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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Martial Law, Phil Robertson, Teabaggers!

More rightardation!

1. We're mad we have to obey laws!

Lindaman posted this link:


There was a public safety issue and the government is liable. They shut it down to avoid liability. Because without police around to monitor the area, fights could break out. Eventually some asshole will pull a gun and people subsequently die.  Bad things can happen when large groups of people come together.

As for the event itself, you Teabagger fucks tried to take it over, but the vets told you chickenhawks to fuck off:


The monuments is the the most ridiculously transparent photo-op crap you can imagine.

When discussing the fact that while National Guardsmen are being screwed, and actual veterans' benefits are being shutdown, while these idiots are grandstanding about closed memorials, a few Teabaggers have decided the obvious rebuttal is to....post more pictures of the closed memorials.      

It fascinates me how maintaining monuments to dead poor people are so much more important to the Teabaggers than providing access to medical care to living poor people.  The Teabaggers just care about symbols, not actual progress. That requires effort and thinking.

Republicans suddenly care so much about veterans when they can have a photo-op moving barriers at the memorials, but in the past have always screwed veterans on getting medical and mental healthcare, getting benefits when they are crippled in combat, and taking away assistance to help them get an education and a job.

Shutdown means shutdown. If you don't like it, don't vote for right-wing lunatics that do things like this.

2. Fortunately for you, Teabaggers don't research.

Lindaman posted this link:


Then Lindaman writes: "And the TEA Party is supposed to be the bad guys????"

Did you even check what was being said?  Good lord.

Sheila Jackson Lee's "martial law" term is a legislative euphemism for fast-tracking a bill, it's absolutely not martial law in the sense of military rule.  Please do research before dragging links from a Teabagger site.

Stop being racists and seditionists and you'll stop being considered bad guys.  And if you again claim Teabaggers aren't racist, how about checking the comment section in the very Teabagger link you posted.  This one is particularly interesting: "she is about 3 days out of the trees!! bananas, watermelons, and mango's are her diet!!"


3.  Quack!

After "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson made some homophobic and racist comments that caused him to be suspended from A&E, Lindman blamed... the interviewer.  Even though we don't see in the article what was asked of Phil before his responses, if anything.  Nor is the GQ article relevant to other things he has stated.
This is a pretty consistent cycle at this point.

1.  Right-wingers exclude everything but right-wing friends and right-wing media.
2.  Extremists in those right-wing groups become more extreme.
3.  This leads to a right-winger saying something extremely stupid.
4.  Right-wingers are SHOCKED at negativity outside their bubble.
5.  Right-wingers are certain that an elite cabal (media, scientists, etc) is orchestrating the negativity because everyone they know and everything they hear agrees with the stupid statement.
6.  Right-wingers further retreat and add more locks to the echo chamber.

Return to Step 1.

Sorry, bigots should be ostracized and shamed at every opportunity.  If Phil can't figure out to keep his goddamn mouth shut and keep riding the gravy train, it's his own fault.

His comments are more ignorant rather than hateful. However, to deny that the statements are also homophobic and racist is to ignore what he said.  But even if someone's statements are honestly borne of ignorance, it still doesn't make them any less wrong, hurtful, and damaging to society.

Funny how people leave out his equating homosexuality as a social trend that leads to promiscuity and bestiality.

THAT is what people are upset about, not just his vulgar comments about women's vaginas being more attractive than men's buttholes (hey Phil, not all gays have butt sex... and straight men have sex with women's buttholes too... it's very telling you're concentrating on men's buttholes).

I'm sure gays are sick of hearing that they're an abomination. I'm sure they are tired of being compared to child molesters and bestiality freaks. I'm sure they're pretty sick of hearing how they, by the simple act of marrying are going to destroy America forever and ever. So please forgive the rest of us if we don't cry a river for your bleeding ass princess.

His outdated stereotypes about gays - that it's all about lust and butt sex, that it goes hand-in-hand with bestiality, etc. - deserve the outrage that they've caused. I hope that it leads him to actual personal contact with the gay community. Maybe he could meet a gay couple whose relationship is based on love just as much as Phil's own marriage. I doubt it will happen, though. Folks with these views tend to circle the wagons when challenged, rather than engaging more with the world around them.

I like how people are attempting to rationalize that he's not really a bad person for comparing people who have sex with the same gender to people who have sex with animals because he's judging their actions and not who they are.

His comments on blacks were even worse.  Blacks were perfectly happy and not singing the blues before civil rights (such as entitlements and welfare)?  The black people who Phil Robertson knew, would never complain about "white people" to a man like Robertson lest they get killed.

Ignorance is no great sin. But having been presented with a set of facts, Robertson's response is to cite "welfare" and "entitlement" as the true culprits.

Believing that black people were at their best when they were being hunted down for insisting on equality is a consistent line of thinking in this country. This belief shows the inability to cope with an America that is committed to equality. One can clearly see that mentality from  a rejection of the civil-rights movement of our age.  By the way, anyone who lived in Caddo Parish, Louisiana for decades that claims they "didn't see racism" is lying through their teeth.
When Phil gets hauled off to jail for his words we can talk about his first amendment protections.

Then Lindaman posts this picture:

Lindaman and others then ask why there wasn't more outrage from GLAAD over Ahmadinejad than Phil.

Well, for one thing... GLAAD is an American media monitoring organization which promotes the image of LGBT people in the media, so that's irrelevant.

President Ahmadinejad wasn't invited to speak at Columbia because they approve of his politics.  You do  know that, right?

Though to be fair, if Ahmadinejad had a reality tv show, I wouldn't watch it either.

