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Monday, October 5, 2009

Conservatives Say: "Yay, America Lost!" Part II

Lindaman responded to Part I, so here we go:

And Leftists Say: "It's Bush's fault!"

Bush turning world opinion against the US certainly didn't help matters, no.

On the contrary. The world media have all but blamed Obama for Chicago not getting the 2016 nod.
They've said it was an embarrassment, and rightfully so.

"all but"? Don't use weasel words. Just say it. Are you using weasel words to avoid having to use a citation?

It is interesting to see right-wingers pretend to actually respect the opinions of anybody outside the US. Historically, they have worn any rejection by the international community as a badge of pride. Except now, of course.

Flying all that way so the President and the First Lady could give a speech where their entire reason for having Chicago host the 2016 Olympics was "because we want it"?

Did you even hear the speech? And I don't quite see how Obama's involvement could reasonably be described as "costly". He took a trip to Denmark to support our country. Is that considered an unreasonable expense? Only if the President is a Democrat.

Ah, "standard practice." That's why no previous President appeared before the IOC to plug a particular American city...

Again: This. Year.

No. What he would have been saying is "I'm following what other Presidents have done. Besides, I have a country to run." Part of being a leader is delegating authority. Couldn't Joe Biden, the Obama Administration's alleged foreign policy expert, taken this one? Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State? Or, here's a novel idea. Why not let the people who have been actually working on the proposal make the pitch?

Every nation sent a head of state/government...but only Obama was arrogant? Is that what you're saying? Or are you saying he CAVED and did the same thing as the rest of the world?

Ah, but there's a world of difference between meeting with the IOC in a primarily ceremonial capacity, and actually making a pitch at the final vote. Of course, the Left is going to try to spin this anyway they can to take the stink off Obama's pitiful performance.

Spin what? He pitched for the USA. Didn't work. Are you saying it would've worked for somebody else? That's like saying you're an EPIC FAILURE for not winning the lottery last week.

Excuses, excuses. Chicago was seen as the odds-on favorite to win prior to the Obama-Oprah Express showing up in Stockholm. Besides, if all of these factors were in play, how did Chicago even get considered in the first place?

Oh, bullshit. Chicago was never the odds-on favorite.

Ah, the "it was Brazil's turn" lie. Given the outcome of the previous IOC vote, logic would dictate that it would have been Madrid's turn to host the Olympics, given that they lost the bid by 2 votes. Speaking of which, why hasn't the IOC made it Africa's turn to host the Olympics? I would say if it were anyone's turn, it would be Africa's.

Maybe, who knows? But it sure wasn't Chicago's.

Ah, making more excuses for Obama's failure. It's not Obama's fault; it's those eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevillllllllllllllllllllllllll religious right wingers...who by and large CONDEMN VIOLENT ACTS DONE IN THE NAME OF RELIGION.

Yes, if it's the Muslim religion.

And you'd be wrong. The world media said it was on Friday, Saturday, today...

Nope, not wrong. But keep saying "world media." Keeps things nice and vague.

If Obama gives another speech like he did on Friday, conservatives won't have any problems winning elections again.

Coming from a guy that said Obama would lose the presidential election.

Conjecture at best. Partisan bullcrap at worst.

"Partisan bullcrap"? Coming from YOU? The one who said the Swift-Boaters were telling the truth? The one who still said Saddam had WMD's even after it was proven otherwise? The one who said the Democrats lied because they put the bills forward that they said they would within the time limit they said they would, because... the Republicans fought the bills?

Besides, wasn't it the Left who screamed about Bush "taking vacations" while there were problems to deal with in America?

Not me. I preferred it when he WAS on vacation. When Obama starts spending three months at a time in the Vineyard, however, give me a call.

"The war is lost." --- Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

You were saying, Mr. Obama Apologist?

And he was absolutely right. He just should have said it sooner. The war was lost from the moment Bush decided to go to war. We wanted Bush to end an illegal war. But leave it to you guys to equate stating matter-of-factly the truth about an illegal war, to CHEERING AMERICA LOSING.

Were you the one that put up that "Mission Accomplished" banner?

I haven't seen a single conservative cheering that. More Leftist conjecture to try to cover up Obama's failure.

Every mouthpiece you defend is cheering it.

Conjecture based on partisanship and love for Obama. Besides, conservatives have other more important things to do than to jet across the globe to make a failed presentation before the IOC, like WORK.

I'm still trying to figure out how an endorsement of the USA is a failure.

