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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Kook We Already Knew

Thomas Lindaman writes:

Earlier this week, the news was focused around the White House finally releasing President Obama's birth certificate,

Obama released his birth certificate in June of 2008, Lindaman.  Remember?

ending years of speculation about his birthplace and citizenship.

Speculation?  His birthplace was right there on the birth certificate that he released in June of 2008.  His citizenship is unquestionable to anyone with even a lick of common sense.

The media were among the loudest voices heard saying, "See? We told you he was born here and the 'birthers' were crazy!"

Loudest voices? There was never any question he was born here to anyone with common sense, which of course excludes you crazy birthers.

Others were not as convinced, however. Even Donald Trump, the "birther du joir" as it were, said he wanted to check it out further.

That's because birthers have painted themselves into a corner. They said they wanted the "long form" and no other proof could sway them. And unless they release it, Obama is a Muslim Kenyan socialist who was groomed from birth to destroy the United States.  So now we have the long form certificate. But the birthers can't back down now. So of course the long form isn't good enough.

Throughout this controversy, I've tried to keep an open mind. I've listened to both sides, weighed the evidence presented, and kept checking my premises when new data came in.

Then you threw it all out because it didn't support your preconceived notion.

How can you even "listen to both sides" when the fact that he released his birth certificate in June of 2008 seems to elude you?  After that, any "speculation" was finished to rational people.

So far, the "birthers" have presented the more convincing argument because they've at least brought forward information to be considered.

And there you have it, folks.  In spite of his previous denials, Lindaman has just proven what we already knew: That he is indeed a birther kook.

I knew that he was really a birther, because he will believe any nutty conspiracy theory that furthers a right-wing agenda.  Just like when Lindaman embraced the Swift Boaters.  Add to the fact that he outed himself as a bigot, a xenophobe, and a racist in 2010... and it was inevitable that he would eventually out himself as a birther.

"Brought forward information"?  And just how is any of that slobber going to contradict the fact that his birth certificate that was released in June of 2008 shows he was born in Hawaii?  And his newspaper announcement?

The bulk of the "anti-birther" argument is thus: If you don't believe President Obama is a natural-born citizen, then you're a stupid, racist, conspiracy theory loving moron.

Wow. The Left's argument is hard to refute...without laughing.

Leave it to a birther to laugh at proven facts.

The bulk of the "anti-birther" argument is actually this: He released his birth certificate in June of 2008.  That is all the proof one needs that he was born in Hawaii.  That is the exact same standard that any President has.  Obama has done more to prove his citizenship than any other president.  But that's not good enough to birthers.  Because they are indeed racists that can't accept the fact that a black man with a funny sounding name got elected.

The fact that it exposes you people as the stupid, racist, conspiracy theory loving morons that you are, is just icing on the cake.

Personally, I think there are enough questions to warrant a deeper investigation into Obama's citizenship,

Ohhhh please do tell us, you birther cretin.  I'd love to have another lengthy back-and-forth on that and watch another "debate" BOOM! blow up in your face again.

Remember the lengthy back-and-forth on manmade global warming?  Remember how you couldn't produce a single climatologist to support you?  BOOM!

Remember the lengthy back-and-forth on the BP spill and how the Administration was incompetent and BP were saints?  And how the best you could do was repeat Doug Ross's timeline while ignoring the fact that the Administration was there immediately? BOOM!

Remember the lengthy back-and-forth on Media Matters, and how you couldn't refute a single thing they said, and your only source was a proven anti-semite?  BOOM!

Please, Lindaman.  Please... I'm begging you.  Please start making arguments that Obama's citizenship is questionable.  This would be the funniest proof that you are a completely clueless loony toon in quite a while.  It would be quite boomtastic.

but it's not the only issue on which to question the President. Granted, I don't think there are that many people focused solely on the "birther" controversy, and not even the Republican candidates or presumed candidates are taking it up as a serious issue. (I am excluding Donald Trump from that list because a) he hasn't officially announced he's running as a Republican, and b) I don't think he's going to run. Those are points for a later blog.) Yet, the Left seems to think the "birther" issue is the only issue the GOP has, so if they eliminate it or diminish it, it kills the Republicans' chances in 2012.

Wishful thinking on their part, I'm afraid. Even their attempts to dispel the "birther" movement have backfired on them because they have been so lackluster. Even the attempt this week was half-hearted, but it was enough to make the media try to hammer and bully the "birthers" into submission. Just check out the video of Lawrence O'Donnell's "interview" with Orly Taitz and O'Donnell's demand for an "apology."

Hahaha, now you're trying to defend Orly Taitz?  And I thought your embracing of Andy Martin was loopy.  Oh dear god... please justify Orly's arguments.  Please!

Regardless of where you stand on President Obama's citizenship, an honest assessment of the situation shows one side is attempting to present facts to support its point of view, while the other side resorts to name-calling and bullying tactics. Makes you wonder who the real kooks are, doesn't it?

Obama released his birth certificate in June of 2008.  The issue was done except to racist morons.

Remember when you said Obama would be seen as a more effective leader if he released his (long form) birth certificate?  Well, he released it.  So why aren't you saying so now?  You sure are shutting the fuck up on that, aren't you?  I'm not hearing a lot of apologies from birthers. I got what I expected: a few days worth of terribly serious condemnation of the president's political missteps from professional crybabies in the blogger media. Look at them, already doubling down. Obama's made birthers look even MORE insane.  lol

As far as his recent release of the long form birth certificate:

This validates the sheer volume of birther stupidity in the Republican party. It's like having to release proof that women have a functioning brain, or that black people have feelings, or that the Earth revolves around the Sun, to placate the Republican party - it shines a spotlight on the fact that the party is currently being hijacked by morons, and at the same time makes that faction shout even louder to argue the point. 

It would probably have been better to release it after a 2012 victory, but the reaction from all the racist, gutless, moronic birthers (which is, I know, redundant as all hell) should be entertaining for a while. Now they'll have to latch onto something else to justify their racism and ignorance.

Trump claimed that his investigation had found that the birth certificate was missing. He is now conclusively proven wrong.

The White House got as much mileage from this as they could from the birther racists. And by releasing the long form certificate now, they have given some measure of legitimacy to the craziest Republican president wannabe (Donald Trump). That's like an extra-sweet bonus, since the Republican power-base is going to have to go off message long enough to convince their party that Donald is not a viable candidate.  The right is so pathetic right now, aren't they?  A few weeks ago they actually floated Hillary Clinton as filling that spot. lol

So what does Obama get? He shows that he is such a reasonable man to release his confidential birth certificate, and the birthers look even more unreasonable for getting exactly what they wanted, but now saying that this is still not good enough. Thus, further birther marginalization!  Obama's basically nominating Trump for the GOP in 2012, and now the GOP has to scramble to marginalize him. I suspect Rove is about five shades of red right now!  Ta-da! This simultaneously condemns Trump to permanent nutbag status and makes it far more likely he could win the primary.

In summary: You're just pissed because you retard birthers just got pwned back into the stone age and don't have an inbred, hick leg to stand on!  Bwahahaaa!!

Because it was never about a birth certificate. It was about a bunch of simpletons who can't believe a black guy with a funny name got elected, so he must have cheated... somehow. 

Eat a bag of dicks, racists. You'll have to find another way to call him a n---er without having the guts to explicitly say it.