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Thursday, August 19, 2010

You Are Your Kid's Racist Mom

Lindaman writes:

What do humorist Mark Twain and soon-to-be-ex-talk radio show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger have in common? The answer may surprise you, but we'll get to that in a bit.

First, I have to say that I'm not a Dr. Laura fan. In the few times I've listened to her, I've found her to be sanctimonious, condescending, and above all else, unoriginal. Every problem seems to have the same answer: listen to Dr. Laura's brusque advice. And while we're here, if you rely on a talk radio host as your moral authority, you have bigger problems than shacking up with someone to worry about.

She's full of hate and goes out of her way to make entire groups of people (especially gays) feel bad about themselves.

Having said that, I feel the controversy surrounding her use of the n-word is nonsense contrived by the Left to try to take down someone who has been a thorn in their collective sides. It's spiteful at best, but at worst it's dangerous to free speech. Like it or not, racism (even imaginary racism) is protected speech. The thing about free speech is that, although you are guaranteed a right to speak, you are not guaranteed a right to an audience. If you don't like Dr. Laura, turn on NPR, and vice versa.

She has the right to say it, and we have the right to call her out on it. The First Amendment doesn't require that Dr. Laura continue to be paid for being a racist, worthless, homophobic, hairy-bushed twunt.

And of course the Conservatives equate criticism of a racist skank as "stopping free speech." CEO Steinhafel of Target just made the same bogus claim, "People boycotting the store are attacking my freedom of speech blah blah blah." Actually, they're just exercising their own freedom of speech, and choice, which allows them to disagree with his retarded ass and show it.

Everyone CAN use the word. Knock yourself out. However, you don't have the right to dictate how people will react to it. Your "fair's fair" argument might not get you too far.

This is not to say Dr. Laura's without fault here. As a target of the Left, a political group that has no problem taking comments out of context and railing against them (ex. Media Matters talking about Glenn Beck),

ROFL! What's funniest about that Media Matters issue about Glenn Beck's staff, is that the right-wingers would never have known about it if Media Matters hadn't corrected the error themselves (almost immediately, I might add). It's called accountability. Look into it, right-wingers (especially you, Breitbart... who instead of taking responsibility, accused the white farmers of being liberal plants). But hey, that's totally the same as dropping the n-bomb over and over!

she should have known the use of the n-word would have gotten them salivating and calling for her to be taken off the air.

Dr. Laura didn't even bother to address the issue that the lady called about. She just took a right turn and went on a rant about who is or isn't allowed to use one of the most offensive words in the English lexicon. She was all about her gleefully being able to repeatedly say the n-word and get away with it, and then giving the caller shit for being offended. She then makes a racist statement to her about her marriage, and cuts the caller off.

Wow, right-wingers defending a white right-winger for repeatedly being mean to someone in an interracial relationship, and baiting her by using the n-word repeatedly in the process, as well as making racist statements to her? The racist is the victim to the right-wingers? Color. Me. Shocked.

But seriously, I'm truly surprised that Dr. Laura didn't say that she was an "just an entertainer". That excuse works so well for other right-wing entertainers like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

She unwittingly gave the Left what they wanted: a reason to take her out of context and then take her down.

Yeah, it's only geared toward right-wingers. After all, look at how well the left embraced Brad Garrett and Michael Richards.

Of course, the Left never lets a little thing like context get in the way of a good narrative. It's like how the Left has railed against Huckleberry Finn in the 90s. They didn't bother to understand the setting of the book or the context of the use of the n-word. All they saw was the n-word, and on that, they called the book racist. Yet, the book makes a serious point about being colorblind when it comes to racial relationships and points out the hypocrisy in those who saw (and continue to see) only race.

Guess you never saw that Family Ties episode...

Actually, the earliest reasons Huck Finn was criticized was because it had an interracial friendship. Yep, racists hated it. They love it NOW, of course. Certainly not because of it using the n-word 215 times and slave Jim being used for minstrel-like comedy, of course.

So, what do Mark Twain and Dr. Laura have in common? They've both been criticized by the Left for making a valid point about race relations that the Left was able to take out of context.

Dr. Laura, out of context? LOL And just what major left-wing media (or mainstream media, since it's the same thing to you guys) stated she called someone the n-word? Let's not forget how she ended the call. That was the truly offensive piece. She told the caller "If you're that hypersensitive about color and don't have a sense of humor, don't marry outside of your race." Dr. Laura can't even make assumptions about the caller's sensitivity, considering she was hardly even given a chance to explain her feelings. This is just the typical blatant racism of her kind, and (of course) you right-wingers defend it.

Right-wing racists are just mad they can't say the n-word any more without facing social ramifications. Yeah, we get it. "She should be able to say n_gger without some n_gger getting offended like a typical n_gger."

This is just like the Islamic community center two blocks from the WTC site. They didn't give a damn about the 9-11 survivors when Ann Coulter bashed them. It has nothing to do with 9-11, this is their "Muhammed cartoon" moment. Yes, they are that petty.

I am honestly surprised that the political right has not yet called on President Obama to denounce the word "honky".

Why don't you ask what black people feel about what Dr. Laura said? Yet again: Fat white right-wingers, who have absolutely no idea what it's like to live in this country as a black person, believe they know just what every black person should think, feel and do.

"You just don't get it!"

I have to laugh when I hear perma-fried white trash make that lame ancient-ass argument. "How come 'they' can say it and we cain't?" Really? You don't know? You honestly can't grasp why? You really can't figure out that it's highly unlikely that a black man saying "What up, my ni__a?" does not mean "What are you currently doing, my genetically-inferior personal property?"

So continue to shed those tears for yet another right-wing racist, bloggers. Call me when Dr. Laura is being charged with a crime for repeatedly dropping the N-Bomb on public radio. Ah, Republicans: The party of personal responsibility (where everything is always the fault of "liberals").

Criticism? I thank Dr. Laura for yet another example of right wing racism. We should be thankful every time some idiot accidentally shows their ugly side, and their defenders do the same in response to criticism. It exposes all of them and their toxic ideas to sunlight, which is the best cure in the long term.