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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Like Big Fish In A Barrel

Thomas Lindman recently posted a list of accusations against ACORN from an article by Peter Roff at US News And World Report.

What was snipped from the list in the blogger's post, was the fact that the source that Roff used was not a legitimate House Oversight and Government Reform Committee report. It was released only by the Republicans, not the whole committee.

Lindaman then states: To the Leftists who still think ACORN is a small fish, let me point something out to you. If you shoplift from a convenience store at the same time a murder is occurring on the other side of town, you're still guilty of shoplifting.

Let's continue that false equivalence: Republicans DON'T want the shoplifter to pay for the crimes. The Republicans want the entire convenience store shut down.

If Goldman Sachs, Haliburton, or any other big company is guilty of crimes, I fully endorse investigating them and prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law. And unlike my Leftist brethren, I hold ACORN to the same standard.

Right. That's why Republicans report so much about Halliburton and Goldman Sachs. And all those other wonderful CORPORATIONS that would be shut off thanks to the anti-ACORN bill. They shot themselves in the foot AGAIN.

But that's nothing new from the right:

All of this boils down to one thing: Republicans want the supression of minority voters. Conservatives are hell-bent on destroying the intentions of ACORN - to provide voting rights for the poor and the disadvantaged by making it look like a criminal organization. ACORN has been around since 1970's, and suddenly, the conservatives are pretending to care, and are now working so hard to destroy ACORN and have been wearing tinfoil hats thinking that Obama promotes criminal activities.

Anything which legally increases voter turnout is a good thing. No accusation about the actual ACORN organization and "voter fraud" has ever gained traction, which is why the right jumped all over the pimp fiasco. Anything to break ACORN and disrupt efforts to increase minority voter turnout. One good thing can come of this: Considering the right has finally shed its last bit of sheep's clothing and revealed its rampant racism ever since Obama came around, the Republicans will now lose what little of the minority vote it ever had.