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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Try It Yourself, You May Like It

Thomas Lindaman writes:

The Left has accused Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker of many things, most of them untrue. Yet, no one but the Left could have cooked up this one.

It starts with the apparent suicide of Jeri-Lynn Betts, an early childhood teacher from the Watertown school district. She had a history of depression and was greatly distressed by the current budget situation, especially concerning what it would do to the teaching jobs in Wisconsin. After her death, people suggested...you guessed it, Scott Walker was to blame.

Seriously? That's your next big attack on Walker?

Depression and suicide are serious matters, folks. For anyone to even suggest Walker had anything to do with Betts' suicide is stretching the credibility of the anti-Walker crowd. Whatever good points you guys have made are going to be undercut by the people who think Walker had anything to do with the suicide. Unless you denounce these folks, like
the TEA Party denounces racism in their ranks, you're going to be tainted by their statements.

And to anyone who really thinks Walker's actions had anything to do with Betts' suicide, you need to really think carefully about this. Put aside your partisanship and give an honest assessment of the situation. If you think about it and still believe Walker is responsible, so be it, but understand that kind of thinking is no different than Republicans and conservatives who blame everything bad in their lives on Barack Obama. Some things transcend politics. This is one of them. To try to make any kind of political hay out of it is beyond contemptible.

Your own source link states that Betts' own colleagues were stating she was distraught over Walker's policies.  Colleagues, not "Leftists."

The Tea Party has yet to denounce racism in their ranks.  In fact, all you yourself have ever done when you jumped on the astroturf teabagger bandwagon was fall all over yourself to praise and/or defend the proven racists in your ranks.  Oh, and here's a recent example of racism in your ranks.

And you right-wingers used up any implications about political hay when you exploited 9/11.