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Monday, September 21, 2009

Why It Doesn't Matter To Intelligent People

Lindaman again defends Glenn Beck, of all people, for his ACORN "research."

Beck is full of shit. Get over it.

He's also angry about how Obama is "removing" the missile defense shield from Europe. Listen: The missiles were NEVER THERE. We're just not PUTTING them there. Why? Because there's a NEW plan that works BETTER. Oh, and as a side benefit: Russia is scrapping a countermeasure plan of their own to deploy missiles near Poland.

The US wanted to build an anti-ballistic missile shield in Eastern Europe. This is ostensibly proposed mainly to protect European countries from ballistic missiles fired from the Middle-east (read: Iran). The anti-ballistic missile facilities proposed are hardened, permanent installations in the Czech Republic, Poland, etc.

Russia has a problem with this. They (ostensibly again) see it as a way for NATO to be protected from missiles heading East-to-West. In reality Russia must know that no missile shield is going to be able to stop 1/10 of what Russia could fire off. But anyway, in response to this they propose putting short range Iskander missiles on the Polish border. What these Iskanders can do is target the missile shield installations, which could neutralize the NATO missile shield in the event Russia feels the need to fire off it's nukes.

Enter Obama. He proposes to scrap the hardened missile shield installations that target long-range ICBMs in favor of mobile installations that target short- and medium-range missiles, as this is most likely what countries like Iran will be firing. This has the effect of being cheaper and quicker to deploy, as well as being more effective against the likely targets. In response to the elimination of the permanent missile shield installations, proposes not deploying the Iskanders which, in the absence of permanent installations, have not much use anyway. Still, it's a concession.

This is essentially a win-win situation for all parties: Europe gets it's missile shield, Russia doesn't feel threatened, and the US saves hundreds of millions of dollars in developing long-range missile shields that likely wouldn't work reliably anyway.

This is why Obama was elected. Because he's NOT STUPID like right-wingers are.