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Thursday, May 26, 2011

It MUST Mean She's SEXUALLY Promiscuous!

In response to right-wing talk slut Laura Ingraham lying about Obama's response to the tornado situation in Missouri and the South, Ed Schultz truthfully called Laura Ingraham a "right wing slut" and a "talk slut".  In response to this, right-wing sluts like Thomas Lindaman have poutrage.

Ed Schultz apologized and MSNBC suspended Schultz, which are two things Lindaman glosses over.  Naturally he would gloss those facts over, since it again shows something right-wingers don't have: accountability. 

Don't believe me?  If a right-winger untruthfully calls a Democrat a "faggot"... The right-winger would not apologize (she didn't), right wingers like Lindaman would say nothing (he didn't, check his archives), and FOX would do nothing (they didn't).

At any rate, Ingraham will never say anything good about the president, even Bill O'Reilly has called her a Kool-Aid drinker. 

Now, as for the tornadoes (which Lindaman expectedly blames on Obama, just like Lindaman unsuccessfully tried to do during the BP spill):

Eric Cantor can say a bunch of nonsense in the congress about "we're not going to send Joplin any money without cutting something else out of the budget" (thank goodness the money was finally made available) and that's somehow okay, but Obama is criticized for not flying right home from Europe --and doing WHAT, exactly?-- while the tornado is going on.

Bush was just sitting around when Katrina went down, Obama is on an official state visit and also the G8 summit. Obama was already out of the country when the tornado hit.  Everything he can do for the situation he can do anywhere he happens to be. Until things are handled, Obama's job is to have competent people on the ground. Which he can do from anywhere in the world.

Do the righties want Obama to at least make a statement?  Oh, he did that.

People were angry at Bush's handling of Katrina, but it wasn't because Bush didn't visit.  It was because there were people being trapped on roofs for 3 days without any signs of rescue or help, and Bush put a horse breeder (Brown) in charge of FEMA as a political favor, and Brown's management was piss-poor. Bush's callousness about their inadequacy pissed people off by praising Brown as doing a "heckuva job", illustrating that Bush was oblivious to the situation. Focusing on how horrible it was that Trent Lott's beachfront home was trashed didn't help either.

In this current situation FEMA actually has done a "heckuva job" so far. The right-wingers are so pissed that the government is working in this situation, they are trying to promote a fictional narrative that it is not in hopes it will gain traction.

Of course, had Obama changed his plans, canceled a state dinner with the Queen of England and flown directly to Joplin MO to survey the damage, we'd be hearing endless howls about how he disrespected our closest ally, and besides... he's just getting in the way of people trying to do REAL rescue work with his self-aggrandizing photo ops.

But back to Ed:

A Republican makes a racist term that Obama is "chugging 40's" and Lindaman says nothing. 

But a mouthpiece calls an actual right-wing slut a "right-wing slut" and he calls for his head.

Just like someone who loves posing for pictures is a "camera slut", just like someone who has a "Hey, look at me!" attitude is an "attention whore", Ingraham is indeed a right-wing slut and a talk slut.

So Ed Schultz (who I'm not even a fan of, give Maddow his time) gets suspended for truthfully calling Laura Ingraham a talk slut, yet a whitebread-mayonnaise honky like Bolling can dog-whistle Obama's "ghetto roots" to the foxtards with impunity.

These right-wingers have a problem with Obama no matter what he does. It's just incidental that they often express their dislike in racist terms.

Laura took the "high road" by accepting the apology?  What else could she do?  Ed was telling the truth.  Just like Bill Maher (who by the way is a Comedian, and a Libertarian) was telling the truth when he called Palin a dumb twat and bimbo. 

We'll call the right-wing attention tramps out for the sluts, whores, twats, and cunts that they are.  You "small government" right-wingers (who are now magically feminists) just want to control all women's uteruses and make rape justifiable if a woman dresses in a way you don't like.