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Thursday, June 3, 2010

You're Even Funnier

On a SATURDAY NIGHT, because he had nothing better to do with his life, Thomas Lindaman writes:

The past 48 hours has seen attention paid to Glenn Beck's radio show where he pretended to be Malia Obama in a comedy bit.

GFY with that bullshit disclaimer. It wasn't "a comedy bit." It wasn't some pre-planned sketch.

Beck broke one of his own rules by bringing in a politician's children to criticize the politician, and he has since apologized.

Yeah, by criticizing the President again. Nice apology. Stay classy, repugs.

The thing about the controversy, though, is that the reports are only telling half the story. I happened to listen to the bit that day and he did pretend to be Malia. However, he also transitioned from being Malia...to "Sesame Street" puppet Elmo. Yes, he did break his own rules, but to leave out how he switched characters is more than a little intellectually dishonest.

Ah, okay! So if Obama says all white people need to be lined up and shot, then talks like Elmo afterwards, it totally negates what he said? I'll keep that in mind.

Which brings us to Bill Maher.

No, it doesn't actually. Since Maher didn't make fun of anyone's children. But go ahead with your "I'm an Independent(tm). Both sides are bad as these two different subjects show... so vote Republican! But I'm totally not 'carrying the water' for any right-wing pundits!"

On "Real Time With Bill Maher" he suggested that President Obama isn't a "real black President." Then, he went on to portray a "real black President" as a gun-toting thug.

Yeah, take Beck to task for going after Malia Obama, but don't say anything about Maher suggesting a "real black President" would be a thug. At least Beck was man enough to apologize,

Beck is as far removed from a "man" as one can get. A backhanded apology isn't an apology.

even as Leftist websites took him to task. Will those same websites take Maher to task?

Let's just say I'm not holding my breath on that one...

Republicans honestly don't see the difference? Riiight. lol

Oh, look, another false equivalency from the Right to justify their racism and ignorance. I'm so utterly shocked that neocons would be so dishonest. Look at me, can you see how shocked I am?

Even ignoring the main point that Maher is a fucking stand-up comedian and Beck is a dipshit political pundit... Are there any actual black people with an opinion on this? I'd like to hear it. I bet that most Republicans don't want to hear black people's opinion on the matter between the two, though. hehe

You know why Maher's joke isn't causing an outrage among the black community? Because certain people have leeway when it comes to racist jokes. You get more leeway when you support anti-racist causes, because it's more likely you're not a racist. You get less leeway when you support racist groups... like, y'know, the Republican party.

Ya see, that's why I can get away with posting a picture like this without worrying about offending my black friends:

As for Maher's joke -- there is a big difference between making a joke about the president being a stereotypical black man (which Maher did not) and making a joke about wishing the president would behave more like a stereotypical black man (which is what the joke actually was). Most black people DON'T act that way. THAT'S the joke. The fact that it's a ridiculous concept. It's a brutish concept displayed in popular culture -- movies and music. Maher didn't invent it -- he cracked a joke about it.

Liberals weren't so lenient on Michael Richards, were they?

Everyone knows Bill Maher's politics and he has ZERO history of being a bigot, and he has a black girlfriend, so a joke like this is considered funny because of how laughably extreme it is. Had Limbaugh or Beck made it, yeah, it'd be a very different story. You reap what you sow. Don't like it? Tough shit. Stop being a part of a racist party.

Oh, and you must hate Blazing Saddles.

It's only Republican (aka white) people with fake outrage who are "upset" about this. Please spare the world your fake outrage on behalf of the "other" people. That's the funniest joke of all.