will complain about anything no matter how inconsequential.

You are inconsequential, yes.  But your lies are monumental.

And finally...

To my fans, friends, and family, I resolve you enjoy my humble musings next year and take me to task when you disagree. This blog is as much about you as it is about me. I enjoy bringing my perspective to you, and I am humbled when you offer feedback. Thank you.

Happy New Year, everybody!

You have many fans, friends, and family that support you, that's for sure.  Even when you beg them to leave feedback, like you just did. lol

Can't wait to see what new bullshit you right-wing lunatics pull out of your collective asses for 2011.  It'll be difficult to top your ClimateGate Climatologist failure, your BP Timeline failure, and your "Choke on it, I have ANDY MARTIN as a source!" failure.  Bated breath!