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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Now He's Really, REALLY Concerned!

Thomas Lindaman gets even more "concerned" and writes:

With the death of Osama Bin Laden and recent news of intelligence on al Qaeda from Bin Laden's computer records, it appears we've struck a major blow to international terrorism. Yet, when taken as part of the totality in the Middle East, we may be looking at a vastly different and much more dangerous landscape soon.

If what I've heard recently is true, al Qaeda may have split in half on religious grounds with a more radical faction ignoring Bin Laden's leadership. If so, this is consistent with what we've seen in Egypt and Libya, where more radical factions have pushed for the removal of less strident or weaker leaders. Even more radical Islamic regimes, such as Iran, could be moving in that direction.

Whether international terrorist groups are leading the charge or going with the flow is immaterial. The real issue is the further radicalization of the Middle East and its impact on the war on terrorism. Dealing a death blow to al Qaeda (or a portion of it) is good, but if we leave it at that, we're setting ourselves up for failure yet again, a failure that could dwarf 9/11.

So, what are we doing about it? From what I'm seeing, not much.

We get it, you right-wingers want this country to fail as long as a Democrat is in office.  Too bad it never happens. lol

Poor right-wingers.  They have to scramble every single time in order to figure out something to blame on Obama, since they never can find anything of substance.  That's why they get hung up on birth certificates.  Oh, but Obama crushed you idiots on that, too. hehe

Even after killing Osama, Lindaman still has to trot out the usual "Obama isn't a leader" bullshit.

Just a reminder of what right-wingers think a leader is (remember, this was only six months after 9/11):

President Barack Obama can do as many victory laps as he wants,

Which he didn't. 

See, folks, this is the latest desperate right-wing soundbite that Lindaman is repeating: That because Obama is congratulating the Navy SEALs, and giving closure to the 9/11 victims, he's doing a "victory lap."

According to right-wingers, congratulating SEALs is a "victory lap."  But stomping on the corpses of the 9/11 victims is perfectly fine:

So, are you right-wingers saying that Obama shouldn't congratulate the SEAL team?  Well, to be fair, the SEALs did help Obama look good, and therefore to right-wingers, they are now enemies of America.

To summarize: Right-wingers, yet again, are proven gutless scumbuckets.

Just like their "I" counting of Obama's 5/1/11 speech, comparing it Bush's speech.  And it ended up being 1/20th of Bush words were "I" related and 1/30th of Obama words were "I" related, so their point was lost. Of course, it wasn't "lost", just wrong.  But since when are right-wingers ever correct?

Even, in some alternate universe, Obama was making a victory lap, at least he'd have a victory to have a lap about.  What do Republicans have to be proud of in the past few decades?

but he's already come out supporting the forces in Egypt and Libya, both of whom have clear ties to radical Islam. Even former President George W. Bush took his eyes off the ball in the war on terrorism by not following through once Iraq and Afghanistan were more stabilized after our military interventions.

Sure, waterboarding and Gitmo worked to nab Bin Laden, but we've wavered on those as well.

Nice failed attempt at slipping that one in there.  Waterboarding did not help, according to the United States' number one anti-terrorism expert.

Also, doesn't it bother anyone else how quickly the Obama Administration sided with the more radical elements in Libya and Egypt? It's not like those elements have hidden their agenda or their hatred of America, either. Yet, we're content to let them do the dirty work in getting rid of leaders we no longer "need" in power. If they succeed, something will have to fill the vacuum, and I don't think it's going to be filled by Muslims who want to peacefully co-exist with the West.

In Libya, Obama has support from the United Nations, NATO, the Arab League, the regional powers, and Libyan's own people.  And you hate that. lol

In Egypt, Obama did the intelligent thing and let our and Egypt's militaries talk through things and figure out what to do.  And it results in a peaceful revolution in a Muslim country. And right-wingers are pissed because Egypt tossed out a guy they were heavy supporters of.  Embarrassing for you guys, isn't it?

Then Obama kills Bin Laden. 

Three wins in a row for the United States.  But to Lindaman, this "isn't much." lol

Although we can breathe a sigh of relief at Osama Bin Laden's death, the war on terrorism isn't over by that one act. There is a bigger storm on the horizon, and if recent history and current events are any indication, we're not ready for it.

Yes, we are.  Or you wouldn't be scrambling to say otherwise, right after such a blow to the terrorist community.  Enablers, the lot of you.

From now on, when discussing matters like Libya, you may want to try this handy right-wing guide:

You right-wingers are happily praying for this country to burn to the ground, as long as you can get Republicans elected, and as long as those elected Republicans protect corporate anarchy. 

That's why Lindaman, to this very day, still hasn't been able to say why anyone but a Democrat should be elected.  Because the Democrats repeatedly prove they are the ones who actually get the job done.