But in all honestly, some right-wingers are putting an national head-of-state on the same level of significance as a duck-call manufacturer? I can't imagine anyone not finding that moronic.

Tired of the pro-gay sentiment?  People are even more are so tired of this pro-homophobic sentiment. They're weary of your self-righteousness, your false persecution, your selfish indignation, your lack of empathy, your religious "freedoms" to hate on others.

Want to know how you make the gays feel? Imagine not being able to say you're a Christian for fear of being kicked out of your family. Or  having to denounce Christ just to keep your job. Would you think then that you were being oppressed? Because that's what real oppression is. Oppression is not someone saying Happy Holidays. Oppression is not someone taking birth control even if you don't approve of it.

Conservatives, not being very bright, seem to honestly believe that if a public figure makes offensive, disparaging comments, and people choose not to support that person financially anymore, that it's some great attack on the right to free speech. As if the rest of us don't have a right to spend our money as we see fit if that means not spending it on people who espouse views we find severely detrimental.

So whenever some right-winger like Robertson makes xenophobic, homophobic and/or racist comments, other right-wingers jump at the opportunity to stoke the unjustifiable sense of persecution they have been taught to feel. It's an extension of the conservative belief that everything wrong in their lives has to be everyone else's fault. It's not that racism went out of style as a common and casual mannerism more than half a century ago, it's that their free speech is under assault every time somebody criticizes their racism. It's not that people have gradually learned that homosexual pose absolutely no threat to society, it's that the homosexuals have taken over and are trying to turn everyone from from their sky fairy. Everything is always everybody else's fault, including this. It's not that Robertson is ignorant and his comments are racist and homophobic, it's that the libs and the gays and the magazine and the media are trying to silence dissent!

You also have to remember the religion aspect. If you claim that you believe what you do in 2013 is okay because of what some bronze age goat herders scrawled onto something two thousand years ago after going crazy due to over-baking in the sun, you apparently get to wear that ignorance as a shield from justifiable criticism. It seems like a lot of people in this country think that you can say whatever dumb and wrong thing you want without criticism as long as you claim you believe it for religious purposes.

I do find it amusing that the new Pope says we need to be more accepting of others who are different and help the poor, and he gets called a "Marxist" by right-wingers.  But if a hick says bigoted comments, right-wingers praise him for his "Christian Values" and try to steer away the blame.

It's not like Phil's statements were over the top with regard to other conservatives. "Gays are a slippery slope to pedophilia and bestiality, and shiftless black people were better off in the fields instead of on welfare." Throw in something about tax cuts and you have the major tenets of the Republican party. The reason there isn't MORE outrage, is because we're just so used to conservatives being horrible, intolerant people who can't understand anything that doesn't exist within their own bubble.

"He said good stuff too" isn't gonna cut it, Sparky.  If you vocally advocate a God that condemns gays to an eternity of torture and torment, then no matter what sort of mealy-mouth ass-covering statement you make afterwards, you still hate gays.

Phil stated he doesn't treat people with disrespect?  Well, then perhaps he should examine his definition of treating somebody with disrespect after he compared homosexuals to drunks, thieves and animal fuckers.  And you guys White Knighting such an ignorant person is very telling.  A wealthy, homophobic, racist who abused his wife for years has become the poster child of the Conservative right yet again? Color me shocked!

If an interviewer asked Phil what his beliefs were about the Bible and homosexuals, and he said "My beliefs are not what's important.  People need to stop twisting the Bible to their own petty prejudices and let God be the judge." then you could defend him.  Instead, he's just doubling down, just like you guys are.

Right-wingers lost a lot of ground over the course of the last five years dealing with the stripping down of their dogwhistle racism, and it's funny to see them swarming around some backwater bigot and playing him off as a victim for his irrational viewpoints.

4. Be tolerant of our intolerance!

Lindaman writes: "So, let me get this straight. A white Congressman uses a burning cross in a fundraising email and isn't called a racist by the Left?

Apparently it's okay to use racist imagery...if you're Democrat Representative Alan Grayson claiming the TEA Party (a group where there are many people of color) is racist.

Sorry, folks, but racism is racism, and the fact some people out there are CHEERING Rep. Grayson's use of a burning cross and agreeing with him is disturbing to me. If you think the TEA Party is racist, fine. But if you're not calling out racism on your side, you're condoning it with your silence.

I reject racism from the Right and the Left because hate isn't helpful, especially now.

I'm Thomas Lindaman, and you're damn right I approve this message."

Moooom, Democrats are hitting back!

Grayson does have the habit of referring to a spade as not 'an instrument for excavation' but as a shovel... and then taking a mighty dig with it.  But there's no need for flyers adding to the confusion as to whether the Tea Party are racists or not, because they totally are. And they also believe in a bunch of other stupid right-wing bullshit to boot that mostly affects or is targeted towards the poor, people of color and/or women.

Sorry if that harshes your mellow, you "Independents™"
The Tea Party recruits war criminals, engages in racist rhetoric, supports xenophobic policies, and as recently as a few weeks ago was holding the operations of government hostage and was attempting to destroy the American economy.

When you act like a bunch of ignorant, shit-kicking rednecks, you might get compared to them at some point.

When you Teabaggers question the President's citizenship for no reason (like you have), or question his religion for no reason, or present him as a monkey or witch doctor, you people reveal your racist leanings.

To be fair, the Republican definition of "not racist" is "not wearing Klan outfits and not lynching people".

So sorry we aren't sympathetic to your pleas, you thin-skinned little flowers.