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Monday, February 15, 2010

Airport Insecurity

Thomas Lindaman shares his Thoughts on Airport Security:

what should drive efforts to reform airport security globally: choice. With something so important (and with our leadership in the world diminishing since Reagan),

Traitorously selling arms to an active state sponsor of anti-American terrorism then using the funds to aid a rebellion against the specific intentions of Congress, claiming the Russians had no word for "freedom," claiming that intercontinental ballistic missiles could be recalled once launched, redbaiting the nuclear freeze movement, allowing the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982 then running away from it, claiming one could "win" a nuclear war, colluding with Guatemalan thugs, toasts to Ferdinand Marcos, massacres in El Salvador, "we begin bombing in five minutes,"239 dead U.S. troops in Beirut, C.I.A.-sponsored car-bombing in Lebanon (more than eighty civilians killed), getting cozy with Argentine fascist generals, and happened to be in office when the Soviet Union collapsed... is "world leadership"? Not to mention: Creating the largest ever tax increase (mostly on the backs of the middle class and poor), bankrupting the treasury, closing all the mental health wards thus beginning our current crazy homeless/veterans problem, firing the air traffic controllers, giving tax credits to segregated schools, "trees cause pollution", Elliott Abrams lying to Congress, ketchup as a vegetable, pardons for F.B.I. lawbreakers, voodoo economics, budget deficits, public housing cutbacks, James Watt, disinformation campaigns, "homeless by choice", Manuel Noriega, falling wages, the HUD scandal, air raids on Libya, "constructive engagement" with apartheid South Africa, the DEA, United States Information Agency blacklists of certain speakers that didn't fit a right-wing agenda, attacks on OSHA and workplace safety, assassination manuals, drug tests, lie detector tests, Fawn Hall, female appointees (8 percent), mining harbors, the S&L scandal, Al Haig "in control," silence on AIDS, food-stamp reductions, Debategate, White House shredding, Jonas Savimbi, tax cuts for the rich, "mistakes were made," Michael Deaver's conviction for influence peddling, Lyn Nofziger's conviction for influence peddling, Caspar Weinberger's five-count indictment, Ed Meese ("You don't have many suspects who are innocent of a crime"), Donald Regan (women don't "understand throw-weights"), education cuts, $640 Pentagon toilet seats, African-American judicial appointees (1.9 percent), stealing Carter's briefing book, Reader's Digest, 200 officials accused of wrongdoing, William Casey,"Facts are stupid things," three-by-five cards, the MX missile, the CIA flying in cocaine to support his so-called war, Bitburg, S.D.I., Robert Bork, naps, religious evangelical wackjobs, Teflon.

World leadership, folks! Tis to laugh.

However, he did make Grenada safe for democracy... that sure showed the terrorists who killed all those marines in the barracks bombing who was boss, huh?

And to be fair, if Bush had let his wife make policy decisions by consulting astrologers, rather than listening to Cheney, Wolfowitz, and Perle, we'd have been better off.

The people who laud Reagan always seem to be fiscally irresponsible, irrational evangelicals. In other words, Conservatives.

reforming such a major tool in our security arsenal can't be done by legislative fiat. It's something that has to be organic, from the grassroots up.

Yeah, that same strategy worked so well for our healthcare system.

Will they be as grassroots and organic as the Tea Party Movement?