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Thursday, September 17, 2009

How Right-Wingers Cover Up Blunders

After Thomas Lindaman, just like all the other right-wing mouthpieces like Fox News, got royally punked by the fake ACORN story... they tried to cover up their screw up by now attempting to focus on the people calling these racists as "racist." They're squealing like crazy.

Sorry, assholes. You're racists.

What do you call these signs if there's no racist element to the knuckle-dragging illiterate tea party protesters? These neanderthals were bringing guns and carrying signs calling him Kenyan and Muslim and emphasizing his middle name. Why does Lindaman stick up for birther nuts?

That's not dissent over policy. That's dissent over his race. Were these people rejected by the protesters or welcomed with open arms?

manofmystique said it best:

These white conservatives are only playing dumb. They know full well that racism is behind most of the attacks on this President.

We watch day and night and night and day how these talk shows pundits and News agencies cover current events, and we see how they ignore, overlook and downplay obvious racist comments and behavior directed at this President.

This alone proves these so-called educated people are aware of the circumstances surrounding the attacks on this President.

Take for example Obama's campaign run: Hillary and her husband Bill Clinton engaged in racial politics. Hillary felt the need to point out that the "base of her coalition are white [people]" and Bill brought up Jesse Jackson’s name for no good reason than the fact Obama is black, just like Jackson.

This kind of dirty politics went on the whole time Obama campaigned. It got worse when Obama ran in the general election against Republican candidates John McCain and Sarah Palin. It got downright nasty. At one time ALL of McCain’s ads opposing Obama were negative, negative and full of racial overtone.

McCain did not bother to offer his ideas and policies for America while campaigning against the black man; instead he just attacked the black candidate relentlessly. In fact, during the first of three debates McCain did not look at Obama. That is classic behavior from a white racist. They believe a Black man is not their equal.

These talk show and conservative liars know all about Sarah Palin’s divisive speeches at her rallies and they know about the racist signs that were on display.

Many of her supporters were yelling “hang em high”, “off with his head” and “kill the n*&^er”. At the same time Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity under the guise of free speech LIE, misrepresent and criticize EVERTHING Obama does, while ignoring the good.
It doesn’t stop there.

You have Tea Party (lynch mobs) rallies. You have people bringing guns to a Presidential town hall meeting and Republicans advocating failure for the President. This same Party says no to everything Obama proposes.

You have “Birthers” questioning Obama citizenship and “Deathers” lying about “death panels, both cults refuse to accept truth or reality; on top of that threats on the President’s life increased 400%.
I could go on and on.

The point is there is no excuse or doubt conservatives know racism is behind most attacks on President Obama. This whole denial act is a joke.

Why do they play dumb? They play dumb because they have no intentions on improving race relations. They play dumb because they agree with those who speak hate. They play dumb so hate mongers don’t go away. They play dumb so they can continue to deceive the American people. They play dumb hoping something bad befalls the President [If that happens blacks cannot fault them].
They play dumb because they have no interested in changing their wicked ways.

Think about it, if they were to acknowledge racism is behind attacks on Obama, they would be expected to speak out against this behavior.

Can you imagine seeing [these] racist people speaking out against racism?

And Lindaman: If you claim that these people do not represent all Conservatives... too bad. You're the guy that continually tried to paint the entire organization of ACORN as corrupt, because a few INDIVIDUALS tried to reach their quotas on the REGISTRATIONS by giving false names.

These aren't "a few bad apples." These racists are YOU.

Right wingers are tired of being on the wrong side of racial issues (due to them being racists). So they're trying to shift the social discourse to make it so that an accusation of racism is more offensive than actual racism. They're so desperate, they'll even try to quote MLK. Funny how they forget that he was killed by a racist.