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Monday, February 15, 2010

We've Heard It All Before

Thomas Lindaman refers back to an older posting on his blog by Stella Rondo.

After a long post of nothing but strawmen, her summary is:

Obama is entering implementation with a poorly defined problem,

Hmmm... let's see... we have a healthcare system that benefits from denying claims... we have 45.8 million uninsured people (growing at an annual rate of 1.1 million)... 70 million Americans have inadequate insurance and a major health problem would send them to financial ruin... the U.S. ranking 17th in male life expectancy, 16th in female life expectancy, and 21st in infant mortality... the fact that we spend far more per capita on our health care than any other country (for less benefits)... It's only "poorly defined" for right-wingers trying to cloud the issue.

When you right-wing bloggers wind up in a wheelchair with your feet chopped off due to your adult-onset diabetes brought about by your morbid obesity, crying about how you're broke because you were continually denied benefits... I'll laugh like crazy at you, and piss on your graves after you die poor and ALONE in bed from suicide or an early heart attack. Is that defined enough for you?

a poorly defined solution,

It's only "poorly defined" to stupid inbred heifers.

, and a resistant, increasingly hostile, and impatient public whose core cultural beliefs are attacked.

The United States doesn't have a "culture" aside from what we've stolen from other countries. Too bad we haven't stolen their ability to have decent health care.

And (again) the majority of Americans are in favor of health care reform. It's only the right-wingers that are too goddamned STUPID and IGNORANT that don't like the idea, because they've been listening to right-wing mouthpieces that basically tell them to vote against their own interests (as always). That's the "people" that Rondo keeps referring to.

I would not be surprised to eventually see things like a return of Congress to the GOP, doctor strikes, public marches, computer programming snafus, "sick-outs", and computer hackings, to name just a few ways in which people could resist.

Too bad none of that happened. You heard it here first!

You cunts wouldn't even be able to vote if your fellow right-wingers had their say.