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Monday, August 2, 2010

"They Hate Him! They Really, Really Hate Him!"

Lindaman writes:

The Charlie Rangel situation is getting more and more interesting. While Rangel himself is digging in his heels and welcoming the ethics investigation into his alleged crimes, President Obama has taken a different position. He said the following in an interview with CBS News:

I think Charlie Rangel served a very long time and served -- his constituents very well. But these -- allegations are very troubling. And he'll -- he's somebody who's at the end of his career. Eighty years old. I'm sure that -- what he wants is to be able to -- end his career with dignity. And my hope is that -- it happens.

Set aside the disjointed sentence structure and rampant ageism by the President for a moment

Ageism my eye. Congress seems to be the only place in America where nobody over the age of seventy-five ever retires gracefully. Eighty year old men have no business in Congress. He and so many others need to step down because, like so many, they are all the same pack of useless sellout hacks that couldn't write a bill to help the people of this country if their lives depended on it. Obama clearly wants Rangel to step down. Otherwise we'll see how well an eighty year old does in prison.

But these are right-wingers, who are people that prop up zombie politicians like Strom Thurmond, and support having America run by a president that had Senile Dementia while still in office.

And another that had Presenile Dementia, and took "disjointed sentence structure" to a new art form, even when rehearsed and teleprompted. Hint: He was the President before this current one.

Pretty funny hearing cries of "ageism" from someone who is a bigot, a racist, and uses a proven anti-Semite as a source. Not to mention being part a group that mocked a vietnam vet when he ran for president. Then tried to counter this by implying that "the liberal SNL" made fun of Bob Dole's war injury (which they didn't, you failure).

As for his sentence structure: Maybe he should join Toastmasters! Nah, that's only for people that don't have the talent to get paid to speak, and instead have to pay to have others hear you speak.

Watching the ACTUAL VIDEO shows there's nothing disjointed with Obama's sentence structure, especially since it's not rehearsed:


But hey, that's Ben Smith for you.

and really think about the implications of Obama's statement in the context of the rising tension between the White House and Congress. It's safe to say that Congressional Democrats and Obama aren't getting along like they used to anymore because the former can't seem to get the latter's help in supporting his agenda. The President talked a great game about health care reform, but left Congress to try to make the sale to its constituents. That didn't go well, and Obama did little to help them. This made the Congressional Democrats look bad, and I firmly believe it caused the health care reform bill to stay stuck in Congress far longer than it should have been. But it wasn't Obama who took the heat for that. It was Congress. And given some of the egos in Congress, that's not going to sit well.

Wow, that was a big, chunky pile of bullshit right there. Obama even spoke to Congress directly in a joint session, which is EXTREMELY rare.

After ALL that he did, you're going to sit there and claim Obama didn't help healthcare reform? Really? You really believe that? But hey, this is coming from a guy who believes Swift Boaters (the day you said you believed the Swift Boaters, was the day I knew you were beyond help).

There are a lot of other dynamics in play here, but the tension between the Obama White House and Congressional Democrats are going to get worse in the light of Obama's statement against Rangel before they get better.

You can put your tinfoil hat away. You can keep repeating "Democrats in Congress hate Obama, really!" but you can't support that. They love the guy (well, maybe not the Blue Dogs... even though Obama is closer to an Eisenhower Republican than a Liberal Democrat). You'll just have to get over that.