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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sanctions Work, Sorry!

The Epic Failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq proved one thing clearly: that the UN-enforced sanctions regime actually worked. Contrary to what Republicans-Pretending-To-Be-Libertarians have said, we know that containment helped destroy Saddam Hussein's war machine and his capacity to produce weapons. Or are Republicans still pretending they actually had WMD's?

2007: Iran Sanctions Are Meant to Prevent War, Bush Aides Say

2008: Bush, E.U. Threaten New Sanctions Against Iran

So, why is it NOW a wrong for a president to push for sanctions?

"But White House officials said Western intelligence agencies have known about the facility for several years and believe that Iran acknowledged its existence Monday in an attempt to head off intense criticism that they knew was coming."

So why didn't the previous administration that Republicans love so much, do anything about it?

Glenn Greenwald has a handy round-up of links and discussion regarding the Iran issue here. You see, the radical Left actually uses something called citations:

Should any Iraq lessons be applied to Iran? The claims about Iran raise more questions than they answer. Virtually none is being asked by America's media.

Update IV at the bottom is interesting:

"...the rule Iran violated is a 2003 amendment between the Iranians and the IAEA that purports to require notification to the IAEA immediately upon Iran's deciding to build such a facility -- not merely 180 days prior to its receipt of nuclear material. Iran denies the validity of this agreement, as it was never ratified by its legislature, and -- as early as 2007 -- advised the IAEA that it did not consider itself bound by this provision. Thus, it seems clear that Iran complied with all of its obligations under international law with the possible exception of an amendment to an agreement between it and the IAEA which Iran has long claimed is invalid and was never ratified."

What plan do the Republicans have? Invasion? Will we be greeted as liberators?

Since America's fighting keyboard right-wing elite wouldn't have to worry about actually fighting, where's the problem?