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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thanks, Republicans!

Thomas Lindaman writes about the federal district court judge ruling the health care reform bill as unconstitutional.

The funniest part is when he says Obama was weak because he wanted others to help on it.  Oh, and he wanted Obama to pander to the judge.  Yeah, that'd be a showing of strong leadership there!

Meh, hillbilly Republican redneck district judge toes the party line, pandering to right-wing lunatics.  Didn't stop enforcement or implementation.  The fact that the judge refused to enjoin or suspend the enactment of the law is very telling. He obviously knows his decision doesn't rest on a sound argument and is unwilling to put his ass on the line. He just wanted to stir the pot and make a few headlines by kissing political Neanderthal-ass. The righties are eating it up too.

What's hilarious is that he basically struck down what was pretty much the Republican healthcare package of 1990s. lol

This is an enormous trap for the right wing.  Many classes of citizens have already begun to receive the benefits of HCR. People who could not get insurance now can. Drug benefits for seniors exist that do not exist before. Millions of people will be directly impacted.  Now that is going to be taken away.  By Republicans and nothing but Republicans.  Let's see how this kind of populism works out for them.

The Republicans are protecting the HMOs and have been since Nixon introduced them. HMOs are about making money, not helping patients.

We have the most ass-backward health system in the civilized world, despite being the richest country in the entire world.

How anyone with a brain could be against universal health care is beyond me.

You get sick in Canada? Walk into a hospital and they treat you. Get sick in America? If you can't pay they literally stick you in a taxi cab and drop you off on the side of the road like trash.  And Republicans get off on that.  Loving Christians, all of them.

To think that some people actually believe these low-level wingnutty Federal judges are really putting the brakes on health care reform. Truly adorable.

These rulings will almost certainly be overruled at the circuit courts. I really doubt SCOTUS will want to touch it. Even though the supremes are dominated by Republican judges, they can't easily gut HRC without opening nearly every Federal mandate to successful challenge by the states. There are a hell of a lot of Federal mandates in our legal code, to open them all to successful legal challenge would spell mayhem.

This is a can of worms even our overtly right wing SCOTUS will probably not dare risk opening. Nobody will touch it. There is no way to please everyone and to touch it would only piss a lot of people off. Bad for your political future, bad for your party.

There is absolutely no chance that the US Supreme Court will rule against the individual mandate. It was a provision put in for the benefit of the health insurance industry. Just as the Supreme Court ruled in favor of corporations in the Citizens United case, so shall they rule in favor of the insurance companies regarding the individual mandate.

Ruling against the mandate would only accelerate the health care delivery crisis in this country, and there may very well be a reinvigorated cause for *GASP!* a public health plan. Big health insurance and lobbyist influenced politicians on both sides of the aisle don't want that.

Wake me when the SCOTUS makes a ruling on the matter.  Good luck with that!

Thanks to you hicks, we're now even closer to a public option!  Thanks guys!

UPDATE: Health Care Repeal Is Dead.  HAHAHAHAHAHAA