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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Thomas Lindaman writes:

Oh, and for Those Who Think I've Been Proven Wrong about Media Matters

"Proven wrong" about what? You've deliberately lied in multiple posts about Media Matters.



Okay, so in response to pointing out that you're lying by saying Media Matters was stating George Washington wasn't a Christian (they did not say that)... in response to pointing out that you're lying by saying Media Matters "looped back" on itself in that article (it did not)... in response to pointing out that you're lying about a Media Matters article being bogus by saying that BP employee campaign contributions and BP itself giving contributions are "the same thing" (it obviously isn't)... in response to saying you're lying about the fact that Media Matters is truthfully stating that Fox News.com and Fox Nation immediately ran with the lying Breitbart video...

You respond with... an old blog that lasted six months, and died four years ago, from some nobody. And nothing on that blog says anything about the issues you lied about above.

That's your idea of "research". Pulling up something random on Google. That's what they taught you in journalism classes, eh?

Wow, that's just... sad. You threw in the towel wayyy too soon on this one. I expected better, even from you.

Oh, wait guys... there's more!

A little later, Thomas Lindaman's biggest fan; a Mr. T Lindaman, makes a comment to himself:

TLindaman said...



I mean... heheeeheaaaa... Andy Martin?? The Birther that sued Hawaii to prove Obama was a secret Muslim? THAT Andy Martin?

That's your big revelation? That Andy Martin filed a lawsuit against Media Matters?

Do you have even a BASIC understanding of law and civil suits? You do know that anybody can sue anybody for anything, right?

Andy Martin has a HISTORY of frivolous litigation, even to the point where a judge told him to knock it the fuck off. That's why the suit was thrown out... because he SUES EVERYBODY!

What could Andy Martin have said in that suit? That he's not an anti-Semite?

Andy Martin put it in a MOTION that a judge was a "dirty Jew." He didn't just say it and it was hearsay... he WROTE IT in the motion. If you call someone a "dirty Jew" that makes you an anti-Semite. You know what Andy's defense to that was? That his Anti-Semitic comments were "inserted" into the files by "malicious judges." Different judges, I might add. They were all conspiring against him. lol

Lindaman... this is a practical joke, right? I'm being punk'd, aren't I? Even you can't be THIS incompetent. This HAS to be a joke... unless you actually didn't do even a speck of research in the very articles you were posting.

ANDY MARTIN?? I mean, did you link that article because of the headline... that some right-wing twat wrote? Maybe she and that Stella Rondo cunt could work together. lol

Haahahaaaa... ANDY MARTIN! "How dare Media Matters reprint articles from newspapers that truthfully stated I filed motions saying I'm not feeling as sorry about the Holocaust as I used to!"

BWahahaa... Okay, *snerk* I'll calm down and resume the post. Okay, Lindaman then says:

Choke on it.

BAHAHAHAAAAAA.... dammit, Thomas! You did it again! Now you rip off my "Bite it" comment from just a few hours earlier. HAHAHAAAA....

I'm "choking," all right... Choking on LAUGHTER. Not quite as bad as you almost choking to death trying to eat that entire bucket of KFC, but still!

Who wouldn't laugh at a person that uses a nutball Birther and proven Anti-Semite as a legitimate source?


Journalism Degree, folks! Apparently you slept through the classes on checking sources, credibility, and integrity.