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Thursday, September 30, 2010

One Nation, Under Tard

Lindaman writes:

Democrats and their allies are trying to prepare for losses in November's midterm elections, and when I say "losses" I mean soul-crushing butt-kickings from every corner of this country. So, what do they do? Try to appeal to voters' good graces by asking for another chance to prove themselves? Admit they've made mistakes and beg for the mercy of the electorate?

Nope. They're being dumbasses.

Whether it's the Leftist "news" shows obsessing about Christine O'Donnell's dabbling in witchcraft as a teenager,

Yep, hilarious stuff!

comedian Stephen Colbert being invited to testify about immigration,

Awww... did it sting seeing what you people are? The only problem with Colbert was that he wasn't acting batshit crazy enough to truly portray Conservatives as they really are.

or John Kerry saying that the reason people are so upset with government right now is because they're uninformed,

Kerry's problem was that he didn't say it more accurately: That tons of Americans are fucking ignorant.

Democrats seem to either have it in their heads that either the impending losses won't be that bad or that they'll be able to attract voters by insulting their intelligence. Or perhaps it's a bit of both.

There has to actually be some intelligence there in order to insult it.

In any case, Democrats aren't helping their case for reelection in the midterm elections. Although I haven't counted out arrogance as a cause, even ego has limits. I'm beginning to wonder if the Democrats aren't trying to throw the midterm elections so they have an automatic scapegoat come January 2011. After all, they continue to blame George W. Bush for their blunders well after he was no longer President,

No, BUSH'S blunders. This is the usual bullshit. Republicans fuck things up royally, Democrats clean up the mess, tons of Americans are window-licking retards that want the cleanup done faster than it's possible, so they vote back in the Republicans. Repeat.

so what's to stop them from blaming the potentially incoming Republican majority before it takes control? Also, this would give President Obama a built-in excuse for whenever something doesn't get passed in Congress.

Having said that, though, it would be a stupid move for the Left to blame the GOP for the failures of the Administration and the Congress under Democrat leadership. Right now, people aren't looking for who to blame; they want solutions. Voters went for Obama under the auspices of him being different than George W. Bush and having the answers to problems. As it turns out, his answers were to do what Bush did for the most part, only more of it. Now, that's coming back to haunt the Democrats in a way they hadn't expected. Once they gained control of Congress in 2007, they believed that they would be in power for a long time.

Now, on the verge of the midterm elections, we see how stupid is as stupid does.

Speaking of stupid: How about posting that scientific proof of yours that evolution is false?