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Friday, September 10, 2010

Never Had ONE Lesson!

Lindaman writes:

I Don't Mean To Toot My Own Horn...
...but Toot Toot.

Something I said back in 2006 has come to fruition, and it's all thanks to President Obama and his fellow Leftists.

Back in 2006 and again in 2008, I noticed that Democrats ran on a platform of change. They didn't specify why change was necessary, just that we needed it.

You're lying. They did state why. Now, you can argue whether it actually happened, but don't lie and say they didn't go into specifics. They did. Liar.

And the American people believed it without question. During this time of change from the Left, I pointed out how change isn't always a positive thing and that as much as the Left wanted to change things, eventually change would come back to haunt them.

Welcome to 2010, when the Democrats' slogan has gone from "We need change!" to "We don't need change that badly!" The fatal mistake the Left made is in assuming that the people were behind them completely once they took back control of Congress and the White House. We weren't. Many Americans wanted to give the Democrats a try, and they did. Now, much to their chagrin, they're seeing how their desire for change made them puppets for the Left.

And come November 2010, the Left will have a lot of former supporters to answer to at the polls.

As long as it isn't a poll like the ones that make it clear that the majority of Americans still hate Republicans more than Democrats.

I see you're wording things more carefully after your comment of "Obama will lose the election in November [2008]" blew up in your face.

Remember, Teabaggers: If you want to make sure Black HUSSEIN Osama doesn't win the November 2010 presidential election, be sure to vote Republican on November 3rd!

This is beyond boring. A couple of seats here or there isn't going to change anything in either house of Congress. The Democrats are very likely to retain the Senate. It's considered normal that the sitting President's party lose seats in the mid-term elections.

The Dems won a dozen seats in areas that were so Conservative that it was beyond stupid to expect them to have Democrats in the first place. Naturally some are going to be lost now. Of course, rational thinking like that doesn't fit with the bloodbath political and media narrative where the Democrats will be crushed and destroyed in electoral defeats not yet seen in American history.

The Democrats are only losing a couple of Blue Dogs who they are better off without anyway, and of course they will still control the White House. The Republicans are going to make up some ground, but there's a few sitting Republicans that are expected to be ousted by Democrats. The Republicans are going to get more seats, but probably not enough to get a majority. If you right-wingers think that November is going to be a walk in the park for the Republicans, you're deluding yourselves.

I'd put the Republicans' chances of taking the Senate at 50/50. The Republicans could gain 7 or 8 seats. The Teabaggers are going to go apeshit when that happens. I can't wait to see what the right-wing conspiracy theories will be to explain the results. Of course, at the same time... when Republicans even win one seat, they flip out and claim an unprecedented victory and a sea of change. Just look at the reaction to the Scott Brown election. Basically, the right-wingers will declare victory due to a few seat gains, while simultaneously creating conspiracies as to why it wasn't more.

I don't know what you right-wingers are bitching about anyway. The Dems roll over to the GOP easily. George Bush had no majority nearly as large as the Dems have now, and that dumb bastard got everything he wanted out of the Congress.

The only way the Republicans could even possibly win back both the House and the Senate is if there's a major crash in the economy (worse than the one 2 years ago) between now and November 1. And of course, right-wingers are ROOTING for that. It's always Party Before Country for them. The well-being of America isn't even something that enters into their mind. If they did get a sweeping majority, I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to begin impeachment procedures (they'll think of something).

Republican approval is still lower than Democrats. This should tell everybody even a clean GOP sweep isn't going to mean shit to anyone but the horse race junkies.