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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Not Shocking At All (Right-Wing Racists)

Lindaman writes:

Shirley Sherrod is planning to sue Andrew Breitbart for posting the video of her speech at an NAACP event. After all, she was the wronged party, according to her! Breitbart was clearly targeting her, a little-known Department of Agriculture employee until now, so she's just trying to restore her good name.

Meanwhile in the real world, we get to see Sherrod for what she truly is: an opportunist.

Granted, everyone has a bit of this streak within them. But not everyone gets to write his or her on history as Sherrod and her ideological allies have done. No matter how the Left spins the facts, the timeline doesn't fit their spin, which puts Sherrod's case in a bit of trouble. See, the courts tend to have a little higher standard of proof than Media Matters. With the media coverage making her into an overnight sensation, though, I'm thinking she's letting her ego write checks that her legal team won't be able to cash. (But maybe they'll get some of that sweet settlement money Sherrod and her husband just received from the federal government.)

Some on the Left say Sherrod is only trying to restore her reputation. Given how she's trying to cash in on a lie, I'd say her reputation has already been affirmed.

See? Even though it's a proven fact that Breitbart lied, and it's a proven fact that Fox News.com and Fox Nation ran with the lie immediately; right-wingers will continue to say it's just not true, even when faced with those undeniable facts. Even Lindaman can't offer a defense against the fact that Breitbart lied, and Fox News.com and Fox Nation ran with Breitbart's lie.

A black woman's speech is ripped out of context, and right-wingers make her the bad guy. Is this any shocker?

Right-wingers live in a bubble of denial. Especially when certain races are involved. Even T.L. isn't trying to hide it anymore.