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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who You Gonna Call? TOAST-MASTERS!

In the latest bit of fake Republican outrage,  Thomas Lindaman lies and states Obama showed a "bizarre lack of protocol" regarding his recent trip to Europe.

This is what Republicans with Obama Derangement Syndrome actually believe, folks. 

Regarding his toast, just watch the damn video.

Obama began his toast, then the band began the anthem. The faux-pas is on the part of the bandleader, interrupting a visiting dignitary.

Then Obama continued, and at the end of his toast, joined everyone in solemnity for the rest of the anthem.

As soon as the anthem ended, everyone toasted immediately, including the Queen.

Yeah, how dare Obama not know the conductor was going to interrupt his toast by coming in early? WTF is this guy's problem??

From the BBC: The string orchestra of the Scots Guard mistakenly began playing the British national anthem before the president had finished his address during a banquet at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday night.

Outrageous!!! This is Obama's fault!  Wait... no, it isn't.  But I'm sure it serves as a nice confirmation bias for many retarded right-wingers in this country.

Someone fired up the music too early. After the song they toasted and everything was fine.

Please, Republicans, it's imperative that you all leave America and travel to the UK immediately. The British themselves have completely forgotten the arcane arts of Royal Protocol that you have so lovingly cherished during the long dark nights of American independence.

Republicans cried about how Obama bows to foreign leaders, and now they're crying about an imaginary display of disrespect? Am I reading this correctly?

But don't forget that iPod Obama gave the Queen!  Lindaman made a big deal about that "incident" too.  Because, after all, giving someone a gift they explicitly asked for is a sign of grave disrespect.

Apparently Republicans can be upset over the thought that the Queen of England might have been involved in a minor imaginary moment of social awkwardness. Perhaps it's a side effect of all that rugged individualism they're always lecturing us about?

Lindaman states this will hurt relations.  lol

The reality: UK reporter Nick Clegg (jokingly) apologized to Obama on behalf of the UK for inappropriately "crashing" the end of his speech. The BBC reporter notes that Obama "A gracious President Obama said that the opening bars of God Save The Queen gave the conclusion to his address a far more 'rousing' tone than he could have hoped for."

It's obvious to anyone who isn't utterly insane with hatred for Obama that the bandleader is supposed to wait until the end of Obama's toast before playing the anthem.

I mean, it's not that I don't like the comedic spectacle of all you tough, manly, bootstrappy Republicans having fits of vapors because of an imaginary slight against the Queen of England--but the video just doesn't support whatever bizarre spin you're trying to put on this. The "slight" here (to the extent that there was one) was against your President. And the Brits are praising Obama for his "graciousness" in laughing the slight off.  Yet again, foreigners are better Americans than right-wingers.

Republicans are so desperate, they're even falsely saying Obama didn't know toast etiquette and he himself accidentally cued the bandleader by saying "Queen."  Really.

Some other people who "don't know toast etiquette":

The President of India in 2009 proposes a toast to the Queen at a state banquet:

"Your Majesty, with these words, I now propose to raise a toast:
- to the personal good health and happiness of Your Majesty the Queen and Your Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and your family;
- to the continued well-being and prosperity of our two friendly peoples; and
- to the ever-deepening friendship between our two countries.

Long Live the United Kingdom! Long Live India!"

President Mbeki's toast at the state banquet in 2001:

"Your Majesty, Your Royal Highnesses. My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Please accept the heartfelt message of greetings and friendship that we bring from the people of South Africa and the comfort we draw from the knowledge that in you, we have steadfast friends. Toast."

King Harald of Norway's toast in 2005:

"And now I would like you all to join me in a toast to Her Majesty The Queen, to His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, to the people of the United Kingdom and to the friendship between our two countries."

Every single time, one of those visiting heads of state used the phrase long before they finish their toast, and it didn't trigger any automatic reflex rendition of "God Save the Queen."

Yeah. Obama's totally breaking with the ironclad traditions of British state visits. That rube.

It was clearly the bandleader's fault, not Obama's.  The UK admits that. 

And the United States still has much higher worldwide approval since we lost that embarrassing Republican "leader."  Since you're apparently not aware of that, it appears it's the right-wingers that are stone deaf.  lol

And Lindaman still hasn't given us any reasons to vote Republican, nor has he given us any evidence that Obama's citizenship is "questionable."

What does it say about the Republican Party where the two highest polled people (Huckabee and Trump) both decided not to run?  It makes me smile.

Seriously, right wing, focus on something the things you do well.  Go back to clinging to your guns and Bibles. 

Don't worry. We'll let you know when something important happens.