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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rightard Opinion Piece = Fact?

Thomas Lindaman writes:

Another Factual Post Regarding the Gulf Coast Spill


So Lindaman, who squawks about posting partisan links, uses a partisan opinion piece as evidence of... something.

Gee. Isn't that what I've been saying all along and what Leftists have been trying to deny?

No, you haven't been saying any of what was in that column. All you've been doing was blaming Obama. Even the rightard isn't doing that.

I can do that, too, ya know:


Republicans right now have stopped the senate from raising the liability cap 3 TIMES.

Doesn't it just suck having to carry the water of an inept President whose indecision and limp responses to the oil spill have damaged the Gulf Coast?

What "indecision"? What "limp responses"?

People aren't "carrying the water" for anybody. Oh, and stop with the Rushisms, that's as bad as your "Alinsky/Statist" Beckisms.

You're blaming Obama for the MMS, staffed entirely under the Bush administration? That's nothing new, as you right-wingers blamed Obama for TARP, and the economic collapse that happened during Bush.

Oh, and while we're here, I'm waiting for the Left to start holding the Administration responsible for not having fire booms ready to go like federal law required them to have. Until you man up and do that, you have zero credibility calling out BP or anyone else.

Adviser: "Sorry to interrupt your breakfast. Mr. President, North Korea has manufactured another atomic bomb, Iran is saber rattling, and... and..."

Obama: "What is it?"

Adviser: "Sir, I... Uh... there's an issue in a 16 year old emergency response plan an aide found while checking his computer..."

Obama: "And?"

Adviser: "Well, according to this line in the plan, in case of some offshore oil rig spillage, among the various responses includes some fire booms..."

Obama: "Dear God! Cancel my lunch with Netanyahu, or just make him a sandwich. To the Obamamobile!"

Blaming Obama for not using his time machine again! MicromanagementGate!

Do you think the government should spend Trillions to be ready to fix any problem the private sector gets in?

You know who else is supposed to have fire booms? The fucking corporation that causes the spill! Did you know that?

And yet, even if they had a thousand fire booms four feet away from that one rig: They wouldn't have been able to use them any sooner than they did with the booms they wound up using. Because 1. They HAD TO PUT OUT THE RIG FIRE. 2. They had a RESCUE OPERATION going on, you can't go around setting things on fire when there are PEOPLE MISSING. 3. They couldn't use booms due to weather conditions. 4. They were reluctant to use booms due to air pollution. 5. When things settled down, they had to do tests first. By the time all these things were finished... they had the booms they needed anyway. Even NOW, their use of booms is limited due to weather.

BP told the government this could never happen.

BP said if anything happened they had a plan.

Cheney/Bush energy plan made it so government had to TRUST BP and not make sure they had a plan or properly used safety devices.

Remember that energy plan that Bush/Cheney REFUSED TO SAY WHO THEY MET WITH? Remember when they were criticized by the left about only meeting with the oil industry?

Remember the Republicans saying "shut up, it's not important who they met with". Remember that?

Obama is guilty of one thing only: Expecting the previous administration to have things in order.

Takes awhile to undo eight years, and impose accountability.