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Monday, July 26, 2010

Strawman... I mean, TRAITOR!

Lindaman writes:

I've been called a lot of names over the years, but lately a new name has been used quite often to describe me.


Who calls you that? People in an AOL chatroom? lol

To someone who loves his country, "traitor" is a name that elicits a strong emotional reaction, as it is meant to do when a Leftist calls someone one. It's gotten to be in vogue for the Left to do that lately because they've run into a problem as it pertains to President Obama. People simply aren't willing to listen to him much anymore because he hasn't shown the kind of leadership that he promised to deliver. So, the Left now equates disagreement with the President with treason.

Did we write a lying book about it?

Just like they did when people disagreed with Bill Clinton's decision to go into Kosovo. I had any number of Leftists call me a traitor for asking legitimate questions about why we were going into Kosovo in the first place. It didn't matter that the questions were legitimate. All that mattered to them at that time was that I was questioning the President's judgment during a time of war.

LOL Whatever. Right-wingers weren't against Kosovo because they are traitors, it's because they don't give a shit about ethnic cleansing if it's an ethnicity they don't care about.

Then, George W. Bush became President, and questioning the President during a time of war was acceptable to the Left. After all, they were speaking truth to power! (Check local listings for the level of truth and power the Leftists were speaking.) And when the Right called the Left traitors (basically using the Left's own logic against itself), the Left whined and yelled about dissent being patriotic.

See, when the Right-Wingers are against a war, it's "questioning." When the Left are against a war, it's "whining and yelling." Sheesh, how typical.

One was ethnic cleansing, the other was fighting in the wrong goddamn country.

You weren't called traitors for opposing Kosovo. And you weren't "using the Left's own logic against itself," you were just being your usual selves.

To have those same Leftists call me a traitor today

Which they don't. That would involve actual interaction with human beings.

for criticizing President Obama is the height of hypocrisy, especially when you consider that I didn't believe Leftist dissent was traitorous, merely misguided. However, I refuse to let them get me angry or upset when they call me a traitor. Instead, I've decided to do something else that immediately puts them on the defensive.

Call their bluff.

After all, treason is a federal crime, and that means citizens can arrest me if I'm guilty of treason. To date, not one of them has acted upon their rhetoric and had me arrested, and I doubt any will. Then, they would have to prove their allegations in front of a judge, and that would be much harder to prove than they think.

So, to all you Leftists out there, call me a traitor if you want. I can't stop you, and I won't even try. I much prefer the amusement of watching you guys backtrack when you get called out.

"If I'm not jailed for it, then I didn't dood it!"

Don't act like you're above such things. You happily called Leftists "America-haters" without a shred of evidence to back it up.

Calling radical right-wingers traitors gives them too much credit, as it would imply they are loyal to another country. Which would imply they are loyal to anything other than themselves.

There's only one country that radical right-wingers love: Corporatestan.