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Monday, August 2, 2010

A Morning Zoo Host Is BRAVER Than The View!

Lindaman writes:

I figured since so many people were talking about it, I'd chime in on President Obama appearing on "The View" this week. And what do I think about it?

Absolutely nothing.

Seriously, do we have nothing on our plates but the President going on a daytime talk show? Why would we care? If the President wants to go on a talk show, let him. It's his credibility on the line when he does. No skin off my nose. But to hear conservatives talk about it, Obama was disgracing the office of the President by showing up on "The View."

Folks, you have to pick your battles. The President going on "The View" is no big deal because the show stinks on ice. Having the President go on it would be like having him go on "The Joy Behar Show": only a handful of people are going to watch, and usually it's the type of people who already agree with him. He's not going to convert anyone. If he wanted to make an impact, he would get the guts to go on the Glenn Beck show.

It's like the attention paid to Chelsea Clinton's wedding. It's worthless attention paid to an event that doesn't warrant more attention than knowing she's getting married. End of story, kids. Let it go.

Don't get sucked into the tilting against over-hyped windmills. Keep the focus on subjects that matter.

If Right-wingers forcused on subjects that mattered, they would have nothing to complain about. Whether it's making a big deal out of trivial bullshit (going to a Broadway show), or lying about non-trivial things (Birth certificates, speed of response to the BP spill); Right-wingers have to manufacture outrage, because they have nothing of real substance to work with.

No matter what Obama does, the right-wingers will say: "How can we use this politically against the President?"

For the Right-Wingers that ARE making a big deal about Obama being on The View:

Is the problem here that he went to speak on a show heavily watched by a demographic that's flagging? In order to remind them of his policies and character?

So... he's supposed to let noise machines mischaracterize or lie to them instead of actually TALKING to the citizens?

So what you're saying is that the president speaking to the people is a bad thing?

It gets him in front of an audience that doesn't normally watch the news. Actually fairly smart.

The assumptions being made are that President Obama always is maneuvering politically, and that "The View" is not a political show. Therefore, for President Obama to appear on "The View", one of those assumptions is incorrect. So, the choice boils down to two propositions: President Obama does not always maneuver politically, or "The View" is a venue for serious politics.

Conservatives/Republicans/Libertarians/Independents(tm) didn't even remember Bush went on talk shows, because the left didn't give a shit back then either. The right wing losers whine about anything from mustard to ipods, so don't pretend that is a trait shared by the left. We actually have legitimate things to be outraged about.

We could sit here and post pictures of Bush, during his presidency, going on gameshows and talkshows all day, (and it was A-OK back then) but we all know the truth: The Retarded Right would continue to be outraged that Obama did it. They never let reality get in the way of a good talking point.

Take, for example, the "teleprompter president" talking point. That tired talking point was trotted out again, and again, despite the tide of photographic evidence that Bush 2, Bush 1, and especially Reagan frequently used teleprompters.

They tipped their hand a little too easily because, as we all know, Republicans didn't have a problem with teleprompters... That is, until Obama used one!

Nobody cared when Bush did his TV appearances. Because Bush was such a fuck up, the left didn't have to constantly manufacture outrage.

I'll let Jon Stewart handle this one, including the fact that Bush and Laura went on Dr. Phil. lol

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Hey, the clip was worth it just for Stewart's brief Dennis Miller impression.

The right-wingers want Obama on Beck? That's as hilarious as creationists whining about not being able to put their ideas in SCIENCE books. Yeah, it's SO much more serious than The View for Obama to go on a show that's run by morning zoo radio host Beck.

But the real issue here is Obama ignoring the Boy Scouts! By the way, Reagan never went. EVER. But the homophobic Boy Scouts are great, aren't they? They gave Roger Ailes an award, and allowed Limbaugh to introduce him.

I do wish Obama had went to the Boy Scout thing, though. I've been missing all the wingnut stories about Obama's secret army. A brand new conspiracy theory saying he's subverting the boy scouts into the Hitler youth corps would have really made my day.

After all, Beck sure likes such insanity:

By the way, the above is another answer as to why Obama shouldn't go on Beck. Beck is a tard.

Any small thing that pisses off the right wing is politically a good move, as these people eventually blow something up or kill a doctor in their rage and then lose support from the middle.

Here's a transcript of the View interview, for those that are interested.

Big bad Obama on TV really upsets the right. And I love it.