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Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Not A Fluke When It's A Republican!

Thomas Lindaman can't believe folks are saying Scott Brown's victory doesn't mean people love Republicans!

In the aftermath of Scott Brown's stunning victory to win the Massachusetts Senate seat held by the late Ted Kennedy, Leftists and the media have been trying to figure out a way to minimize the impact of said victory. One of the most popular is that Brown's victory was a fluke, that he merely tapped into the country's anger against Barack Obama and/or the Democrats. I'm sure they're sincere in their beliefs (or at least as sincere as Leftists can be), That's funny, coming from the party of LIE. but they're missing the point. Conservatives and Republicans, too, aren't looking at the big picture. Yes, dear readers, the Brown victory was not a fluke victory by any stretch of the imagination.

Nope, it was a definitive victory... against an incompetent campaign.

Go back a few months to New York-23, and you'll see the real fluke. In that race, an established Democrat with the backing of a Republican (who, surprise surprise, was being backed by a different arm of the same Leftist political enterprise, ACORN)

LOL, Republicans use the term "ACORN" more than OJ Simpson's legal team used the term "Mark Fuhrman." Obama lying about his birth certificate, ACORN causing voter fraud, the Climatologists that are all lying about Global Warming to get all that grant money to keep up their Rock Star Scientist Lifestyle...

"A study by the non-partisan Congressional Research Service (CRS) found that the community organizing group known as ACORN properly used all federal dollars it received in the past five years. In addition, the report found that no voters who were allegedly registered to vote improperly cast any ballots."

The ACORN conspiracy was all much ado about nothing, also known as the Republican platform. Not only that, pimp-boy was arrested for trying to wiretap a Senator's office. A Republican attempting to wiretap someone without a warrant? Perish the thought! The fact that NY-23 was Republican-controlled for a hundred years indicates that if there's voter fraud in that area, it sure isn't on the Democratic side. ACORN helps poor people vote, and that's why the Republicans hate them.

They have never been convicted of VOTER FRAUD. Not once. So cram it sideways, you proven right-wing liars.

barely beat a member of the Conservative Party. For those of you unfamiliar with the facts in this case, the Conservative Party is a separate party in New York State from the Republican Party. In other words, they're a third party. When you consider a third party candidate with less time in the race than the other two candidates almost knocked off the Democrat in an election season where public discontent against government was already high, it's clear that the Democrats were lucky to come away with that victory.

Considering the Democrats won in an area that's been Republican for over a hundred years, I'd say it was a little more than luck, Bub. But that won't stop right-wingers from saying THAT was a "fluke."

Of course, at the time, the media and the Left were crowing about "taking the seat away from the GOP, who held it since the Civil War." (Of course, that's not true, as NY-23 was represented by a Democrat way back in 1993, but let's not get into those details here.)

Well, of course we don't want to get into those details. Because the details make it clear that (again): NY-23 has changed locations over the ages. The "Left" who were saying that NY-23 has been held by Republicans since the Civil War, were talking about the actual geographic area now in NY-23 - not the district that happened to have the number 23. Right now it's bordering Canada.

And you know that (at least after I already stated that fact in December), we're just hearing that age-old right-wing tactic of repeating the same lies over and over again in the hopes they will stick.

They were so psyched about their win that they overlooked a good chunk of the whole picture, and that cost them in Massachusetts. Now that the Left is in full excuse mode, it's unlikely they will look at Brown's victory as anything but a hiccup, a once-in-a-lifetime thing. The problem is that it's not. It's a sign of things to come.

Get back to us when a Republican wins against a COMPETENT campaign. The ONLY reason Brown won was because his opponent ran a stupid, Fred Thompson-like campaign. If Oakley had put in one good day's work, the seat would be hers today.

I find it amusing that every new Republican to come down the pike (who hasn't been caught yet blowing a homeless guy in the bus station bathroom), no matter how stupid they are, is hailed as the savior of the party and trotted out for 2012.