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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Deconstructing Demotivation

Lindman posted this picture.

Wow, that was pretty strained. "It's funny cause there's two of them in the picture!"

That's so funny that it would fit right in with the right-wing Half Hour Comedy Hour!

At least Lindaman figured out how to center the text this time. He still hasn't figured out how to make it look like a Demotivational Poster, though. Maybe Lindaman doesn't understand that these posters are supposed to be parodies of Motivational Posters? Could that be why they never look right when he makes them? Hey, Lindy: They're not just pictures with captions. It's supposed to be a spoof!

To his credit, at least he didn't blatantly steal his joke from Jon Stewart like he did with this one.

But hey, it was always easy to find goofy pictures of Bush. Lindaman can't really do that with Obama, and one time Lindaman actually had to find one of Obama smiling on a bumper car with his kid. That was the closest he could get to a "goofy" picture.

At least this time, the picture and the caption are somewhat related, unlike most of the demotivational posters he creates. Usually his demotivational posters have text that runs too long and have nothing to do with the picture itself.

So, even though this poster is just a flat trite pun, it's still his best one to date. Even if it does just reaffirm that right-wingers get off on the economic misery of the American working class.

His demotivational poster would make more sense if he put quote marks around "double dip". I'll explain:

You see, if this demotivational poster wasn't on his blog, a person would probably think Obama and Biden are SAYING the caption. Because demotivational posters aren't supposed to be using personal pronouns like "I". And since unemployment has finally leveled off, and stocks have hit a four-month high, and most economists are saying there isn't going to be a double dip recession... it would make sense that Obama and Biden would be thumbing their noses at people lying about a double dip recession.

So basically my point is this: Lindaman accidentally made a demotivational poster that makes Obama and Biden look good rather than bad. Hehe