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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gun Nut Edition 5

And the gun nuttery continues!

Cry us a river, right-wing assholes.

1. Right-wingers: "Fuck da po-leece!"

Lindaman posts this right wing link:


Then Lindaman says: "I haven't seen any spokesperson this delusional since Baghdad Bob..."

Yep, Lindaman is anti-police.  What would they know about guns, right?

The fact that they loosened handgun laws has nothing to do with what he was talking about, of course, right?

2. I'm sure the innocent civilians had it coming!

Lindaman posts this picture:

Um... Lindaman... you do realize that those Koreans wound up shooting innocent people who weren't even rioting, right?

Here's an example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latasha_Harlins

Shooting innocents... happily endorsed by right-wingers!

3. Killing each other is cheaper!

Lindaman posts this link:


Then Lindaman says: "Oh no! We can't have people taking an active interest in their self-preservation, can we????"

Why not tack on some more question marks?  Then that will really turn your comment into fact! lol

Hey, here's an idea: How about having a police department that isn't stretched ridiculously thin?  Oh, that would require a tax, which is communism or something...

Right-wing utopia: Everybody carrying guns like the wild west!  Too bad Lindaman would be the fat guy dancing around while his feet are getting shot at. lol

4. Only criminals will have guns!  Isn't that clever and original?

Lindaman posted these pictures:

Ah, yes... the silly "only criminals will have guns" argument.

Lindaman also posts this link:


Why have laws at all, Lindaman?  Only criminals will break them, after all.

The argument that criminals will avoid background checks at all costs is blatantly false – background checks deny thousands of prohibited people from buying guns every year, and that's including all of the loopholes. Expanding background checks will definitely limit the ease with which criminals and domestic abusers can get guns.

5. Guns were all about defending a tyrannical government! Lindaman and other right-wingers love to post pictures like this:

So, we'll now end this Gun Edition section of Facebook Right Wing Roundup on the biggest lie ever spewed by right-wingers: That the 2nd Amendment is to protect citizens against tyranny.

Gun Nuts all have wet dreams about facing an oppressive government if they someday have to, which would have happened already if they actually had the balls. They would be beaten down like the red headed step child of a rented mule but at least they would have put their money where their mouth is.

Thomas Hartmann explains the whole thing very clearly and calmly.  But because it's so clear, concise, factual, and intelligent, I know neither Lindaman nor any other right-wingers will listen to it:


The final thing I'm going to say on this whole gun nut issue: You right wingers and gun nuts are always trotting out the lie that the purpose of the second amendment was to defend against a tyrannical government.

But it has been shown, over and over and over again, that when tyrannical elements infect the government,  right-wingers align with tyranny.

You right-wingers love tyranny.  You kneel before tyranny.  You embrace tyranny.  You cheer tyranny.  You constantly ridicule groups that are trying to stop tyranny.  Oppression is the right-wingers' closest ally.

So you right-wingers know you will never have to actually rise up against tyranny in the government.  You'll instead hold hands with tyrannical elements of the government and turn against the people oppressed by tyranny.  History has proven that so many times, it's laughable.  Hell, you do it every single time you post!

You guys always pick the wrong side.  And that is why you guys can't be taken seriously on that issue.  Ever.