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Monday, July 26, 2010

In A Gadda Da Vida, Tapers

Thomas Lindaman writes:

I'm not usually the type to advance conspiracy theories,

Except that manmade global climate change is just a plot by scientists to get grant money.

And Swift Boaters.


Oh, and BPgate, AyersGate, SestakGate, FannieFreddieGate, Goldman-SachsGate, and... pretty much everything else you write.

but I got to thinking today and it lead me down an interesting rabbit hole.

This should be good.

It came out earlier this week that the Obama Administration is in favor of a measure that would prohibit citizens from filming police stops.

Citation Needed

Regardless, it's already illegal in some states.

On the surface, it's not that controversial and might help the police do their jobs. What was striking about this announcement is that it came out a day or two after news of Israel boarding an alleged aid ship headed for Gaza was released.


What's funniest about this is, is that the video footage proved that the people on the aid ship didn't have guns. Which is something RIGHT-WINGERS are pissed about, not left-wingers.

The two issues may not seem connected, but they are in one significant way. Video footage can condemn the guilty and exonerate the innocent. If one cannot shoot video of an event, those who wish to keep it covered up can control the message. In short, they can create the reality of the event and sustain it as long as they can cut any opposing view off at the knees.

You know, just like the Obama Administration and its fans attempts to do?

And just how are left-wingers cutting off opposing views at the knees? By telling you you're full of shit, and having the evidence to back it up? Usually when that's done, you just say the source of the evidence is in on a conspiracy. You know, sources like SCIENTISTS.

Now, here's where things get a little scary. Let's say that Obama gets his wish to have a civilian force just as strong and as well-funded as our military. Since it wouldn't be a real military force, it's entirely possible that Leftist lawyers could argue that such a force could be considered to be like the police, thus falling under the auspices of the no filming allowed idea. That means this civilian force could be untouchable.

Are you high? Accidentally forget to take your blood pressure medication again?

You do realize that almost all police record what they do, right?

I hope I'm wrong, but if it makes me the Mayor of Crazytown to connect these dots in the way I have, so be it. But if I'm right, this could be the thing that makes Obama no different than Hugo Chavez.

Falsely accusing Democrats of taking away Americans' rights is something you right-wingers reallllyyyy need to keep quiet on.

What's hilarious about all this, is that you guys can't find real things, so you have to just make things up, like this. This one's so silly that it shows you should just stick to repeating Beck.