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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Shall Receive

The Leftist blogger who hates me, yet copies everything I do,

You keep leaving out "and refutes it." At least I have the guts to link back to the original source. Even if it is a lying gutless coward like you, Thomas Lindaman.

asked where the posters were to celebrate Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Liar. I didn't say anything about sloppy photoshops that have false quotations. I asked for the partisan bullshit excuses that I knew the right were going to make.

The same partisan bullshit that you kept falsely accusing the left of regarding the olympics. And in that respect, I did indeed "receive."

Well, OF COURSE the Republicans are going to say he's "done nothing" to deserve the prize.

The positive results from the G5+1 meeting with Iran... you know, getting Iran to admit weapons inspectors is kind of a big deal. It's miles better than what Bush accomplished in 8 years. Obama managed to do it by scrapping an overpriced, underperforming weapons system. Diplomacy works, bitches. He single-handedly proposed and pushed through the larges nuclear arms reduction treaty since the NPT. He made fforts against nuclear proliferation since before his election. He has closed hundreds of CIA "blacksites", where prisoners were held in foreign countries, outside of the reach of US law. He has made every effort to close Guantanamo, despite massive pushback from congress. He has opened negotiations with Cuba for the first time in most Americans' lives. He continuously works for bipartisan solutions to domestic issues, despite having a supermajority in both houses of congress. Concrete efforts to reduce carbon emissions, shattering global assumptions about 'racist' America, re-elevating the ambassador to the UN to a cabinet level position. The social implications of the health care push, and even his history of turning down big bucks after Harvard to work (quite successfully) for a non-profit. For Hamas talking to Fatah, and thinking to recognize Israel. For Turkey establishing diplomatic relations with Armenia after 16 years. For influence on Mugabe to share the power. For peace in Kenya last year.

The list goes on... but I guess it all amounts to "nothing" to you right-wingers. All the teabaggers can go and protest in Norway.

Oh, wait... I don't think any teabaggers can afford to buy two seats apiece for a trip to Europe.

UPDATE: DEAD SILENCE from Lindaman. He loses again.