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Monday, September 21, 2009

Czars - The Right Wing Perspective!

Who says I don't give the Right a chance to speak?

Here's what the hillbillies have to say about Obama's "Czars":

Interviewer: "[Reading Teabagger sign:] 'Fire those whacky Czars.' Tell me about this concern over Czars."
Teabagger1: (Reading his own sign) "We don't need no stinkin' Czars"
Teabagger2: "Czars in the whitehouse!"
Teabagger3: "I'm opposed to Czars"
Teabagger4 (holding sign: "What's a Czar? R We in Russia?", other side: "Jesus is our king"): "I don't even know, what is a Czar? You know, what are they? ... They're a Russian king! Here [chuckles] [reading the other side] 'Jesus is our king'. "
Interviewer: "Do, do you guys share some of the concerns about Czars?"
Teabagger5 (wearing tag: "Abortion IS NOT healthcare"): "Yes, well I don't even know why Obama appointed a Czar, what are they for? What are they doing? Czar come from Cesar in Roman times and then Russian Czar... This is America we don't have Czars, in America. "
Interviewer: "Do you have any thoughts?"
Teabagger6 (also wearing tag: "Abortion IS NOT healthcare"): "Ahn... Well, the Czars, we don't know who they answer to, we don't know how much they're being paid, and what their jobs are."
Teabagger7 (shirt: "I am a Natural Born Citizen. The Citizenry has a 'Duty' to perform a Citizens' Arrest" ): "Take a picture of my shirt!"
Interviewer: "Well, actually, the first 'Czar' in the United States was appointed by Ronald Reagan. Ah, does any find a concern with that?"
Teabaggers: "I'd never heard of that", "Only due to ignorance. I'd never heard of that"
Interviewer: "Yeah, he appointed a Drug Czar. Czars were expanded under George W Bush."
Interviewer: "So, Czars aren't relatively new, but you're opposed to them?"
Teabagger2: "Yeah. I wasn't really aware of that until now."
Teabagger6: "I just don't know who they answer to."
Interviewer: "What's the concern if they 'have no one to answer to'?"
Teabagger5: "We don't know what their power is. We don't know what they're going to start doing. Are they going to be given land or power over the government?"
Interviewer: "All of the Czars whether under Ronald Reagan, whether under George Bush, or whether under Barack Obama actually have no executive powers no administration powers, they only act as advisory committees"
Teabagger5: "... [shrugs inarticulately] I just don't...[trails off]"
Teabagger6: "You know this how?"
Interviewer: "Now the, uh, Czars in the Obama administration are only advisory roles they actually have no executive power."
Teabagger1: "That I don't know."
Teabagger5: "Did we appoint them to start advising anyone? Who are they advising? The President? Our government officials?"
Interviewer: "Well, we've had advisors for our Presidents for a long time, I think the concern is, in large part, due to the terminology which began under Ronald Reagan"
Teabagger4: "Yeah, yeah. Well, I, I'm learning a lot more about the Republicans also. I've always been a Republican. I think that's changing."

Well, there you have it!