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Monday, July 26, 2010


Lindman writes:

The NAACP's annual convention starts this week. Normally, I wouldn't give one-tenth of one crap about them, but this year, they're really going out on a limb.

They're calling the TEA Parties racist.


Wow. With all the problems facing blacks today, the NAACP has really drilled down to the heart of the issue. (For those of you on the Left playing along at home, that was sarcasm.)

Again, Lindaman has to explain the joke, thus defeating the purpose of the joke. His inability to understand how humor works is part of the reason why after years of trying, he's still an unknown rather than a famous pundit.

I find this a little convenient, given how blacks have had to deal with a member of the New Black Panther Party talking about wanting to kill "cracker babies." Not exactly the best way to showcase the many fine points of the African-American community,

Yeah, that was such an issue... back in 2008 when the footage was in a National Geographic documentary. Remember the outrage? Oh, that's right... there wasn't any. The right-wingers had to dig it out in order to try to connect it to a fake scandal.

I grant you, but the NAACP has at least a bit more legitimacy with the white community than the New Black Panther Party.

That is until now.

The NAACP has a resolution that they will be voting on tomorrow to repudiate the "racist" elements of the TEA Party movement. In fact, NAACP spokesperson Leila McDowell suggested the following:

We are asking that the law-abiding members of the Tea Party repudiate those racist elements, that they recognize the historic and present racist elements that are within the Tea Party movement.

With all due respect, Ms. McDowell, I did a little research and couldn't find where you repudiated members of your own organization for racism, and I don't seem to see you recognizing the historic and present racist elements in your midst. And while we're here, could you provide examples of the racism you see in the TEA Parties,

This could help you, Ms. McDowell.

And This.

Oh, and this guy named Billy Roper. Perhaps you've heard of him.

or are they like the alleged (and unproven) charges by blacks that protesters to the health care reform bill being voted on by the House hurled racist epithets at them and spat on them?

Something tells me the latter is more likely.

"Unproven". What a shocker. A Teabagger won't take a black person's word over a white person's.

What the NAACP fails to realize is that the TEA Parties aren't about race, no matter what they do to try to make them about race. In fact, if they would attend a TEA Party rally, they might be surprised to see the number of non-white faces staring back at them. And it's due in no small part to the NAACP. For all of their self-professed desire to advance people of color, they've found themselves grafted at the hip to the very people who don't want colored people to advance. After decades of support for more big government programs with little to no improvement in the black community, blacks have started looking elsewhere for representation.

And the NAACP keeps sticking by the people who have screwed them for decades.

As opposed to the people who try to link blacks to one "New Black Panther" dick (see above). Not to mention their absolutely pathetic attempts to link it to a phony "scandal".

If you're a member of the NAACP reading this, ask yourself one question. What will calling the TEA Parties racist do to help a single black person? If you're honest, there is only one answer you can give.


Yes, right-wingers, I know it's difficult to comprehend how somebody can condemn the racist elements of something without saying how the whole thing is racist, but really... oh wait, no, it's not difficult to do that at all.

Even children understand that condemning the KKK as a racist element of America isn't seriously suggesting all of America is racist.

This is just Page 1, Section 1, Paragraph 1 of the conservative playbook: Lie, exaggerate, and distort as much as you possibly can, because facts have a well-know liberal bias.

Right-wingers always try to obfuscate between the actual matter that is based in reality, and the fantasy version they attempt cook up by intentionally lying about what was actually said.

It's everything from "Al Gore claimed he invented the Internet" when in reality Gore correctly took credit for congressional Internet funding initiatives, to "The NAACP calls the Tea Party racist" when in reality the NAACP cordially asked all non-racist Tea Party members to repudiate the racist elements in their midst.

Again, even the most base and cursory examination reveals what deliberate liars you are, whose arguments are so wholly without merit you are required to invent fictions and ascribe those fictions to your opponent.

The "race card" argument is nothing new. When racist elements did scream about Obama, uploading anti-miscegenation pictures of Obama to the RNC facebook, distributing pictures of Obama surrounded by the Kool-Aid Man and fried chicken, etc., liberals correctly decried these as racist. And of course, the right-wing blogosphere does their usual "We're not racist! These black people are reverse racist! And the liberals keep the black man down somehow!" while they wink-wink at their bigoted base.

The right, never one to miss an opportunity, decided to pretend their reaction to racist imagery related to Obama was the left's response to any criticism, because again their arguments are so wholly without merit and so difficult to account for that creating a fiction is entirely easier than arguing anything based in reality.

You're stuck with the racist label, Teabaggers. Racists know it, minorities know it. Don't want to be called racist? Disavow the non-grassroots corporate-funded Tea Party "Movement" and get some sense.

Honestly, who in their right mind would want these complete and utter proven DIPSHITS calling the shots?

They deliberately, and with malice aforethought, lie about what the NAACP said, hope to create sufficient noise about it, surge on the outrage as per standard operating procedures, and deflect from the actual matter at hand. Such as right-wingers desperately trying to duct tape the "New Black Panthers" into a discussion about the NAACP and the Teabaggers, never mind that the matter was settled before Obama took office. But no, that's not racist.

It should come as absolutely zero surprise that once again the right is absolutely disingenuous, and once again distorts reality, presenting half-truths and utter lies that even the most simple application of critical thinking reveals to be false.

The strategy is always the same. Lie, make noise, deflect from the actual matter of substance and hope your knowingly-made lie isn't exposed. Zero creativity, zero variation.

How long do you right-wingers have to shower to get that coating of scum and slime off you, or do you even bother?