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Sunday, May 6, 2012

GOP: Helping Is Hating!

Thomas Lindaman writes:

The Obama/Biden campaign have introduced a new online campaign promotion called "The Life of Julia." The idea is to show how a fictional girl, Julia, is helped by actions Obama has taken and comparing them to Mitt Romney's approach. Not surprisingly, each action Obama has taken has had something to do with government. And the best part? Nothing goes wrong when the government gets involved!

A nice story, but there's an unintentional message in "The Life of Julia" that is particularly worth noting. "The Life of Julia" says women can't succeed without becoming slaves to government.

Cue the feminist backlash in 3...2...1... Nothing? Not even a "Hey, women can make it on their own"? Okay, nevermind.

No matter what Leftists say, the real war on women is being carried out by Leftists, as "The Life of Julia" clearly shows. Why Leftists have such a low opinion of women is beyond me, but what's clear is they talk a great game about being advocates for women. When it comes to actually acting on it, they fail miserably.

Just like "The Life of Julia."

Because there's nothing demeaning about going hungry and being unable to provide health care or education for your kids, which is the right wingers'  preferred path for "Julia."

Yet again, a right-wing MALE speaks for females.

Here's all the "nanny state" atrocities that make right wingers spit nails:

-Head Start
-Public Education
-College Loans
-Access to affordable health care, including birth control
-Prenatal Care
-Equal Pay for equal work
-Small Business Loans and Tax Cuts
-Medicare and Social Security

That's it.

These things, are apparently BAD things for women, according to Lindaman.

Poor little chicks, it's just so demeaning to attend public schools, rather than teach yourself everything. It's beyond pathetic that your bitch of a Grandmother receives Medicare, instead of diagnosing her own diseases.

To right wingers, those programs are evil, and make Americans the "dependent" and lazy good for nothing losers they apparently are.

These things are nearly universally accessed to some degree by every single one of us.  Male AND female.  But never mind, since it benefits women in some capacity, it's a war on women. lol

Most Americans benefit from these programs.  So it seems most Americans are... un-American.

The reality is that the people who hold most Americans in such contempt are the un-American ones.

To right wingers, forced ultrasounds, giving doctors a script to read to women who want an abortion, defining the exact placement of an ultrasound monitor in an exam room, denying people the right to a legal marriage with the person they love, defining what you're allowed to do in your own bedroom... This is totally okay, according to right-wingers.  In the right wing twisted universe, helping people is hating them, and hating people is helping them.

These same right wingers say nothing about the tax subsidies, tax forgiveness and direct spending given to huge corporations and rich people.  They say nothing about cradle to grave advantages from the government to the corporations over ordinary persons.  They say nothing about absolute government protection, from criminal charges to estate wealth protection and everything in between to the elite... at tens of millions more than spending on women and children of modest means. 

The rich couldn't survive without government to protect and subsidize their wealth at every step.  From right wingers, there's dead silence on that issue.

Why?  Because it benefits white males like themselves, and doesn't contribute a dime to Julia's life.

The rich elite must lie compulsively about sociable people being socialists, just because they get a meager crumb of benefits from society that rich people happily enjoy.  They feed the lies into the right wing machine, and the low income right wingers like Lindaman gleefully parrot the talking point, completely unaware that they're only hurting themselves.

Right wingers have the absolute nerve to say we live in a "government-centered" society.  Things like Pell grants, social security, etc. are called government working for people.  We the people, remember that phrase?  Right wingers make me sick with their  economic ignorance parading as seriousness.

And what's with these roads you're driving on? Can't you just saddle-up and blaze your own trail?  Pay for your own fire fighters if your house catches on fire.  Pay for your own police if you need help.  Just like healthcare, if you can't afford it yourself, society shouldn't have to pay for it, right?  Where's the outrage on that?  Aren't you assholes self-supporting enough for those things?

"We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

Small government can't accomplish all that. The government (we, the people) does collectively what we (the individual) can't do individually.

It's called a frigging civilization, you idiots.

It just proves what we already know: Right-wingers are sociopaths.