Work? Then why are the majority of right-wing states, (you know the ones with the sister-screwing toothless hillbillies) also the states that are the most dependent on government money rather than money they actually earned? Rednecks of today aren't like the farmers of the past. They're the laziest, fattest people you'll ever meet.

And you do realize that Obama met with the general on board Air Force One prior to leaving Copenhagen, don't you? Among several other things?

"There are two places in the world right now that would be a complete disaster to hold the Olympics: The Middle East and United States."

Gee. What conservative said that?

You were saying, Mr. "I Put Country Before Country"? Or would reading what you typed earlier and quoting it directly showing that I don't have the "speck of intelligence" you were just talking about?

Yep, I'd rather the Olympics NOT be here. But do you see me loudly cheering that America lost?

By the way, I'm assuming you meant Mr. "I Put PARTY Before Country". Since you were talking about people going back to school due to an error. [Update: DEAD SILENCE from Lindaman on that one]

Funny, but I don't recall using that story to pimp a particular political party. Instead, I posted it to point out a wonderful story, something that would most likely have gotten glossed over in other areas.

Right, areas like Congress or a Presidential edict. The fact that they're both Democratic at the moment have nothing to do with that, of course.

Like, say, the blog site where you bash me while simultaneously copying me? Where's YOUR compassion, Mr. Leftist?

Then you shouldn't have backed down from those face-to-face challenges. Hell, that's the only reason you're dealing with me now!

Not like posting on a blog on a Sunday night, huh? That's when REAL people with REAL social lives do their blogging, right?

Considering Sunday night isn't a Friday or Saturday night, yep. Are you such a loser, that you don't know when people go out and have social activities. Jeez, I pity you.

And for the record, Mr. Leftist, that was sarcasm. Look it up and have a conservative explain it to you.

Nice side-step. You guys can't even figure out what "lipstick on a pig" means. The best humor you can come up with is Mallard Fillmore.

By the way, thanks for posting the links to the blog posts so everyone can see Obama's OLYMPIC SIZED EPIC FAIL!

Yep, you better thank me. Since after all these years, I'm still the only reader you have.

They already do. Ronald Reagan ring a bell?

This Ronald Reagan?

By the way... Reagan tried to force prayer in school. Didn't happen. So he's an epic failure, right?

Winning the majority of the Presidential elections over the past 20-30 years?

That's your idea of an accomplishment? Elections?

And you have...Barack Obama being the first President to make a final pitch before the IOC...and fail miserably.

Oh, please. If McCain had won the 2008 election, the President would still have gone to Copenhagen. Chicago still wouldn't have got the Olympics. Liberals would have been disappointed. The Republican pundits like Malkin and Limbaugh would've pointed out things like recent hosting, and positing that the IOC wanted a chance to have the first South American games. And they would be using it as evidence of rampant anti-Americanism in the world at large... A world we must continue to be fearful of.

And there you have it. Another attempt to slander Glenn Beck from a Leftist who can't defend Obama's OLYMPIC SIZED EPIC FAILURE. I guess when you can't defend President Obama, you have to scream "GLENN BECK! GLENN BECK!" or "RUSH LIMBAUGH! RUSH LIMBAUGH!" or "FOX NEWS! FOX NEWS!" in a lame attempt to divert attention from the failure that is the Obama Administration.

Uh, how is Glenn Beck "slandered"? The church a person attends is all that matters, right? Not the person, the church! It sure seemed that way when you were discussing Obama's church!

And I have yet to see any "failures" with the Obama administration.

You guys have NOTHING. You keep throwing soundbites like birth certificates, "secret Muslim", and now this nonsense, against the wall in the hopes something will stick.

Right-wing douchewads are focusing on the manufactured "failure" of Obama, despite Chicago's bid coming before Obama was elected president, and that bid being heartily endorsed by Bush, they have convinced themselves that this was some underhanded Obama machination to pay back Chicago cronies...or something.

You reactionary right-wingers are blowing your load way too early on petty, meaningless crap. If you keep it up, it isn't going to be long before conservative outrage is just taken for granted and loses its potency, even when directed against a matter of actual significance.

If that should happen, and the economy does turn around, or employment bounces back (as many leading economists are now predicting it to), or Health-Care Reform passes and proves successful, you will have absolutely nothing to run on in 2012.

Enjoy this week's soundbite while it lasts, folks, this will make ZERO difference to his administration/image/re-election in the long run. But what WILL be remembered, is the fact that you right-wingers showed your true colors, by loudly cheering America's loss.

UPDATE: DEAD SILENCE from Thomas Lindaman.