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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Uncivil Unions?

Thomas Lindaman does his usual anti-union claptrap.

It really amuses me that the GOP seems to be building a long term electoral strategy around making villains out of teachers, police, firefighters, nurses, and secretaries. They want to try and convince us that these people are the problem for our budget problems because they make too much money?

The thing is, all normal people know people like this. Just off the top of my head, I can think of a dozen plus teachers, cops, firemen, and government employees that I know, and not a single one of them are rich and stupid. Chances are, most normal people know a dozen people like this too.

How out of touch with working people do you have to be to think that a majority are willing to go along with this?

I've yet to read any of the anti-union shills that post on these right-wing blogs concede that corporate or government demands/tactics are sometimes unreasonable. And certainly none of the "DISMANTLE THE UNIONSGARBL" types are equally calling for the dismantling of corporations and especially public contractors. I didn't realize that union members don't pay taxes!  Oh, they do?

What scares the Republicans is the fact that Conservatives have chronically underfunded and/or raided public pensions to the point where they are a massive liability at all levels of government.

Instead of admitting that it was the Republican politicians of the past that screwed up, and the decent legal thing to do is to raise taxes to pay for the underfunding of pensions... the Republicans are taking this opportunity to union bust.

The GOP really can't even come up with too many people for their followers to hate. They're diseased.

"Well, I didn't hate teachers yesterday, but now that Rush told me to, I fucking hate the ever-loving shit out of them now! I can't stand them! I want to do everything in my power to get them! They should be destroyed and ground into the fucking dirt!"

Remember folks: Unless you are rich, the Republicans absolutely hate you.

"Unions are always the problem!

...unless it's minorities...

...or welfare cases...

...or the homeless...

...or the illegals...

...or people who drink lattes...

Aw hell, let's just generalize it. It's the poor and middle class. The poor and middle class are always the problem!"

Right now, it's public sector workers getting the shaft. In the past it has been, in and the future it will be again, private sector workers. "That guy works for a living and makes more than you! Tear him down!" And the people who have really sucked the blood out of the US will continue to laugh all the way to the bank, with your work and your money.

Don't tear each other down! Unionize.  Organize!

And to the corporations: Don't want union activity to impede your profit? Create a culture (and reputation) that makes it obsolete.  Don't like unions? Don't create a system that gives birth to them.