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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle

Thomas Lindaman writes:

When Barack Obama ran for President in 2008, he promised change. And today, his Administration delivered a big change to our relationship with Israel. In a stunning move reversing years of policy, the Administration announced it would lend support to a UN Security Council statement rebuking Israel for its stance on the settlements in the Gaza Strip. Rumor has it this move was done so the US wouldn't have to veto a UN Security Council resolution by the Palestinians condemning Israel.

Wow. What bold leadership there, huh?

We can debate endlessly over which side is right when it comes to the Gaza Strip, but let's look at some facts.

Here are some facts about Israel, the country we're rebuking:

- Under Israeli law, Muslims have as much freedom as Jewish citizens do, including the right to vote or own a business.

- Although Israel has earned quite a bit of land through military actions, it has given most of the land back through peace treaties.

- Israel has produced numerous Nobel winners in the areas of science and medicine.

- Although the land in Israel is arid, the Israelis have managed to find ways to make the land prosperous.

- Israel is a strong military ally whose form of government is similar to our own in many ways.

- The United States played a sizable role in Israel's reformation in the 1940s.

And we're rebuking these folks?

YEP.  What are you going to do about it?  The fuckers shouldn't be there.  They deserve rebuking.

Sorry, guys... Israel is its own worst enemy.

Let's see some right-wing solutions.  Oh!  Here's one:

Mike Huckabee wants Israel to keep Gaza, and let the Palestinians make a new state from some other country.  That is high-grade retardation from the right.  Never mind that Palestine is their home and has been for centuries.

They don't want some other land. They want their home, the one Israel has decided it deserves and has all the rights in the world to take from them. Never mind if any other country in the world took land like Israel takes from Palestine they'd be charged for war crimes.  It's Zionists like you that caused 9/11 to happen.

Better solution: Give the West Bank territory to Jordan and the Gaza strip to Egypt. Problem solved!

It has to be said again and again, lest someone get confused: The one and only reason right-wingers are in favor of supporting Israel, is because of Armageddon in their Christian book of bullshit, and because they want to stay in good standing with rich Neocons.  They still actually hate Jews because they killed their fictional messiah.

Israel is playing the right-wingers like a fiddle. And in doing so, taking a lot of American cash to basically run amok. Surely we could use that money for something else, right?

Come on, Teabaggers, you know this is wasteful. Call out all those nasty RINOs. All that Israel money could be going for American jobs.